Trademarks – 5 minute read

Today we want to share with you something that a LOT of online entrepreneurs get confused by and that’s the difference between these different symbols:

™ and ® and ©

And we totally get why they can be confusing because, ummm, what the heck do those even mean?!

You’re in luck, because we’re about to break it down for you.

© is the federal copyright symbol. (Remember: C is for Copyright) You can use this symbol to identify a copyright in an original work of art or authorship (photos, videos, blogs, website, programs, podcast recordings, etc.). That’s why you’ll see this symbol in a book, at the bottom of a website, under a photo, etc. Copyright ownership attaches as soon as the work is created.

™ and ® are used to identify Trademark usage.

identifies a trademark that is *not* federally registered with the USPTO. If you have yet to protect your brand & secure your federal trademark rights, you can begin using the ™ symbol to put others on notice of your trademark usage by placing it after mention of your brand name, program name, product name, logo, etc. You can (and should!) begin using this symbol today if you haven’t yet secured your trademark rights. It’s not solid brand protection, but it’s better than nothing.


  • The PAUSE Method™ for your signature methodology
  • Wake Up & Slay™ for the name of your podcast
  • The Queen Bee Mastermind for the name of your mastermind program

® is the federal trademark registration symbol. (Remember: R is for Registered) You can (and should) begin using this symbol after mention of your brand name, program name, product name, logo, etc. ONLY if you have secured the federal registration rights to that particular trademark. If you haven’t secured it yet, even if your application is pending, you should not use this. Use of it without actual registration is considered illegal & misleading. Just don’t do it!

Final Thoughts

See? It’s not too complicated. Simply put, it’s really important to put others on notice of your trademark usage and ownership so that you can avoid a nasty trademark infringement situation. Trust me, those can get ugly reeeeally fast.. Not to mention, they’re super expensive, exhausting, & time-consuming. And ain’t NOBODY got time for that. Especially when you’re busy building your empire.

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