The 3 Need-to-Haves in Your Client Coaching Contract

(Exactly what you need to know to protect your online business & yourself!)

You know what? Having a personal lawyer on retainer just isn’t the norm for small business owners, and that’s okay.

In this 20-minute crash course, you will gain total clarity on exactly what you need to do to confidently protect your business – without all the legal overwhelm & expenses!

Ready to Protect Your Business?

As your business grows, it becomes more vulnerable to legal trouble. The smallest thing can take you from coaching clients and feeling 100% at peace in your life & business… to pulling sleepless nights on Google, nervously searching things like, “Can someone sue me for __________?” and “What to do if I didn’t include ____________ in my contract?”  That’s why I’m going to help you right here, right now… 

Hey y’all – Yasmine here!

My goal is to make it easy for you to build a protected & profitable business, without all the legal scaries & confusion.

You see, I believe that every woman can build & grow a life-changing business, if she wants to. I also believe that every woman deserves to live a life of financial independence & freedom.

In order for that to happen, you need access to resources & information.

And that’s exactly what we’re here for.

At Coachesandcompany.com, we’re allll about empowering our community (you!) with the knowledge & resources you need to succeed.

Pro tip: The strength of your legal foundation can make or break your success.

The great news? You’re in the right place! No need to waste any more of your time roaming the internet streets vulnerable & unprotected.

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Here’s How This Works

Your business is on its way to some SERIOUS growth. In order to scale, your legal foundation needs to be rock solid.
What I’m saying is that It’s time to ditch your unenforceable, cut & paste contracts & get it together, boss lady.
Are you with me?

That’s it!

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This is your 20-minute #crashcourse to help you learn
exactly what you need to do now to avoid big trouble later! 

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