If you’ve been looking for a way to create a safe space and help more people without having to be on coaching calls every day, all day long, you’ve probably considered starting a group coaching program.

On top of being able to increase your impact, group coaching programs are an awesome way to diversify your revenue streams.

Not to mention, every group coaching program is completely unique because it’s shaped by your brilliant teachings and by everything each participant has to offer. 

You get to help your clients create connections, sisterhood and even lifelong business besties 👯‍♀️


But before you drop everything to start working on your 1-to-many biz model, you’ve got to make sure you have a few things in place. 

Group coaching programs are fab, but they *do* pose some risks. 

When you think about it, coaches are asking a lot of their participants to share their hopes, fears, struggles and worries with a group of people they barely know.

In the best case scenario, you end up with a phenomenal group of people who are generous and respectful, and support each other every step of the way. #goals 😍 

But to make that best case scenario happen, you’ve gotta lay the foundation for things to run smoothly. 

You’re the person responsible for creating a safe space for your coaching clients, and there are a couple of things you need to do to make that happen. 

Create a Safe Space by Choosing Your Members Wisely

First things first: you absolutely must vet each and every person you allow into your program. 

Group programs can be extremely intimate spaces where members share personal and professional information. They’re really just spilling all the tea.

By vetting all the members of your program you’re elevating the overall experience for all the members of the group. 

You also lessen your likelihood of being ghosted on payments. ‘Cause seriously y’all, what’s worse than being ghosted? 👻

Your program offers the highest quality coaching, so do yourself a favour by only working with the highest quality clients.

✅ Do work with members with similar integrity and moral code that you and your company have. 

❌ Don’t work with someone who might violate the trust and confidentiality of the community you’re creating.

Remember, set your standards high. You and your client community are so worth it. Give your clients the gift of a safe space where they can feel confident sharing and growing with one another.  

Communicate About Confidentiality

The second thing you need to do is always include a confidentiality clause in your group coaching contract. 

This clause is your chance to communicate the importance of confidentiality to your group members. Every group member needs to agree to respect the confidentiality of the other participants before they join.

This language around confidentiality needs to be included in *any* space that you and your group gather. Whether that’s a Facebook group, Slack channel, Instagram DM group chat, or your Mighty Networks space. 

Make it clear that you take the comfort and safety of the members seriously and expect the group members to do the same.

And friends? This kind of boundary is non-negotiable.

For your clients to experience the transformation that you intend to facilitate through this brilliant program. They need to feel completely safe and vulnerable. 

No one needs to be feeling insanely stressed about their secrets being spilled while they’re trying to be present.

Seriously guys, when you’ve truly created a safe space it’s beautiful to watch your clients feel confident to share and grow alongside the other group members. You get to watch your clients thrive and think, “Yes, I did that!”

If you’re starting a new group coaching program (or you’ve started one already but maybe forgot the confidentiality clause on your existing contract 😬), Coaches and Co. has got you covered. 

We’ve got a contract template that is specifically designed to help you launch a legally-sound group coaching program. This customizable contract has a built in confidentiality clause to help you create a safe space in your program so your clients can truly thrive!

Check out our ready-to-use, lawyer-approved, plug-and-play legal contract templates, so you can upgrade your client contract while staying Protected & Profitable™✨

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