Set Up Your Online Business Legally!

You’ve started an online service-based business YESSS! You’re off to a great start. Now, you know you want to legally protect yourself & the business; the problem is, the more Googling you do, the more confusing it gets with super drab legal jargon. *yawn*

Guess what, though? Setting up your online business legally doesn’t have to be boring, intimidating, expensive, OR time-consuming.

That’s why I created this *FREE* Guide to help you easily (and quickly) understand the basics & feel more confident legally protecting your business so you can keep more moolah in your pocket, keep your behind out of court, & actually protect the valuable content you’re creating.

Get your legal stuff together with this free Legally Launch Guide so you can avoid real-life mistakes that could endanger your business & cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees AKA damage control!

In this Free Download, You’ll Get

A 5-Step Action Plan to Get Legally Legit

Did you know that most new online business owners when starting out spend HOURS researching legal stuff on Google? 

You won’t have that problem at all!

I’m giving you my easy-to-follow, action-oriented, bite-sized steps to make sure you can get a rock solid legal foundation that you can review in just five steps.

Protected & Profitable™ Checklist

If you’ve created or sold anything online, there’s a good chance you’ll benefit from being protected legally! Copyright is important to know – because all of the content you work so hard to create = GOLD!  

Prevent copyright infringement and learn easy steps to take if someone copies your precious intellectual property (smell ya later, sketchy Internet peeps). 🙅🏽‍♀️ No 5-figure attorney fees needed.

How to Ensure a Client Pays On Time, Every Time

You just landed your first clients – score! 

Learn how to prevent late or failed payments and refund requests so you keep getting paid. (We want you getting that money, honeyyy!)

With this in place, watch yourself have the confidence to put yourself out there more, attract more paying clients, and see consistency in your business growth! 💰

The perfect one-stop-shop for my business.

– Natalie B., Coach & Educator


who am i?

Hi! I’m Yasmine Salem Hamdan.

You can call me Yaz I’m a Business Attorney & the Founder of Coaches & Company, your go-to digital destination for all things legal when it comes to your online business. (If you’re a digital entrepreneur, service provider, or online coach who wants to legally protect your business, you’re in the right place!)

After years of experience working as a business lawyer with first-time entrepreneurs, including coaches, course creators, and professional service providers, I had enough of seeing so many hard-working people like you continue to put themselves at risk & finding themselves in sticky (& expensive) legal situations.

I created Coaches & Company so that entrepreneurs everywhere can protect their businesses with premium quality, attorney-created legal resources, without breaking the bank to do it. (Because – let’s be real – most lawyers don’t get this crazy world of internet shenanigans, anyway.)

In this guide, you’ll get my key tips to get CLEAR on exactly what you need to do to legally launch your online business—without shelling out thousands for an attorney—even if you have almost zero business insight (or don’t even really know 100% what you should do legally after you’ve set up your website).

Wherever you’re starting from, I believe you & your business are worthy of protection. 💛⁠ You can do this! And we’re here to help.

Your generosity comes with risk.

The good news is that there is plenty you can do to eliminate that risk. That’s where we come in. You ready?

“So fun and exactly what I needed. 10/10 recommending to all my coaching friends. 🙂

– Keri W., Business Coach

“After Coaches & Company, I felt safe.”

– Jamar Diggs, YouTube Marketing Strategist


Legally Launch Your Online Service-based Business

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