The Coach’s QuickStart™ Bundle

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Ready to get your coaching business off the ground? We believe in you!

You’re armed with knowledge, professionalism, and you’re ready to sign your newest client. All you need is… The legal stuff to protect yourself.

We know you’re a whip-smart professional, which is why we’ve gathered everything you need to get up and running TODAY. Let’s get this party started!

Our legally legit, fan-favorite Coach’s QuickStart™ Bundle gives you all the must-have legal goods *without* the hefty lawyer fees or confusing legalese.

“This is exactly what I needed. It saves so much energy that used to keep me from offering this service. Super easy, clear instructions and a lovely customer experience all around.”

—Mary O., Coach & Entrepreneur

At Coaches & Company, legal doesn’t have to be confusing or expensive.

It’s time for you to legally level up and go from scrappy to savvy unaware to unstoppable.

You ready? We’ve got your back!

What’s Included


  • Nine (9) Ready to Use, Lawyer-Created Contract Templates: All totally editable & customizable, plus all of our contracts are legalese-free, so they’re super easy for you to explain & your client to understand!
    • 1:1 Client Coaching Contract
    • Group Coaching Program Contract
    • Masterclass/Training/Workshop Terms & Conditions
    • Contract Release & Modification Addendums
    • Team Member Contract Template (Independent Contractor Agreement)
    • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Template
    • Website Terms & Conditions
    • Website Privacy Policy
  • Contract Template User Guide & Checklist: Step-by-step directions come with every template to help you customize your contract to your specific needs & unique offer
  • Video Tutorial: Your legal bundle also includes a short clip giving you the rundown of how to implement your new, rock solid, contracts!


1:1 Client Coaching Contract Template - Coaches and Company


EIT: 30 minutes

Estimated Implementation Times are based on the average amount of time it takes to customize this template from top to bottom — times may vary based on your tech skillz, caffeine levels, and playlist quality. 😉

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We know you’re short on time (I mean, you’re building an actual empire) so we make it super easy for you to take action in minutes – without having to worry about not being protected anymore.

Love Notes aka Customer Reviews

7 reviews for The Coach’s QuickStart™ Bundle

  1. Jocelyn P

    I’ve never been so hyped about having legal stuff! But this week has been huge! I got incorporated today and I have contracts! I’m on a legal high vibe train!!!!!!!! Thank you!!

  2. Marshawn L.

    I highly recommend Coaches & Company’s contract templates for coaches, new and experienced. These templates are insanely easy to use and will save you a significant amount of time and hassle while providing you with professional and legally sound contracts that you can feel confident in using with your clients.

    One of the things I appreciated most about these templates is that they are simple to use and customize. The templates are designed in a way that makes it easy to add your own information, logo, and branding. Additionally, the templates come with helpful instructions and guidance on how to use them properly.

    The templates are also very comprehensive, covering everything from client agreements (even where you can include your own custom package details for each client) and disclaimer statements to cancellation and refund policies. This made it easy for me to put together a complete contract package for my clients without having to worry about missing any important details.

  3. Tori B

    The coach’s bundle had everything I needed!! I was getting so anxious about the legal aspect of starting my coaching business and had almost given up from the overwhelm of trying to figure out everything I needed by myself – but finding this bundle and realizing it was created by a legit attorney gave me so much peace of mind.

    The contracts were all super easy for me to implement and adjust to my own business needs (and it didn’t take me forever to figure out, either). I don’t feel stress or overwhelm about the legal side of starting a coaching business anymore. For sure 5 stars

  4. Kelsey W

    Before finding Coaches & Company, I was really stressed about not having contracts for my coaching business. It stopped me from actually signing clients, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend thousands hiring a lawyer to make contracts from scratch.

    These have been life-savers! So easy to use and the instructions they come with are very straight-forward. 10/10 recommend!

  5. Nikkei Adeniran

    Prior to learning about Coaches & Co. I wasn’t sure if I could afford all the necessary contracts and legal documents I would need starting my coaching business. I was grateful and relieved to find that the contracts were thorough, easy to edit, and well worth the investment. I’m now confident onboarding clients having these!

  6. Keri Wilkinson (verified owner)

    First off, these contracts are FAR better than anything I’ve ever used (or even seen) before. I had to upgrade my contracts in a pinch and accidentally messed up my order. Yasmine was SUPER responsive and helpful; That alone has me never wanting to buy contracts anywhere else. I was able to update my Group Coaching contract with these tempates and it took me 30 minutes to do all the edits. I love the way all contracts are developed without all the crazy jargon. They’re so fun and exactly what I needed. 10/10 recommending to all my coaching friends. 🙂

  7. Natalie (verified owner)

    These contracts have saved my life (and especially my business)!! Contracts are non-negotiable as a business owner, so I knew from the start I would need them eventually, but this was something I did NOT want to mess up on. Truthfully, I also didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to create them. This bundle was the perfect one-stop-shop for my business. I had my first contract ready to go in less than 20 minutes. So easy!! Thank you for creating these! They are nothing short of amazing.

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