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8 Essential Plug & Play Templates of Contracts, Terms and Conditions (and More!) to Protect Your Business

Is This You, Coach?


  • You’ve invested in all the courses to teach you how to run sales calls, successfully market your services, and how to launch…. but then what next?
  • You’ve been struggling to create boundaries with your clients because you didn’t know how to add the necessary clauses in your contracts
  • You’ve spent so much time creating your transformational  offer suite, but you don’t have any legal protections in place
  • You know there are some important legal pieces you need on your website… you’re just not sure what
  • You’re scared to sell because you don’t know if you’re not sure if you’re “legitimate” business yet
  • You’re tired of feeling uncertain and unprotected sending out that flimsy contract to potential clients

We get it. We’ve heard before. We’ll say it again.

Contracts aren’t scary.

If you’re selling any of these things:

  • 1:1 Coaching Program
  • Group Program
  • Digital Course
  • Worksheets/Workbooks/Templates
  • Masterclasses, Trainings, and Workshops

The Online Business Legal Bundle is for you.

We even threw in a General Services Agreement (for those one-off consulting or done-for-you offers), a Terms & Conditions Template, a Privacy Policy Template for your website and exclusive to Black Friday only… the Ultimate Disclaimers Bundle AND our brand-new Get-You-Paid Pack, for those situations where you need to have a hard payment conversations with clients. Say goodbye to awkward or uncomfortable situations!

Fantastic! Easy to download and implement, this document is THOROUGH, exactly what I was looking for and needed. LOVE the PDF and Video to walk me through the process as well. There were even optional clauses I could omit or include to further customize it to the needs of my business. As a new business owner it was important to me to choose a contract that covered all bases! Thank you!

Erica Medina, Health Coach

Thank you SO much for this template you guys! It’s exactly what I needed to sign my first client and lay the ground rules for o ur relationship. I’m super excited and feeling uber confident about sending out more contracts now!!! I’ll be telling all my friends just because of how easy this process was. Will definitely be buying more soon. Thank you again!

Melissa Sachse, Marketing Strategist

What’s Inside the Online Business Legal Bundle:

But of course…. We wanted this year’s Black Friday sale to be BIG.

So you’ll also get the Exclusive Waitlist Bonuses:

Here’s What You Need to Know

1. Every product in the bundle includes the customizable template, a user guide and checklist, and a video tutorial to help you perfectly tailor and implement your new rock-solid contract

2. Our templates take only 15-30 minutes to implement (at most)

3. You’ll be able to take action in minutes and be protected in your business right away

The Black Friday Exclusive Sale gives you over 8 customizable contracts & tools for over 65% off.

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Here’s What’s In Store For You:

I bought the Group Coaching Template from Coaches & Co and I am so happy I did! I feel more secure and confident in my business and services, and it was one of the most simple (yet effective) services and products I’ve ever used. Legal made easy!

Amy Pickering

I’m so happy I found Coaches & Company! Their contracts are easy to understand, all while containing the necessary protections for small business owners like myself!

Clarence Charron

I have loved utilizing this contract provided by Coaches and Company. Super easy to understand and customize to meet my business needs and personality!

Michelle J.

This contract is super detailed and I exactly what I needed to protect my business. This is my go to contract shop!

Micaela H.

Implementing the Correct Legal Assets in Your Business Will Help You:

  • Feel more at ease & secure when you are selling online
  • Feel confident in your ability to provide your services (without entering into questionable legal territory!)
  • Empower you to lead your business successfully
  • Empower your clients to take action fast and invest in your transformational programs knowing they’re entering into a professional business transaction

You deserve to have confidence & peace of mind.
Your business deserves to be protected.

I grabbed this template last minute the night before my workshop went live because I realized I didn’t have one. No way to protect my IP! But this template saved the day and was so easy to navigate. Such a life saver!

Tatiana O’Hara, Team & Operations Coach

If you value your digital products (your blood, sweat, and tears) then you need a real contract! THIS IS IT! I feel more confident in selling my products because I know I have my legalities in place and no one can take my knowledge and re-sell it. Worth every penny!

Sabatini Ferdinand, Business Coach

Meet Your Legal Biz Best Friend:

Hi! I’m Yasmine (you can call me Yaz!) Salem Hamdan, business lawyer, entrepreneur, & the Founder of Coaches & Company.


I’m also a lover of fresh flowers, spicy food, and anything involving peanut butter. And I’m here to remind you that YOU CAN DO THIS! And we’re here to help. 


Coaches & Co. is your go-to digital destination where you can find ready-to-use legal contract templates & business tools created with your unique business model in mind. 


Whether you’re signing a new client, selling your latest course, developing a digital product, or filling your signature program, we have what you need to get the legal stuff squared away in your business once & for all.

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Still Not Sure If This is For You?

You’ve Asked. We Answered.

Here’s how this works:


Are there any payment plans?

Yes! When you go to check out, select ‘Sezzle’ as your payment option. Upon checking out, you’ll be redirected to pay via their site. A super convenient & easy way to break your order up into 4 payments.

What’s included in each contract template purchase?

Each contract template purchase comes with a completely editable contract template, a User Guide + Checklist PDF to help guide you through customizing your contract, and a short video tutorial showing you exactly how to customize your contract any way you’d like. Shop our contract templates here!

When I purchase a bundle, am I buying a course?

No, you are not purchasing a course to teach you how to create your own contract. You will receive done-for-you, ready to plug + play contract templates that can be customized to your business in a matter of minutes. We do have a number of mini-courses available, however, that teach you important skills in business.

How soon after purchase do I get access to my contracts?

Immediately! Check your email inbox (give it 15 mins max, just in case) & you’ll be ready to legally level up in a snap.

I’m not based in the U.S.; will these resources work for me?

These contracts & resources were created by a lawyer licensed in the state of Texas, with U.S.-based businesses in mind. As with any contract, it’s best to have a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction take a look at your agreement to make sure that the applicable laws/rules apply.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Send us an email and we’ll take care of you: hello@coachesandcompany.com

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