Excited to create a new offer? It’s going to be AMAZING! But before you dive in, make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for (and what others will be signing up for!) and do it in a strategic way that’ll protect you.

What is a Workshop?

A workshop is a a great way to provide prospective clients with a taste of your ~special sauce~, without the higher ticket commitment!

Typically, this type of offer involves a short, live or recorded event (on Zoom or other video conference software) during which the instructor/host teaches & presents useful content the attendee is interested in, usually a niche topic.

While you might think of this as a “mini version” of your higher offer, make no mistake, this is *not* your basic webinar.

Bring Your A-Game

Whatever you call it… masterclass, workshop, virtual bootcamp, or live training, you had better come with ACTIONABLE content, my friend.

You may decide to pitch other ways attendees can work with you at the end of the event, but the event itself should not be a sales presentation. A narrowed down, niche topic is best. Make sure your attendees know exactly what they’re coming to learn & will leave understanding & ready to take action on. Bring your A game!

Don’t Be a Rookie, Protect Yourself

And of course, make sure you’re protecting your content by having solid terms in place for all of your attendees to agree to.

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks—Your content is valuable, you want to avoid potential liability (these people aren’t your clients—yet!), & your business deserves to be protected—not to mention, you deserve the peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Workshop-type events are a great way to begin a relationship with potential clients, share valuable information with your audience, & quickly inject cash into your business because it doesn’t require a ton of runaway to get off the ground!

Be protected & ready to start filling up your workshop by snagging our Workshop/Masterclass/Virtual Event Terms Contract Template! Just plug in your info & paste it into your registration system—and voila! You’re good to go.

What are your thoughts? Are you thinking of adding a workshop to your offer suite? Have you offered them in the past? Tell me all the things & ask away! 👇🏽😊

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