Intensive / VIP Day Contract Template

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Done in a day offers like Intensives and VIP Days can be a great way to serve your clients and hit your revenue goals! 

One thing  to keep in mind? You want to have VERY clear boundaries and expectations. 

To keep it solid, we recommend locking it down with an air-tight agreement and we have just the thing to help you out! 

Here are a few of the sections included in this template:
✔️ Scope of Services
✔️ Payment Terms
✔️ Refund Policy
✔️ Late Payment Policy
✔️ Rescheduling Policy
✔️ Cancellation Policy
✔️ Guarantees Disclaimer
✔️ Intellectual Property Policy
✔️ Disclaimer for Licensed Professionals (medical, mental health, finance, legal. etc.)
✔️ Limitation of Liability Clause
✔️ Non-Disparagement Clause
✔️ Force Majeure Clause
✔️ Confidentiality Clause
✔️ Term & Termination Clause

What’s Included

  • Coaches & Company Intensive/VIP Day Agreement Template: Totally editable & customizable, plus it’s legalese-free, so it’s easy for you to explain & your client to understand!
  • Contract Template User Guide & Checklist: Step-by-step directions to help you customize your contract to your specific needs
  • Video Tutorial: A short clip giving you the rundown of how to implement your new, rock solid, contract!


EIT: 20 minutes

Estimated Implementation Times are based on the average amount of time it takes to customize this template from top to bottom — times may vary based on your tech skillz, caffeine levels, and playlist quality. 😉

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Love Notes aka Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Intensive / VIP Day Contract Template

  1. Mackenzie Fleming

    I purchased this contract template from Coaches & Company and could not be more impressed! It was so so easy to use but also had helpful tips and info for someone like me who is not a lawyer. I plan on continuing to use C&C for all my templates from here on out!

  2. Taylor Weaver (verified owner)

    This VIP Day contract was a life-saver for me. My VIP day spots flew off the shelf quickly, and I knew I needed a contract that would protect myself and what I was delivering during this service. The template was extremely easy and seamless to use, and took me no more than 10-15 minutes to make it my own. I feel confident in selling my VIP days moving forward. This investment was 100% worth it!

  3. Claudia p.

    TOTALLY EASY! I was able to plug & play in less than an hour. Easy to use, no issues filling it out and it came with a really great Checklist and User Guide – my personal favorite! Highly recommend using these templates!

  4. Mary O’Brien (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I needed; I love that I don’t have to create a new contract for EVERY VIP Day now. It saves so much energy that used to keep me from offering this service (and it’s my favorite service! Go figure.) Super easy, clear instructions and a lovely customer experience all around.

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