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So you’re an artist, but not the kind that involves paint or clay… Instead, your preferred tools include the power of ~marketing~ *ooh ahh*

But seriously, marketing of all kinds makes the world go round. It helps communicate value, important messages, and resources!

Marketing is awesome. And it can look a lot of different ways. This set of templates includes two (2) services agreements: One for for clients working with you on a project basis and another for clients signing with you on a retainer basis.

They’re great for anyone offering general marketing services, graphic design services, consulting/strategy-focused services, and more.

And as awesome as your clients may be, you’ve got to make sure that your boundaries & business policies are crystal clear as you embark on this journey together.

Otherwise you risk your client relationships being rocky, expensive, & worst case, no fun at ALL!

While there is plenty of room for fun in business, let’s first make sure you’re protecting yourself from scope creep, payment disputes, scary liability, lack of boundaries, & unrealistic client expectations.

The way to do that? By having a solid, well-drafted client contract in place.

Our instantly-downloadable contract templates sets you up for success in your business & with clients!

Plus, our templates are legalese-free, meaning you’ll have no trouble explaining it to clients, if needed.

Let’s get your legal level up on & upgrade that client contract of yours.

What’s Included

  • General Marketing Services Contract Templates: Totally editable & customizable, plus it’s legalese-free, so it’s easy for you to explain & your client to understand!
  • Contract Template User Guide & Checklist: Step-by-step directions to help you customize your contract with ease & to your specific needs
  • Video Tutorial: A short clip giving you the rundown of how to implement your new, rock solid contract!


EIT: 15 minutes

Estimated Implementation Times are based on the average amount of time it takes to customize this template from top to bottom — times may vary based on your tech skillz, caffeine levels, and playlist quality 😉

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1 review for General Marketing Services Contract Templates

  1. Sheri Sanders

    EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you! Signed, A grateful freelancer and future agency owner 🙂

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