Are you excited to create a new offer? It’s going to be AMAZING! But before you dive in, make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for (and what others will be signing up for!) and do it in a strategic way that’ll protect you. It’s important to gain as much information as possible when starting to host a workshop.

Let’s begin!

What is a Workshop?

A workshop is a great way to provide prospective clients with a taste of your ~special recipe~, without the higher ticket commitment!

Typically, this type of offer involves a short, live or recorded event (on Zoom or other video conference software) during which the instructor/host teaches & presents useful content the attendee is interested in, usually a niche topic.

Workshops can have a big or small group depending on the demand and what works best for you!

While you might think of this as a “mini version” of your higher offer, make no mistake, this is *not* your basic webinar.

How To Host A Workshop

Hosting a workshop is a great option if you want to feel closer to your clients. It’s not just sitting on Zoom and teaching people a lesson. It’s a way to engage in your niche with others who also want to learn more about what you teach.

It allows your clients to interact with you in a closer setting. It helps them see that you’re a real person with a fantastic personality—which can also drive sales!

Now, before you can start your successful workshops there’s some prepping you have to do first.

Your workshop planning is so important as it helps you stay organized and keeps things on track. This may include documents needed, social media plans, types of workshops you would like to do, and so much more!

Which Documents Would Be Used In A Workshop

There are some documents that we recommend having in order to set up an effective workshop! Don’t worry, these documents aren’t hard to set up.

Plus, we break them down for you in an easy way so you can host your workshop in no time!

Your Participants’ Welcome Package

A Welcome Package is a great way to introduce your participants to your workshop. It helps your workshop participants understand what you’re offering and what they will receive—they’ll greatly appreciate it too.

Your welcome package can include the workshop activities you may be offering, the amount of time your sessions will be, your mission statement, and your purpose behind making your workshop.

You should include anything you think your participants would need to have a great understanding of your workshop. You don’t want your clients to be confused or have a million questions.

This will help set them up with confidence and reassurance that you know what you’re doing—in a professional way!

Have a Questions Forum

It’s normal for people to have questions, so you should be prepared to answer them… especially when hosting a workshop.

You can easily make a questionnaire form where your participants can go in and ask you questions. This will show your participants that you truly care about their input. It can also help run a workshop smoothly.

It can help create a sense of trust between you and your participants!

You can also pick out the most frequently asked questions and make an FAQ page for all of your current and new participants.

By doing this, you will have everyone on the same page and who doesn’t love that?

Include a Slide Presentation Document

When people host a workshop, a lot of times they use a PowerPoint or slide presentation to easily relay information to their participants. This is a great way for visual learners to understand various concepts.

Providing the slides in a document that they can download or print from home can help everyone understand at their own pace.

Bonus points if you include a note section! A note section can show that you care about your participants and want them to be able to note or highlight any important information.

I’m sure your participants will enjoy it too!

Workshop Hosting Tips

Hosting a workshop seems hard to do all on your own. Thankfully, we’re here to give you some helpful insights! Here are some tips and tricks to help your workshopping journey start on the right foot.

Picking Out Your Niche

This is the most important part when choosing to host an online workshop or any type of workshop. Picking out the main subject of your workshop in advance can help make the other parts of planning a lot easier.

If your workshop class is centered around helping divorced moms start their own online businesses, then you know who your target audience is. This will make social media marketing and networking a whole lot easier!

You can make social media content centered around divorced moms looking for financial freedom and start a community. If your niche is more broad, then it can become difficult to find a target audience.

For example, if your workshop is about being a life coach and making people’s lives better, that’s too wide of a range. Chances are there are a lot of established life coaches who already have workshops and participants.

You want to stand apart from the crowd!

Stay Focused On Your Topic

Whatever you’re hosting… masterclass, workshop, virtual boot camp, or any potential workshop, you have better come up with ACTIONABLE content, my friend.

You may decide to pitch other ways attendees can work with you at the end of the event, but the event itself should not be a sales presentation. You want your participants to feel like they’re learning something valuable, not listening to a long ad.

A narrowed-down, niche topic is best. Make sure your attendees know exactly what they’re coming to learn & will leave understanding & ready to take action.

What Will Your Participants Gain?

What can your participants gain from you hosting a workshop that’s different than everyone else? Understanding what sets you apart can help participants see the purpose behind what you’re doing.

Now, you don’t want to make any guarantees or that can lead you to some hot waters. But, setting up desired outcomes your participants can potentially achieve is a great motivating factor.

It’s a good idea to set up your participants with goals they can easily achieve if they go to your workshops—without promising results.

Payment Is Everything

Choosing how much you’re going to charge and how you’re going to collect that payment is probably the most important aspect to you. If you want to make money, right?

When choosing the price of your workshop, you want to make sure you’re charging a fair price. You can look at other people’s workshop classes who are in a similar field as you and take the average.

You also want to make sure that you’re being paid for your time, resources, and any expenses you make setting your workshop up. When you host your workshop you want a payment process that best suits your needs.

Don’t Be a Rookie, Protect Yourself

And of course, make sure you’re protecting your content by having solid terms in place for all of your attendees to agree to.

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks—Your content is valuable, you want to avoid potential liability (these people aren’t your clients—yet!), & your business deserves to be protected—not to mention, you deserve peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Workshop-type events are a great way to begin a relationship with potential clients, share valuable information with your audience, & quickly inject cash into your business because it doesn’t require a ton of runaway to get off the ground!

Be protected & ready to start filling up your workshop by snagging our Workshop/Masterclass/Virtual Event Terms Contract Template! Just plug in your info & paste it into your registration system—and voila! You’re good to go.

What are your thoughts? Are you thinking of adding a workshop to your offer suite? Have you offered them in the past? Tell me all the things & ask away! 👇🏽😊

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