When it comes to doing business, agreements and contracts form the backbone of professional relationships.

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, having contracts in writing is crucial for protecting your interests and ensuring clear communication with your clients or partners.

How to Send a Digital Contract for eSignature

In the digital age, sending contracts for eSignature has become a common practice, streamlining the process and reducing the need for physical paperwork.

In this article, we’ll explore the different methods you can use to send a digital contract for eSignature, from simple e-signature tools to more comprehensive Customer Relationship Management platforms.

Importance of Contracts and Having Them in Writing

Before diving into the specifics of digital contract signing, let’s first emphasize the importance of contracts in business.

Contracts serve as legally binding agreements that outline the terms and conditions of a business relationship. Having contracts in writing helps to clarify expectations, protect against misunderstandings, and provide a clear record of the agreement in case of disputes.

Simple e-Signature Tools

One of the easiest ways to send a digital contract for eSignature is by using a simple e-signature tool!

These tools allow you to upload a contract, send it to the recipient’s email address, and guide them through the signing process. Some popular examples of these tools include Xodo Sign (formerly Eversign), DocuSign, and Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign).

These tools not only make it easy for recipients to sign the contract but also provide you with a digital trail of signatures, including the time and date of signing, ensuring the authenticity of the document.

CRM and Business Management Tools

For a more comprehensive approach to business & contract management, you can use all-in-one CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools.

These tools, such as the popular HoneyBook, Dubsado, and Paperbell, offer a wide range of features beyond just sending contracts for eSignature. You can create and send proposals, collect payments, schedule appointments, monitor the status of projects related to the client, and even automate emails.

These tools provide a centralized platform for managing all aspects of your client relationships, making contract management more efficient and organized.

Collecting Signatures at Checkout

Another method of collecting digital signatures is by incorporating a checkbox at checkout.

This approach is commonly used in online shopping cart checkout pages, where customers are required to check a box to agree to the terms and conditions of their purchase.

Known as click-through agreements, these checkboxes ensure that customers affirmatively acknowledge, view, and agree to the terms before completing their purchase. This method provides a convenient way to collect legally binding signatures for online transactions.

What We Covered

In conclusion, sending a digital contract for eSignature is a convenient and efficient way to manage your business agreements.

Whether you choose a simple e-signature tool or a comprehensive CRM platform, these tools can help streamline your contract management process, saving you time and ensuring that your agreements are legally binding.

By utilizing these methods, you can protect your interests and maintain clear communication with your clients or partners.

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