Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than by talking about how to love on your clients and continually wow them with a thoughtful client experience?

In the online business world, there can be so much talk about lead generation and signing new clients.

But your existing clients are where it’s at.

They’re the OGs.

The MVPs.

The ones who’ve had your back since day one!

So instead of hunting for your next client, why not focus on showering your current clients with more love and appreciation this month? 

Let’s talk about five ways to uplevel your client experience so you can boost client retention and help your clients feel deeply supported.

Client Experience: How to Show Love & Make Lasting Impressions

Why You Should Focus on Client Retention Over Client Acquisition

Did you know that it costs five times more to sign a new client, rather than to retain an existing one? 

Your existing clients already like, know and trust you. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting them while focusing all of your efforts on securing new business!

Instead, try to answer the question, how can I add more value to my clients’ lives? 

When you focus on giving generously to your current clients, you’ll find that the reward comes back to you tenfold in the form of referrals, extending contracts and even booking you for other projects and services!

Let’s get into a few ways you can turn your clients into raving fans.

Add Surprise and Delight to Your Client Experience

The most important thing to make sure you’re preserving your client relationships is to make sure you’re properly setting and managing expectations.

You want to make sure that at the bare minimum, you are meeting your clients expectations.

This might mean:

  • Responding to emails in a timely manner
  • Delivering your work by agreed upon deadlines
  • Showing up for calls prepared and on-time

A great place to set clear expectations for how the project will take place, is during your client onboarding process.

If you want to uplevel your client experience, however, you have to go above and beyond simply meeting expectations. You want to overdeliver whenever you have the opportunity to. 

Maybe this could look like delivering work ahead of schedule if this is something you’re able to do, or even leaving an extra bonus deliverable in their package one month.

It’s all about finding unique ways to surprise and delight your clients. You want to find ways to add little unexpected joys when working with you!

Get Personal With Your Client Experience

Creating a wonderful client experience involves showing your clients that you know them on a personal level. It’s important you show a genuine interest in their lives!

Yes, we’re all entrepreneurs. But as we like to say at Coaches & Co., we’re human beings first, business owners second. 

Do you take an interest in your client’s family? In their hobbies? In their plans that don’t include their business?

If not, you should!

One way to get more personal with your clients is through sending little gifts.

The key with gifting is not to get them a generic business gift, but rather something highly personalized to the client. 

Pay close attention to the things they mention on calls. You could also potentially include a question in your onboarding survey that asks about their interests, their likes and dislikes. 

You can then use this information to surprise your clients with a lovely gift that was hand-selected JUST for them! 

Cheer On Your Clients

Let’s be real for a minute, friends.

Being a business owner is no easy gig! And sometimes, it can be a lonely road.

To love on your clients a little more, let them know you’re in their corner. 

Support their business initiatives, like and share their posts, ask them how you can support them. Be a cheerleader! 

Help Your Clients Improve Their Businesses

You should always be brainstorming about how you can help get your clients even better results. 

Think about ways you can help your clients take their business further beyond the standard services you provide.

Could you provide a helpful add-on service to amplify the work you’re already doing?

Or, could you provide them with recommendations or referrals to take their business to the next level? 

Maybe you know service providers in adjacent industries that would complement your services.

For example, if you’re a content creator, you might recommend a fellow service provider who offers engagement and lead generation, as these two services combined will help your client get even more leads from social media!

Or maybe you’re a brand strategist and you know a kickass graphic designer so your clients can get gorgeous on-brand graphics every single month. 

Whatever it is, ask yourself what else your client might need to see better results in their business.

Enhance Your Client Experience With Appreciation 

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Small notes and gestures of gratitude can go a long way in nurturing the relationship with your clients. 

Can you get them a Christmas gift?  Give them a note of gratitude at work anniversaries? Or maybe just send them a love note just because?

Remind your clients they matter, and show them just how much you appreciate their continued business. 

By following these tips you can build stronger business relationships, re-sign existing clients again and again, and help your clients feel deeply supported in their work with you.

Which one of these client experience tips are you going to try? Let us know in the comments!

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