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Taking care of the legal stuff doesn’t have to be scary or expensive.

If you want to build a Protected & Profitable™ business, you need to get your legal ducks in a row first.

Without a solid legal foundation, you could be…


Vulnerable to expensive & dangerous lawsuits


Allowing your valuable content to be stolen by sketchy copycats on the internet


Setting yourself up to lose payment disputes & unfair refund requests (no, thanks)


Opening yourself up to scary & expensive business liability


Stunting your growth & limiting your ability to scale

The good news? All of this is totally avoidable.

Even better news?

You’re in the right place & we’ve got your back!


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Resources to Protect Your Business

Digital Contract TEMPLATES

Whether you’re working with clients 1 on 1, creating your latest course, developing a digital product, or filling your signature program, Coaches & Co. has what you need to create safety & security in your service-based biz — without the hefty law firm price tag.

Mini Courses

You’ll love our bite-sized, value-packed courses & trainings, that are totally binge-able, actionable, & energizing!


Our Legally Launch Guide is jam-packed with high-value knowledge & resources to help you move to the next level in your business & confidently protect yourself, once & for all. Get Immediate Access!


Love Notes

Highly Recommend!

“TOTALLY EASY! I was able to plug & play in less than an hour. Easy to use, no issues filling it out and it came with a really great Checklist and User Guide – my personal favorite! Highly recommend using these templates!”

  Claudia P.,
Marketing Agency Owner

Complete Confidence!

“This made the contract process for my business such a breeze. Having a contract template allows me to go into sales calls with complete confidence knowing I have a solid contract that is transparent and customized.”

  Brittany W., Online Business Manager

Super Easy to Use!

“The Coaches & Company contracts are easy to understand without all the confusing legal jargon. With the Coaches & Company contract templates, I feel more confident, legitimate, and protected!”

   Jamar D.,
Marketing Coach

Just Plug & Play!

I was really stressed about not having contracts for my coaching business. It stopped me from actually signing clients, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend thousands hiring a lawyer to make contracts from scratch.

These have been life-savers! So easy to use and the instructions they come with are very straight-forward. 10/10 recommend!

Kelsey W., Relationship Coach

Here’s How This Works

Your business is on its way to some serious growth. In order to hit healthy milestones, your legal foundation needs to be rock solid.
What we’re saying is that it’s time to ditch your unprofessional, unenforceable, held-together-with-digital-duct-tape contracts & start acting like the legit business owner you are.

Are you with us?


Upgrade the way you do business with Coaches & Company’s instantly downloadable, lawyer-created legal contracts. All of our contract templates are legalese-free, industry-specific, & ready for you to plug + play.

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After adding your legal goodies of choice to your cart, go through our simple checkout process & wait for the email to hit your inbox. We also offer interest-free financing. through Sezzle, just select it at checkout.

3. You've got mail

Check your email, click the link to download your contract template to your device, & prepare to legally level all the way up!

That’s it! Yes, it really is as easy as 1-2-3.

And it gets better. You also get our Contract Template User Guide & Checklist (PDF) with each template, along with a short video tutorial that shows you how to customize your contract to fit your needs. You will receive every update we make to that template or mini-course for an entire year following your purchase. (Yes, seriously!)


The Legally Launch Guide

Download our FREE digital handbook to level up your legal knowledge & feel more confident legally protecting your online business so you can keep more moolah in your pocket, keep your behind out of court, & actually protect the content you’re creating.

Getting your legal stuff together is easier & more accesible than it’s ever been. No confusing legal-ese over here! Download your copy now.

Yasmine Salem Hamdan-Coaches and Company

Our Story

Who are we?

Coaches & Company was designed with your business model & industry in mind.

Created by Dallas, TX-based Attorney Yasmine Salem Hamdan, Coaches & Company is the first of its kind. After years of working with countless entrepreneurs & online business owners, Yasmine had enough of seeing too many hard-working entrepreneurs like you putting themselves at risk by sharing their gifts with the world only to get stung (and we mean STUNG. #yikes) thanks to their shaky legal foundations.

Knowing that your industry is incredibly unique, as is your business, Yasmine set out to create Coaches & Company™ for entrepreneurs everywhere. (Because not all lawyers get this crazy world of internet shenanigans!) The goal is to provide professional service providers, including coaches, course creators,  freelancers, & agencies access to the legal resources & tools needed to avoid expensive legal problems, set yourself up for healthy growth, while building confidence & peace of mind in your business.

Your generosity comes with risk.

The good news is that there is plenty you can do to reduce that risk & build a Protected & Profitable™ business. That’s where we come in.

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