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If you’re a business owner and the primary homemaker for your household — it’s no secret that support and help in your day to day is a necessity to prevent burnout and maintain your mental wellness. And if you haven’t figured this out yet, don’t worry. It took me plenty of time, along with much trial and error, to get clear on this need. It’s simply a part of the process. I remember the season when I needed to get honest with myself and face the fact that I could no longer be (and honestly, didn’t have to be) a hyper-independent woman and entrepreneur — I could ask for and accept help in my life. In fact, it became clear to me that I absolutely had to if I wanted to bring my vision to life in my life and business without sacrificing my own personal wellbeing.

That brings me to the team member I wish I would’ve brought on long before I did: My personal assistant. And if you are also a business owner, the primary homemaker in your household, and maybe even a parent or caretaker — you need a personal assistant.

(Seriously, it’s the closest thing I’ve found to cloning yourself 👭🏽)

How to Find Your First Personal Assistant

When I first began my search for a personal assistant, I inquired with personal assistant agencies locally. There were some that sounded great, however, many only staffed full-time personal assistants. Don’t get me wrong, I’d absolutely love a full-time assistant. But the support I needed personally did not require 40+ hours a week of personal assistance. I wanted to start with 4-6 hours a week with a few key tasks.

And so instead of hiring via a staffing agency, I created a job posting on Indeed (you could post it on other job sites, too, or even Craigslist) with a description of the role and clearly stated that I was looking for someone to come one day a week for 4-6 hours to help with specific tasks. I asked applicants to email me directly with a keyword in the subject line (I always use food-based words — tacos, muffin, bacon, turnip, etc. This is my trick to weed out applicants who aren’t attentive to detail/don’t read the job posting in its entirety) and also asked for them to include in the email a short 1-2 minute video introducing themselves and why they think they’d be great for the job.

After conducting interviews over the phone, I narrowed it down to one potentially great fit. I then met with her in person for an interview and offered her the job. It’s important to note that this is obviously not a full-time job or anything that could support a household. The person I hired (and many of the applicants) were college students looking for extra income. I then began her month-long training period (she came each week on the specified day) which set us up for a great working relationship moving forward.

Tasks to Outsource to Your Personal Assistant

Here are 6 tasks my PA helps me with to save me 5-10 hours every week, along with tons of energy and mental capacity:

1. Grocery Pickup or Delivery 🛒

Place a grocery order the day before your personal assistant is scheduled to come in & have them pick it up on their way as their first task of the day. They should bring all the groceries in from the car and assist you in putting everything away. Clearly communicate your preferences as to where everything should go. You can also put this in writing via a note on your phone or in a journal. With time, they’ll be able to put the grocery items away on their own.

Alternatively, you could also place a grocery order via instacart and schedule it to be delivered at the time your assistant is scheduled to come assist. (Use this link for a $10 credit towards your first order on Instacart app).

2. Laundry Support 👗

This is the biggest time suck every week in my opinion. And the first thing you should get help with in the home if you’re ready to bring on support.

Prep the loads of laundry (I like to use a separator like this one), get the first load going, and be prepared to train your assistant on what needs to be folded vs. what needs a hanger, and where it all goes (which closets, drawers, etc.). Write everything down in the note/journal. It’ll take time to train your assistant up front but, again, with time they’ll get the hang of it.

The mental freedom of not having laundry hanging over your head throughout the entire work week is a game changer. You’ll be surprised by how much of your energy it occupied.

Laundry Support - How to Find Your First Personal Assistant

3. Car Maintenance 🚙

Your personal assistant can help you maintain your car during the week so you aren’t stuck spending your whole Saturday afternoon doing so. Some car-related tasks include an oil change, car wash, filling your tank with gas, decluttering the inside (especially if you have kids), take it to the dealership for miscellaneous maintenance, etc.

4. Misc. restocking 🏡

My weekly home to-dos include repetitive tasks that help our life run smoothly. Every home is different, so take time to audit your own weekly tasks prior to hiring your personal assistant and share the list with them during your training period. Here are some of the tasks I have on my list:

—Restock bathroom items (TP, handsoap, diapers, wipes)

—Refill kitchen items (coffee pods, bottled water, handsoap)

—Restock linens closet (hand towels, paper towels, etc.)

—Empty trash bins (bathrooms, kitchen, office, recycling, vacuums)

5. Check the mail 📫

Ask your personal assistant to check your home mailbox on their way in. If you have an office mailbox or PO box, they can stop by there on the way to your house.

And if you have any USPS/UPS/Retail/Amazon returns that need to be dropped off, that’s a great task to hand off, too.

6. Misc. recurring tasks ✅

Your personal assistant can help you with MANY more tasks beyond what I’ve listed. Write down all of the things you want/need to get done each week around your home life and allow yourself to be supported. Organize the tasks you need help with in a noter or notebook you can share.

📲 Here are some more ideas of things you can ask your personal assistant to help you with throughout the week:

—Assist w/ meal prep (washing/chopping veggies & fruit)

—Break down Amazon boxes

—Organize/tidy a closet or garage

—Assemble a bookshelf or other small furniture items

—Assist in cleaning tasks around your home

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Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant

My goal is to have the entire list of to-dos (5-10 hours’ worth) complete Monday-Friday so that I don’t have to spend my whole weekend working on it all. Listen — I work all week so I’d like to take a break on the weekends and actually rest, not clock into another job.

When I say hiring a personal assistant changed my quality of life DRAMATICALLY, I mean it. It’s worth every dollar spent and every minute saved. I’m convinced this is the key to doing it all without burning yourself out.

What do you think? Will you be hiring a Personal Assistant this year? What’s the first thing you want to take off your plate?

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