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Join your host Yasmine Salem Hamdan, award-winning entrepreneur, intellectual property attorney, digital business advisor and the founder of Coaches & Company. In each episode, Yasmine delivers bite-sized lessons & tutorials, making business & legal topics easy to understand & apply for entrepreneurs at any stage of business. 

Tune in to gain the knowledge, tools, & motivation to propel your business forward — Let’s do business better, together!

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Love Notes from our Listeners

This podcast is incredible!!

Yasmine breaks down all of the “scary” legal jargon in such a crystal clear way! I’m already learning so much about the things I need to do to protect my business!

Sierra S.

Yasmine keeps me legally legit!

Everytime I listen to Yasmine I learn something new! Just binged her episodes and she gives so much info away! I definitely have some new things to look into after listening. Thank you for not making legal stuff feel boring or scary!

Jamar D.

Yasmine knows her stuff and is the one to learn from!

Yasmine is the real deal. She knows how to help women achieve their dreams in a sustainable way that doesn’t open them up to legal blindspots. This is a can’t-miss show! 🎧

Christina L.

Such important info & fun to listen to!

Wow! You would expect a legal podcast be a snooze, but this was anything but, to be honest. I already knew Yasmine is a legal and biz icon, but what I didn’t realize is how much stuff I DON’T know that I really *need* to when it comes to running my own online business!! Yasmine makes listening and learning easy instead of a chore. It’s a nice change of pace from a lot of other women in business podcasts. Excited to keep coming back!

Mackenzie F.

Great podcast for entrepreneurs

Love this podcast already! Yasmine is so knowledgeable and witty. Such a good podcast for business owners who want to grow their business with intention and protect their work.

Fabiola G.

Finally a niche for women like me!

I first heard Yasmine as a guest on another podcast and couldn’t get enough of her wisdom and knowledge. And lets be honest, it’s so much easier (and fun) to receive from feminine entrepreneurial energy! 💥 I’m very excited to absorb all her podcast has to offer.

Kaeli J.

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