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Mmmm, so you want to share your brilliance with the masses? Yes! We’re here for this. 

The more people, the more your message gets out and your knowledge is shared and the more and more ripples of impact you create. 

The only thing is, when you have a lot of people working with you, it’s even more important to make sure your agreement is crystal clear. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.


Here are a few of the sections included in this template:
✔️ Scope of Services
✔️ Payment Terms
✔️ Refund Policy
✔️ Late Payment Policy
✔️ Payment Dispute Policy
✔️ Intellectual Property Policy
✔️ Copyright Infringement Policy
✔️ Guarantees Disclaimer
✔️ Disclaimer for Licensed Professionals (medical, mental health, finance, legal. etc.)
✔️ Limitation of Liability Clause
✔️ Non-Disparagement Clause
✔️ Force Majeure Clause
✔️ Rescheduling Policy
✔️ Confidentiality Clause
✔️ Term & Termination Clause

What’s Included

  • Coaches & Company Membership Site Contract Template: Totally editable & customizable, plus it’s legalese-free, so it’s easy for you to explain & your client to understand!
  • Contract Template User Guide & Checklist: Step-by-step directions to help you customize your contract to your specific needs
  • Video Tutorial: A short clip giving you the rundown of how to implement your new, rock solid, contract!


EIT: 20 minutes

Estimated Implementation Times are based on the average amount of time it takes to customize this template from top to bottom — times may vary based on your tech skillz, caffeine levels, and playlist quality. 😉

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1 review for Subscription Membership Site Contract Template

  1. Lily Nicole (verified owner)

    Adding this contract to my Membership checkout page was so simple, and it made me feel so good going into my launch knowing those terms are in place. There is such an added level of safety to allow endless numbers of people to enter, knowing me and they are protected!

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