General Services Agreement Contract Template

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This one goes out to all the slayin’ service providers and consultants out there.

You probably already know how important it is to have a written contract between you & your clients. You’ve gotta agree on each party’s responsibilities, the scope of work, and your policies and boundaries. Trust us, this makes things a heck of a lot easier for everyone involved.

Make sure you cover your butt on ALL fronts (from payment disputes, scary liability, lack of boundaries, unrealistic client expectations, & beyond). So you can focus on being a rockstar at what you do.

This instantly-downloadable contract template is tailor-made for service providers and contractors, lawyer-created, and legit as they come. Oh yeah, and no confusing legalese so you and your peeps can read it with ease.

Ready to get legally legit in no time?

What’s Included

  • General Services Contract Template: Totally editable & customizable, plus it’s legalese-free, so it’s easy for you to explain & your client to understand!
  • Contract Template User Guide & Checklist: Step-by-step directions to help you customize your contract with ease & to your specific needs
  • Video Tutorial: A short clip giving you the rundown of how to implement your new, rock solid contract!


EIT: 15 minutes

Estimated Implementation Times are based on the average amount of time it takes to customize this template from top to bottom — times may vary based on your tech skillz, caffeine levels, and playlist quality 😉

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Love Notes aka Customer Reviews

2 reviews for General Services Agreement Contract Template

  1. Tu-Hien

    Omg a lifesaver. No way in hell I could’ve put something together that comprehensive. Would’ve taken me days just to get a quarter of that written. Thank you !!!

  2. Michelle J.

    I have loved utilizing this contract provided by Coaches and Company. Super easy to understand and customize to meet my business needs and personality!

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