Are you always on the hunt for the best new coaching tools and strategies to support your clients? Then it might be time you learn how to offer Voxer coaching. It’s simple, we promise! 

As someone with a coaching business, you’re probably used to sitting at your computer and delivering your coaching sessions online. But sometimes it’s nice to get around and not have to be tied to your desk, right?

If you’re getting tired of traditional coaching methods like Zoom calls, this unique messaging app called Voxer will add a breath of fresh air to your coaching practice.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What Is Voxer and How Does It Work?
  • What Are Voxer’s Best Features?
  • What Is Voxer Coaching? 
  • 4 Ways to Offer Voxer Coaching to Your Clients
  • The Biggest Do’s and Dont’s of Voxer Coaching

Let’s dive into all things Voxer! 👇

How To Offer Voxer Coaching to Your Dream Clients

What Is Voxer and How Does It Work?

Voxer is a free messaging app that offers real-time voice and text messaging. It’s called a “walkie-talkie” app because you can share a voice message immediately, instead of waiting until the full message has been recorded.

Voxer is revolutionizing the way all business professionals – especially coaches – can communicate with their one-on-one and group clients.

What Are Voxer’s Best Features?

With tons of great features at our fingertips, where do we even begin?!

  • Text Messages – You can like and star individual messages as a reminder to revisit later.
  • Photos – You can visually enhance the message you’re trying to get across.
  • GIFs – You can add humor to the conversation.
  • Location – You can send a specific location on the map.
  • Dropbox Files – You can attach files that would be too complicated to share as text or voice messages.
  • Note to Self – You can save written or verbal notes to yourself, without anyone else seeing them.
  • Chat Search – You can use keywords to find specific parts of a long conversation.
  • Push-to-Talk Live Voice Messaging – Here’s where we’ll dive in deeper!
  • Compatibility – Works on any network on iPhone, Android, and the web.

Push-to-Talk Live Voice Messaging

With Voxer, you can send texts and multimedia messages, but the feature that truly makes it shine is voice messaging.

It’s super simple and intuitive to use. All you have to do is push the big orange button in the bottom center of your screen and start speaking into your phone. At this point the button turns green, letting you know you are actively recording.

The person on the other end will be able to hear you in real-time, making the conversations that much more fluid. Once you’re done speaking, just press the green button so it turns orange again. 📲

On the flip side, when someone is recording their voice message, you will receive a notification that says “[name] is talking.” Immediately, you can listen to their voice live, even before they finish recording their message. The amount of time it takes to receive any information is close to none, thanks to Voxer!

Imagine the impact this could have on coaching clients who are dealing with urgent questions and roadblocks. Let’s get into it!

What Is Voxer Coaching? 

Voxer coaching is quickly becoming a popular alternative to more traditional life coaching methods like in-person and online sessions.

With standard online coaching packages, most coaches opt to connect with their clients through Zoom calls. They might also provide email support in between sessions, and they’ll often assign homework and share resources through Google Drive or Dropbox.

While live coaching on Zoom can be an intimate experience and an opportunity for deep transformation…

It does have some drawbacks.

For one thing, we’re all busy.

Especially for entrepreneurs juggling multiple demands, hopping on another 90-minute call to get coaching support can feel tough to squeeze into an already busy schedule.

Another drawback? Worrying about what you’ll look like on camera.

First of all, we’re sure that you’re positively beautiful. At the same time, we know it’s nice to get meaningful work done without thinking about your physical appearance on Zoom.

So, if you have kids at home, or your days are packed with errands and appointments, Voxer coaching offers an incredibly convenient opportunity for you!

Voxer allows both you and your client to communicate on the go, rather than having to be parked at your desk to take a call. And because you’re able to communicate in real-time, it can be just as powerful as having a conversation over Zoom.

4 Ways to Offer Voxer Coaching to Your Clients

If this new coaching and communication method has your interest piqued, you might be wondering…

💭 What are some specific ways you can add this to your existing packages, or create a new offer altogether?

The first (and most common) way that coaches offer Voxer support is by adding it to their existing coaching package. This can look like:

  1. Offering Voxer support at the end of your service
  2. Offering Voxer support in-between sessions
  3. Hosting Voxer coaching VIP days
  4. Replacing your group coaching calls with Voxer chats

Offering Voxer Support At the End of Your Service

Ready to enhance your already impactful signature offer? You might want to add Voxer support toward the end of your coaching container.

For example, let’s say you offer your ideal clients three coaching sessions to achieve a certain result in their personal life or business. You might finish that up with 30 extra days of Voxer support. 

This allows your client to get support from you as they implement a lot of the concepts you’ve discussed together.

Yes, this also works outside of coaching, as it’s a popular option for consultants and service providers.

Say, for example, you’re a Systems Strategist and you built a new CRM for your client. You might give them two weeks of Voxer support so they can ask you any questions about issues that come up as they begin to put that system into place.

This allows your clients to feel fully supported as they transition out of your work relationship!

Offering Voxer Support In-Between Sessions

Many coaches offer their clients weekly Zoom coaching. But when issues arise in between calls, emails are not always the best way to hash things out.

🪄 Enter Voxer support.

By offering Voxer coaching in between sessions, your clients will truly feel like they have support every step of the way. You’ll be able to address triggers and situations that arise in the moment rather than waiting until your next coaching call. 

Hosting Voxer Coaching VIP Days

Another option is to forgo traditional coaching packages that offer weekly Zoom sessions and instead go the VIP route.

VIP Days are becoming a popular choice for coaches who want to quickly deliver an amazing transformation to their clients.

Did you know that instead of spending the entire day on Zoom with your client, you could simply choose to be available for them all day on Voxer? (You’ll take reasonable breaks, of course! 👍)

The options with Voxer VIP days are endless. You can strategize, brainstorm, or help them work through mindset blocks.

Voxer VIP days allow your clients to still get a full day of access to you without the intensity of a six-hour Zoom session! 

Replacing Your Group Coaching Calls With Voxer Chats 

Another creative way to use Voxer support with your clients is to integrate it within your group coaching program.

Elizabeth Goddard, a Multi-Offer Online Business Strategist, offers a variety of courses to help you use Voxer to support clients, including her Voxer Office Hours training

She suggests ditching the standard Q&A calls and weekly group coaching sessions. Instead, Elizabeth is a big believer in hosting “office hours” on Voxer, where you can make yourself available each week or month to answer clients’ questions.

With Voxer office hours, your students or clients don’t have to hop on a weekly group call that lasts 90 minutes because dozens of people are asking questions.

And getting access to you in real-time over Voxer is often preferable to sorting through a Zoom recording and getting a pre-recorded answer to their question.

You might be wondering, “Isn’t sifting through a group chat just as lengthy or distracting as a group video call?” No worries!

Voxer lets you tag specific people in texts, so they don’t miss personalized messages in a sea of group conversations. This makes things easier for both the coach and the client.

💡 Bonus Tip: If you’re managing more than one coaching cohort at a time, you can name each group chat in Voxer so you can keep all of your notifications neatly organized.

The Biggest Do’s and Dont’s of Voxer Coaching

Now that you know some of the most effective ways to offer Voxer coaching, let’s look at some of the biggest do’s and don’ts when it comes to supporting your clients via Voxer.

DO use Voxer messaging for voice note communication related to coaching

Voxer is an amazing place to dive deeper into coaching concepts and support your clients with whatever goals you’re working towards!

DON’T use Voxer for formal business exchanges

Certain things are better sent in writing via email. Don’t use Voxer for formal communication related to renewing packages, invoicing, business updates, or policies.

DO set boundaries around Voxer communication 

Just like anything in business, you need to be explicit with your Voxer boundaries. 

Before incorporating Voxer into your coaching practice, be sure to answer questions like:

  • What time will you be available during the day to answer questions via Voxer? 
  • How long, on average, will it take you to respond?
  • What can your clients expect in terms of response time?

When you properly set and manage expectations from the beginning, your client relationships will be that much more successful! 

DO make sure that Voxer coaching is a healthy energetic exchange for you

You’ll also want to make sure you address your Voxer communication preferences with your clients so that Voxer coaching feels like a fair energetic exchange.

For example, some coaches might not appreciate receiving 15 or 20-minute long voice notes. If that’s you, you might ask your clients to limit their Voxer messages to three or five minutes.

With these guidelines in place, you’ll be able to provide the best service possible without overwhelming yourself!

What We Covered

As you’ve learned here, Voxer is easy to use for coaches and clients who live busy, modern lives. Having such a powerful tool within your phone is a great way to stay focused on your personal and professional responsibilities throughout each given day.

No matter which strategy you use to incorporate Voxer into your business, you’ll be giving your clients a convenient option that also increases the sense of personal connection they feel with you as a coach.

With these benefits, it’s no surprise more and more coaches are hopping aboard the Voxer train! 📲

What about you? Now that you know how to offer Voxer coaching…will you? Let us know in the comments if you’re excited to try out this communication tool with your clients! 

And just like any other coaching offer, be sure to make sure your clients sign a coaching contract when they purchase your Voxer offer. Don’t let your boundaries get murky! Make all expectations crystal clear with our coaching contract template.

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