Jordan Gill: Being Bold in Entrepreneurship 

In this interview, I speak with Jordan Gill. Jordan is a 7-Figure Business Strategist and the unofficial Queen of Systems! She is the CEO & Founder of Systems Saved Me, an organization whose mission is for high-achieving business owners to prioritize rest without sacrificing revenue. During this conversation with Jordan, we discuss:

⚡️How to Experiment in Your Business

⚡️Using Your Business as a Creative Outlet

⚡️Rest as an Anchor in Your Business

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Yasmine  0:02  

Hello and Welcome to this installment of do business better 2022. I’m your host, Yasmine Salem Hamden, and I am joined today by my dear friend, experienced entrepreneur and an official queen of systems herself. Jordan Gill CEO and founder of systems saved me. Hey, Jordan.


Jordan Gill  0:24  

Hey, Yasmine, thank you so much for having me.


Yasmine  0:27  

Thank you for being here. I’m so excited for our chat today. Because as I mentioned, you are so experienced in entrepreneurship and in your business, and I, what I love about you and your business is so many things now that I say I’m like, okay, hold on, I have a whole list. But what I would love to share and what I’m looking forward to sharing with our community, is your willingness to experiment and your willingness to test different things out and to continually reassess what makes sense and what is in alignment with you and the season of life that you’re in. And as part of our business better series, we’re going to touch on three commonly made mistakes, mistakes that you see others making, perhaps you’ve made them yourself, in your and throughout your entrepreneurial journey. I love to have nodding. Oh, yes, definitely. And how we can avoid those mistakes or make changes today in our lives and businesses that can create a different outcome and experience for us as entrepreneurs and business owners.


Jordan Gill  1:34  

Yeah, I love that. And yes, I’ve made all three of these mistakes. So let me just go ahead and set the record straight.


Yasmine  1:42  

I feel like I don’t really know the case, because I can definitely relate I can definitely relate. All right. So if you would, please share a bit about you for those that are not yet familiar with you. If you are just meeting Jordan for the first time. You are very welcome. You already tell us a bit about you, Jordan Lise,


Jordan Gill  2:01  

yes. So I am Jordan Gill, I reside down the highway from Yasmine in Dallas, Texas. And I again found it System Saved Me in 2016. So a good solid six years at this whole shebang of entrepreneurship. And I really am you know, Queen of systems. I’m totally nerd out on efficiency and making sure that I’m not wasting time that’s like literally, there’s no words even describe how awful that feels to me.


Yasmine  2:36  

But I the thing I love about you,


Jordan Gill  2:39  

like not here to waste that. And I also help with creating VIP days and helping service providers, coaches, consultants with operating in a way that allows them to rest more in their business, and whatnot. Again, it’s not a passive income situation. But it’s a way that you can still serve clients at a really high level with lots of impact and excellence, without it running into okay, I’m exhausted by this every single day kind of running the rat weight rat race of typical service provider, projects and things so. So those are the two loves of my life systems and VIP days, and I’ve got my hubs, and I’ve got my bonus son and my Cavapoo Vivian jigsaw puzzles, I have to mention Viv. It was like,


Yasmine  3:29  

this is the real this is the main character.


Jordan Gill  3:31  

Main Character energy all day.


Yasmine  3:37  

Yeah, yes. Okay. So all of that. It’s, I feel like maybe it is just a part of the experience as a business owner as a service provider is you’ve, you know, your, your primary focus is how can I drive revenue, driving revenue by signing more clients? Okay, let’s find more clients. Okay, more clients are coming in to the door, okay, I’ve got to serve those clients, I’ve got to deliver and then the cycle, it’s vicious. It starts over again, month after month after month, day after day after day, maybe you’re working five days a week, maybe you’re working seven days a week. That’s like an actual nightmare. But it’s reality for a lot of us, right? We get caught in this constantly having to deliver the service constantly having to answer the texts, or excuse me, the slack messages or the comments in Asana or in Clickup, or whatever you’re using to communicate with your clients and always being on call always have being having to be available or feeling like you’ve got to be available because you’re on a monthly retainer. But Jordan says there’s a better way and I love VIP days. I love providing the VIP day as a service provider and I love being the client as the service or as the to the service provider. I’m receiving the service. I prefer it actually many times. So Tell us about VIP days.


Jordan Gill  5:01  

Yeah, for sure. So if this the first time you’re hearing about VIP days, we define them as a minimum four figure offering. So let’s start with the money. Minimum four figure offering that lasts about three to eight hours within a 24 hour period of time, that leads your clients through a transformation or method or system. And think of it like someone can build a website in a day, someone can coach you on your sleep habits, they can help you with your health, they can do an SEO audit, they can create a month of Instagram content. I mean, I’ve had over 400 people in my programs. So for me to sit here and name, all the VIP days that I’ve seen be birthed would take would take a hot second.


Yasmine  5:44  

I think it just goes to show that it’s possible for anybody, anybody can create a container and can create an offer that is limited in time that has those bounds. Let’s start with the boundaries, right?  That’s our favorite b word over at Coaches & Company is boundaries. And so having those boundaries in place, I love it. Okay, so let’s get into those mistakes, that we’re seeing people that make that we made ourselves. I know you’ve got three. So if you could just tell us the three really quick and then we’ll talk about each of them, please.


Jordan Gill  6:18  

The first one is the “need to trap” meaning that we base our business decisions on if we see someone else doing something without taking into consideration our own values, boundaries, expectations, life, etc. Number two is being scared to experiment, the fear of failure, the perfectionism, your girls got it. Prescribed, I’ve got the t shirt, like all the things. And then number three is that rest isn’t just a reward, it is essential to sustainable success. And so like I was telling Yasmine earlier, you know, I build my rest in where I can like I get my lash extensions done.


Yasmine  7:15  

Love it. All right. So number one, so falling into this trap of if they can do it. So can I What does that mean? And how do we combat that? How do we avoid falling into that trap?


Jordan Gill  7:26  

Yeah, for sure. I can definitely say from experience, it has a it’s well intentioned people are not telling you to do things, for the most part, out of malice or bad intention. People are sharing their experience and what a lot of times we’re missing. It’s kind of like the iceberg, right? You’re seeing what they’re saying, but you’re not seeing everything else that led up to that decision. So, you know, we tend to just take what’s above the water as truth and then say, Great, yeah, like, I should totally do that. And I think an example of that is just a couple years ago, and like all of my friends were doing the the typical funnel of, okay, you have like a free webinar. And then that webinar leads people to a course and you live a great life run a bunch of Facebook ads, tear tear, and the money never Yeah, right. Like just the formula plug and play, right. And my friends were having a lot of success with that. And we’re getting to their six, seven figure revenue points. And that was something that I never had interest in. I never had an interest of like having a course or things like that, based on my own values and things. And but it was really tugging at me, it was like, man, like, should I just do this? Because that’s what everyone else is doing for success, like, Should I just get over myself and just do it so that I can get that end result. And I’m glad that I didn’t listen, because it really, for me, it’s not aligned. Because I I like to acknowledge the nuance and people. And that’s why I have a program where we have coaches, and I am in there. And we are not here to just create, you know, mini Jordans. And I say this in the program all the time. I’m like, I’m not here to just have you guys all do systems VIP days this way in this format, blah, blah, blah, like, tell us about yourself, your expertise, your experience, like what’s, what all makes up of you and your business. So we can create that VIP offer that makes sense to you. And so a course would not allow for that in the same sense because we’re just teaching and we’re not getting any feedback from folks. And this is not to rain on courses. I buy courses all the time and it’s like totally cool for me and my business and how I want to have my impact. That type of business model was not going to honor the values that I have. And so I encourage everyone to when you’re consuming information from people or listening to podcasts or talking with friends, I kind of use two different lenses of, okay, I’m listening to this person. And this is for like ideas and inspiration. And then I’m listening to this person, and it’s action oriented. So for instance, I think we both know Tasha booth, she runs an agency model. I never say never, but I really don’t think I’m going to ever have an agency ever. And, but we can still be friends. And she knows that I love VIP days. And I know that she loves agency, and we can still coexist, because we have other values, you know, at play there. And, you know, if I’m listening to a random person’s podcast, who’s never talked to me before, or knows me or whatever, and they’re giving advice, I use that lens of IDEA and inspiration, because I have to do some tweaking and adjusting pretty much to anything anyone ever tells me. And then when I’m in containers, usually paid containers, or masterminds or programs with myself, where I am getting that feedback one to one, then I haven’t more of an action lens, because this person has heard me, hopefully, and like listen to me and is taking it in and then knows what next step for me to take. So that’s what I encourage people to do is put the two different lenses on, just when you’re out there ingesting information to not get caught up or to feel like you’re behind or that you’d have to do what everyone else is doing.


Yasmine  11:33  

Yes. Oh, say that again. Okay. So what I am hearing you say, and what I feel that our listeners and viewers will be able to apply directly within their businesses is maintain your focus and discernment in terms of who is it that you are taking advice from? Who is it that you are looking to as a model or as a mentor, and when it is someone if you decide this is someone that or if you’re in the process of deciding this is a mentor, this isn’t someone this is someone that I resonate with the life that they’ve designed the business that they’ve designed the business practices that they implement, be sure that you are receiving an authentic view into what that is? Because you already know, out here on the internet, yes, we were out here on the internet portraying that is not real, a lot of people are, and it’s really easy to do so intentionally or not, you know, so you got to do a bit of due diligence. So just be cautious of who it is that you’re learning from and who what content you’re consuming that that diet of content that you are ingesting, and practice discernment. Don’t allow the, you know, the classic shiny object syndrome, right? Pick the strategy and be consistent. Yeah, move through those steps. Wait for those seeds to begin to sprout, right? As opposed to somebody is always gonna have a new strategy to suggest there’s always going to be a new tool or a new marketing tactic or whatever it might be. So be consistent. I love that. Okay, number two, experimentation. Tell us what what is what was the experience like? And how did you snap out of it?


Jordan Gill  13:32  

Oh, yeah. So I, I feel like I was a late bloomer of experimentation. I feel like most people when they’re starting out, do a lot of experimentation. And that is a great time to do that. Not again, that you can’t do it later on. But it does affect you know, for me, I have a team. So it does affect, like, you still want to be around. Like I can’t just play and like spend money and do all the things because Sean’s abilities, but I can try educated Yeah. more educated experiments later on. But when it’s like you just like go ham. But it took me maybe two years to even feel comfortable to start experimenting. And then when I did it kind of like went a little wild. But I think that perfectionism is something that a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with, because especially now, because you think about people starting businesses like whatever 20 years ago, like the internet was like, not even around ish, like it was just you and like a store, right? And so only certain amount of people who like you live around would ever see you or experience you. Now, it’s like a global scale. Like somebody from completely across the world can come across to you and consume yourself. And so that adds another level of oh, I’ve got to like, level up. Okay, I’ve got to like do everything. To like 100%, because if I slide, then I’m gonna get canceled, or someone’s gonna come from me or whatever the case is. And so, but what’s interesting is about perfectionism is you’re not getting any feedback or data. And so you spend all this time upfront building, and then you have actually no idea if it’s going to work or not. And so I mean, I’ve played around with, like, 30 different offers. When I, when I went wild, I went wild. I went through like 30 different offers, and like a two and a half, three year span, including a podcasting agency, including a template shop, including, and again, I’m not knocking any of these. I’m just saying what I’ve tried. And it was really great for me to have that experience under my belt, because now in my business, I play in a very, I wouldn’t say narrow scope. But I can make better decisions on what we need to put our time and money and money and effort into because I have an idea of what didn’t work in the past. And so if you’re not experimenting, then you have very, very few data points to make decisions off of, and then you know, you’re going to have a larger margin, a larger margin of error, because it’s, you only have a few data points. So my encouragement and my antidote is to literally just play like, there was a time where I was just like, doing reels left and right, like a couple months ago, and it was like, every day or every other day, and I just allowed myself to play and it was like, super fun. Because initially I hated reels, hated them. I was like, Absolutely not, we will not be doing that. And then I was like, Okay, let me try on a different lens. And like, look at this as like a way that I can just be goofy, which I am and, like, just play. And then when that happened, like it really took off. And people like, oh my gosh, you’re like killing the rails game. Like, you’re, you’re the queen of rails, which is like not true. But like it’s fun. And when you when people are experiencing you having fun that also draws people to you. Because they’re like, oh, like she is a joy, like she used to having fun. So I want to have fun, like, let me see what she’s about versus feeling like I have to do rails or I have to do tick tock or I have to do whatever that energy is not not going to feel well. So I say the word experiment, because you can hypothesize, but you’re not going to know until you actually do. So go out there, try a bunch of stuff. And then also look back at the data and see what it tells you to know where it is. You need to put your time and effort.


Yasmine  17:45  

Yes. Oh, okay. So much time to pack here. So one yes, I love you and your real estate game. I love I love the getting ready. Real. I feel like that’s an iconic real


Jordan Gill  17:55  

it is. It’s really well on my Facebook ads right now.


Yasmine  17:59  

I saw it I thought I was like, Jordan getting ready. I love it. Okay, so using your business as a creative outlet, I think there’s so much to be said there. You know, it’s, there’s so there’s so many opportunities within business and entrepreneurship, for creativity. And for us as the business owner, as the visionary, as the person ideating and guiding the different projects, campaigns, the direction that you’re taking the company, and there’s so many opportunities for creativity there. So I love that you touched on that experimentation. Experimentation can sound scary, but I totally agree, it can be so much fun, you can play and it can involve as much or it can involve as much or as little interaction with others as you so desire. And I think it just goes to show how there’s no one blueprint to how you can build your business. There are so many different ways, just like you said, you know, you you tried the agency model, you’d have tried the digital product based model. Maybe you try the membership model, maybe you are b2b as opposed to B to C I mean it really there’s so many different ways that you can design and structure your business and your business model that you’re doing yourself a disservice by thinking you’re limited to just one or that you have to do it one way just because you saw one person have success in it. Yeah, that


Jordan Gill  19:31  

way. Great. Love that summary. Number


Yasmine  19:35  

three. Okay, so read.


Jordan Gill  19:38  

Read three is my favorite. I love rest. I have a wonderful what is it called Lovesac beanbag and


Yasmine  19:47  

that is not yours girl.


Jordan Gill  19:48  

That’s so true. She has taken it over. But again, I see people who are like okay, cool, like I work, work, work, work work so hard and then like I’ll allow myself a day. And it’s like, okay. And like how many times you’re going to actually be able to do that, like, you know, I think that people are thinking such a short term game in business because they’re like, Okay, I just need to like, make sales today, or I need to make sales this week, or I need to make sales this month. And that’s very real. I’m not negating the fact that you need to make money in order to be in business. And if you want to be able to continue to play the game, and you want to stay in entrepreneurship, you have to think about rest as an essential part of it. And again, I’m speaking to, from experience of I definitely have a workaholic tendency. And there’s always something that I think can be done. And so, you know, I get pulled back into it. However, looking at your calendar as not just okay, how can I feel it? Like, okay, how can we balance it or harmonize it, and not every week is going to be, like balanced and harmonized. And that’s cool, that’s entrepreneurship, and there needs to be core anchors of rest, I think weekly, because when those things don’t show up, then it really throws people off. Like I’ve gotten to the point of, I have like a massage on Monday mornings, unless I’m gone or vacation, and then I’m just moving to Tuesday. But I like that is an anchor for me to reset me for the rest of the week, I make sure that I do my magnesium salts like baths, I would like to do them more often, I probably do them every other week, that I want to add more of them into my plate, whatever they are for you, you know, you can figure that out. But it’s really, really crucial to have those pillars. And again, like, you know, salt bath is like a simple thing. Like you don’t really you’re paying for the magnesium, I guess, but it’s pretty, you know, straightforward and easy access, but finding those things that allow you to rest and fill up your cup, because if you’re constantly giving, giving, which as women we do, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, and then all sudden we have an empty cup, and we’re like, how did this happen. And so I want so it’s really, really important to just like, it’s crucial for you to like, have on your calendar, your meetings, and whatever else, it’s also crucial for you to have the time for you to rest and whatever rest looks like for you, whether that’s walks or Netflix and chills, or whatever the case is. So that’s something I’m very, very, very, very passionate about. Because I just I see it too often. And I’ve seen a lot of people not be in business anymore, because they didn’t take that time. It’s like man, like imagine how much more impact they would have. If they were just we’re still here, and they were still in business, right? And you know, it’s everyone’s choice and whatnot. But I want to see people still in business, like and be in business with me. And so we can carry on this journey together. So that can’t happen if you aren’t resting.


Yasmine  23:14  

Oh, absolutely, from personal experience from one woman to another from one individual responsible for a family to another, I feel like it’s all it all. Business really does move in seasons, right, just like life Life moves in seasons. And you know, for me, I was single for some time, I mean, just an individual, didn’t have a whole family didn’t have a child in the picture, didn’t have a home to maintain, because that’s a whole job too. And moving into a season and I know you’re in a new ish season of your life as well. And we were talking about this, you know, it’s the recurring theme is fig continually figuring it out, and how the different pieces fit together. All of all, all of the different roles and the demands that accompany those roles as business owner, as a professional and colleague, as a partner or spouse as a mom as a four eight all of these and then as a person as me as the individual and you and I know we’ve connected on this point repeatedly is like I Oh, I am responsible for me and I have to care for me. And you know you mentioned no pouring from an empty cup like it’s just not possible and burnout is really all it is. Burnout is real. Yes. And I think that this is such an important point that just can’t be emphasized enough and I thank you for sharing your your ways. I love the weekly massage. I know it’s not that was something you a few years back wasn’t experiment wasn’t it?


Jordan Gill  25:01  

It was an experiment. Yes. And then I didn’t do it. And then I was like, Oh, no. And then I went back to it. So I’ve been getting it’s very it was every other week for a while, and then it’s been weekly, really this year, but I’ve been doing that since pretty much once the pandemic, whatever opened back up once once the whenever we were all trapped, like once we got out I was like I have like today yeah, you know, for like two years like the same massage therapist. Anytime. It’s a great


Yasmine  25:37  

I love the consistency and I feel like our bodies appreciate that too. You know,


Jordan Gill  25:42  

I totally do.


Yasmine  25:43  

I mean, any living being any individual, you know, appreciates being able to I think our nervous systems appreciate being able to anticipate what’s to come.


Jordan Gill  25:52  

Yes, they definitely do.


Yasmine  25:54  

Cincy Yeah, the consistency is. Well, thank you so much for sharing Jordan, you’re always such a joy. And I always enjoy chatting with you love spending time with you so grateful for the opportunity to share you with our community. And all of your information will be in the description of this video and in the the notes below. But where is your work? First of all on? We got it. We got to touch on a couple of things. We got a shout out because I just spotted something in the background. The SEO box. I just thought it up so we got a shout Kiersten out.


Jordan Gill  26:30  

Yes. Keshawn and she’s a Dinah de alum and so so great. She has UTest little boxes and stuff.


Yasmine  26:38  

And she just came to Dallas.


Jordan Gill  26:42  

Texas, Texas, Houston Austin.


Yasmine  26:44  

Got a shout out the other or other Texas gal wealthy woman is that Donnie? Yeah, Johnny? Yeah, Johnny. Okay. I gotta grab the hoodie. Yes. And then you mentioned Tasha, I didn’t get to meet Tasha when she came. I I’ve known Tasha for she, what her agency was like, that was my OG agency in my early days. My with her Yeah, in the early days like year like maybe now like six or seven years ago or something like a while. Yeah. Business six years like me. So. Yes, exactly. So she She’s amazing. I love her. I love that you guys got a chance to me and that was great. I love Yes. Thank you for for showcasing and supporting other women in business. You know, always hear for all about that. Yes. Love it. Thank you again, Jordan. I appreciate you. Yeah.


Jordan Gill  27:33  

Thanks so much for having me. Honored to be here. Thanks for being here. Talk to you soon.

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