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*sound of my lawyer heels hitting the pavement*

I remember running around Dallas in 2017 like it was yesterday.

From one exciting client meeting to the next, to in-person seminars and networking events (after networking event, after networking event…) that was the start of my entrepreneurial journey; the single, bold decision to strike out on my own and begin serving business owners when I started my startup & intellectual property law firm in Dallas, TX. I decided then that I would commit to developing products & services that support entrepreneurs in legally protecting their brands & businesses, so they can avoid learning lessons the hard (and expensive) way.

(I totally loved the cosmopolitan feel of the city, but, if you’re wondering, at times, I couldn’t help but feel that downtown life is a bit over-romanticized, lol.)

smoothie break
My POV during a quick afternoon smoothie break in the outdoor courtyard of my uptown Dallas office — Yup, I was a ‘big city’ lawyer who rocked jeans on a Tuesday. You can probably guess I’ve never been your typical attorney 😜
2015 U.S. Patent & Trademark Office visit in D.C.
Throwing it back to my 2015 U.S. Patent & Trademark Office visit in D.C.! I couldn’t help but snap a pic when I came across this little café called Trademark hehe. This may or may not be a photo of the last public sighting of me in a grey suit 🌚

Working with clients globally

The best part was that the world of internet & digital marketing was in full swing, which meant I was able to connect + work with clients all over the world.

It also meant I could fully market, sell, and deliver services 100% remotely! Total game changer — especially when I became a mom in 2019.

As early as 2014 (years before launching my private practice) I remember operating in a *super* traditional legal industry, while starting to identify unique opportunities as the world of business shifted to digital and the use of social media & user-friendly online tools became accessible to virtually everyone.

working in a coffee shop
What a normal, on-the-go workday looked like for me circa 2018 — iced coffee & my own secure internet connection, please & thank you. 🤓

I was witnessing (in real time) the barriers to entry coming down and more people, especially women, entering the world of entrepreneurship & brand building. It’ll always be one of the things I’m most grateful to be a part of!

And it’s been a FUN ride, to say the least.

In the time since, I’ve served more than 400 clients, hosted 50+ live trainings, sold 2000+ digital products, and I’m not slowing down any time soon. 😍

Yasmin trainings
panel in events | The Business of Doing Business Podcast
A few shots from various panels I participated in back in 2018/2019. I’ve been honored to participate in events over the years hosted by the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, WaCoWork, Capital Factory, Dallas Startup Week, Millennials to Watch, Dallas Weekly, COSIGN Magazine, 1 Million Cups, Texas A&M & Baylor University, among others.

My clients have built corporate consulting firms, marketing agencies, personal coaching practices, beverage brands, software & production companies, nationally-syndicated radio shows and award-winning podcasts, influencer empires, real estate brokerages, fashion brands, online education media companies, and MORE.

I’ve crafted my career and built my business brick by brick over the years, probably like you are right now.

​The Business of Doing Business Podcast

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