If you know you need to be on video, but haven’t taken the leap yet, you aren’t alone!

Listen in as Yasmine, the founder & CEO of Coaches & Company, has an inspiring conversation with XayLi Barclay, founder of the Start Shoot Grow Academy & Co-Creator of Thinkific’s Think in Color Live Event, as they chat all things video marketing, including:

⚡️ Why using video is a non-negotiable in 2022 & beyond

⚡️ Identifying your video platform of choice

⚡️ Live streaming transparently & consistently

⚡️ Busting through our fears of showing up imperfectly on video

⚡️ Figuring out the exact topics your customer ACTUALLY want to hear about on video

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Read the transcript below:
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Hello everyone and welcome back to 21 days of business. If this is the first time you’re watching this video series, welcome. My name is Yasmine Salem Hamdan. I’m the founder of Coaches and Company.com. And we are your go-to digital destination for all things legal in your entrepreneurial journey. All through the month of November, we are going to be sharing interviews with guest experts each day answering your questions as they relate to your business. And today, I’m so excited to have a conversation with my friend and our guests. XayLi Barclay. XayLi is a visual content creation coach, and I think epic expert for online course creators. Hey, XayLi. Hey,


I’m so excited to be here. Thank you. Yes, me for having me.


Oh, my gosh, I’m so happy that you’re here. You’re one of my favorite people on this planet, actually. And yes, I’m so excited to be able to have this conversation with you and to chat all things, video, and video content, and showing up as our best selves on camera. Because obviously, you are incredible at it and I aspire, aspire to be at your level. Yes, you are just checking. If you’re nosy daily, you’re welcome. I’m just gonna say you’re very. And so Bailey. For those that are not familiar with you, please, please grace us with an introduction.


Of course, I think you kind of did it. But for the sake of introducing myself, I’m XayLi Barclay. I am a video content creation coach, so passionate about helping you show up on camera confidently because a lot of us are afraid of that, right? I really love working with people who are in the online space. So whether you own an online business or even an online course business, my jam is just helping you show up so that you’re able to attract the right people and convert them into sales, because that’s really important too.


Yeah, hey, it’s not a business. You’re not doing that part, right? Yes, exactly. So there is no denying at this point, that video is a powerful tool, if not one of the most powerful, especially when it comes to digital marketing. When it comes to sharing your message with the world. I saw some stats, I was curious because I imagine there’s a lot of data out there on video content and video marketing. And I think it was like, at nine out of 10 consumers say that they want to see more video from businesses and brands that they frequent and that they’re a fan of. And I think it was like by 2022 82% of all traffic internet traffic would be online video, which is so bizarre to me. Actually. I’m like, hold on. There’s a lot of


stuff on the internet. A lot. again Yes. Imagine for 20


Yeah, like there’s so much that I feel like it’s endless if there’s just so much, which is incredible, right that there’s so much creativity going on that people are creating, so freely unable to share it so freely. And one of the ways that I know you are a proponent Oh is sharing your message via video and showing up on camera. And so yeah, tell me what are your thoughts at this point? As far as how people are using video? How can we continue to implement a video marketing strategy? And I’m just so excited to dive into today’s conversation because just let’s get into it.


Of course, I think that video is just one of the best ways to, first of all, in-person experiences our I don’t want to say a thing of the past. I mean, we would all love to get back outside we love for things to be normal, but that’s just not what it is right now.


state of affairs.


Yes. And I’ve been having this video conversation since 2014. So I’ve been teaching videos since 2014. I’m teaching the importance of video and I’ve been warning people since then, like listen, if you don’t get into it, you’re going to be left behind I think people want to see just or experience a deeper level of trust a deeper level of understanding as to who they’re buying from, you know, the difference to hide behind the I’m not good at video. I don’t want anyone to hear me speak. I don’t like the way I look. Listen, I know all of the things okay excuses.


All we all know


Yes. And so it’s really something that I would say is a nonnegotiable at this point, obviously. And I know that we get tripped up I guess we can kind of dive into that as we go along. Like oh my gosh, oh XayLi get on camera, but what kind of video should I do? Should I be on YouTube? On Instagram? Should I be on Facebook? There are so many options and we can talk about that in a bit. But the whole message is that you don’t Want to be left behind? Get on camera?


Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I hear you on that. And I mean, when the way I look at it is that we’re also consumers, right? So what kind of content are you enjoying? Online? What kind of content are you consuming online and, and that draws your eye and that compels you, and that moves you. And so I would love to hear from you as far as what is the major difference that you see between visual content, namely, a video that truly moves you and content that falls flat?


Yeah, um, you know what? And so it’s crazy because I, the content that I take in, it’s also different. I know that if because we got to think about algorithms, right? So when I log into my YouTube, I have such a diverse palette for content, right? I’m the person that I want to see all the things I want to see the interviews, I love pop culture, I want to see the motivational videos, I want to the meditation, but like my algorithm is all of the things right, there’s a little bit of Ratchet sprinkled it listen, all of


the multifaceted, okay, depth


to me. So when we think about that, I think the coolest thing about creating content that people are excited about consuming is really being yourself. And we all take in different types of content. And usually, that’s more than likely a reflection of what you would want to put out. I always get people coming to me saying, well, XayLi, I want to be just like Marie Forleo on camera. And so there are two things she started years ago, she started on her couch with a brick wall as her background. So she didn’t start at her day 100,000 that you’re seeing. And the other thing is Marie, she’s amazing at who she is and what she does. But if you look at her now, she also injects parts of her life into her content, her being a dancer, in the past, like she there are elements of her life that you don’t have. So you kind of have to figure out what that is for you. Right? When you’re looking at Asili Barclay video, you get a mixture of you to know, that internet marketing space, you get a mixture of education, you get a mixture of laughs I love laughing, you might get a pop culture reference, there are so many other, so many things that are going on that you have as well, right? So I want you to probably write three things down or write down three channels that you look at, or three content creators that you love. And really think about like, what is that like for you specifically? Because that’s what’s going to differentiate you, right? So the things that you are probably shy about or afraid to share? Are the things that are most defining for you. I years ago, I may not have shared that. You know what, I do indulge in a little ratchet TV sometimes, you know, I may not have shared that. But now that’s a relatability point, right? Well, I mean, I’ll try to do better. But I mean, be true to yourself, you have to be true to yourself. And so that’s gonna relate to somebody that probably wants to work with you. Or, you know, because you don’t want to attract the wrong people, which is very comfortable on camera, because people get on feeling like, you know, I need to be this whole, this whole person. Yeah. And that’s what personality is. Yeah. And then you wonder why the clients that you’re attracting while you’re on camera are not the perfect fit? Well, that’s because you put out a different version of yourself. Right? So it’s kind of like if someone doesn’t curse on the front end. But when you get on the backend, they’re a sailor, and you pick that person because you thought that they they’re, you know, morals and values were in alignment with yours. And now you’re confused when you get on the bag.


Yeah, yeah. You know, that’s interesting. Because I’m sorry. Oh, no, thank you actually, no apology needed. No, I appreciate that. And, and I think that’s so helpful. Because if there’s so much noise and activity and calming, as you can see so much content, right. And so it can be easy for us to look at other creators and other educators or other people in our field and think, Okay, well, they have developed, they’ve grown their following they’ve grown a community by doing XYZ, that means I need to do the same thing. And that’s not the case you actually need to you. Yeah, what is suitable to you in your community and to focus on the community, specifically when creating content for your community? Right, because who are you creating this for? Is it to replicate somebody else? Or is it to connect with your people and communicate your message effectively?


Yeah, I agree with that and then that brings one point around for me to really touch on. I think that a lot of times when we are afraid of being on camera, it’s more than likely that we’re thinking about ourselves, and not the people that are in person.


100% Every time I feel like that, like, I just don’t know all the excuses. And I’m like, Okay, why am I thinking about myself? Like who? That bar? That’s, that’s? Yeah, like, am I and I have to remember, like, I’m here to serve. I’m here to serve. How can I? What? In what way? can I best show up and provide the most value in a way that brings me joy in a way that hey, my people like shifting that book? Oh, that dispels the, you know that that noise? That voice might always be there? Right?


It is always going to be there. It’s going to be talking while you’re talking on. Exactly. That on that. And you should have said that you shouldn’t leave that.


Yeah. Oh, my gosh, what? A mess. A mess. Like always talking out of turn. It’s unacceptable. It’s unacceptable. But this brings up a great point as far as those mental blockers so that mindset block, and what stops us from getting on camera and from sharing our message with our people? Fear of judgment, feeling self conscious? And then like, who am I to be sharing anything with the world? Who am I? And all of these? I’m just saying them out loud? Honestly, like, can you imagine saying that to yourself? I can because we all do. We all do it? We all do it. And it’s overcoming these mindset blocks that I’m so excited for us to chat about, because it’s a universal experience.


It is. It is. And that’s the first step. The first step is thinking outwardly, like, who am I serving, a lot of times people want to get really complicated on camera to make themselves sound smart. Right. And that’s where you get tripped up, honestly, because you’re thinking about all the best ways to say this thing, all the best ways to deliver this message when what you really need to do is tap into heart space. And a lot of times we feel like we have to show up perfectly. And it’s so important for us to pull from a space of where we are an example, I might be different, my vibe might be different on camera, if you sit down and look at my videos, right? Because I’m pulling from a genuine space today, I might be super excited or, you know, tomorrow, I might be a bit burned out because I have you know, been launching or been serving, or I’ve been coaching or consulting on the back end. And so nothing is wrong with sharing that you don’t have to be fake on camera, right? So I think that’s where a lot of our mindset blocks kind of come from the idea that other people might judge us or I’m not what people want me to be. Think even as you grow, the deeper you can tap into, this is who I am. I’m human. I am not some kind of I think people get lost there. Like, a lot of times people don’t realize that. You’re a real person. I’m a real person. And I have real emotions. I go through real things. But how can I go home life? How can I integrate those things into my message? People love stories, what stories are you sharing on camera? Because I’ll tell you who I don’t want to work with? I don’t want to work with someone who had a perfect journey. Right? Or who is perfect, because then you can’t coach me because I’m not perfect. Right? And, and that means that you have a great experience, and you’ve probably experienced something, but I need to really be able to understand. So that’s where the power of showing up authentically and being truthful. That’s where that comes from.


And first of all, nobody has had a perfect journey. So why are you out here pretending?




Why are you pretending like it was just this like, you know, and that’s not to say that you have to have a rags to riches story to tell, right?


No, and it’s not even about one story. It’s really about I want you as you’re watching this in your expertise or industry write down three things that you’ve struggled with three things that you’ve struggled with, it doesn’t have to be like the full-on story, but three things that you struggled with as it pertains to your own journey that you’re actually probably helping others with or teaching others with about sorry, right. I’ll give you a really good example. When I stay off live camera for too long. I lose my footing for it. Right time. So yeah, and I’m a video coach. Right? And so when I decide to get back on there, it’s never a I can never plan because I’ll keep pushing that day back. Right? So I need some more than likely just decide I’m going to go live, I’m going to show up. But I’m going to show up transparently and say, Hey, guys, we have not been live in a while. So excuse me, but you know, we’re getting back on track here. So, you know, simple things like that, you know, me sharing that’s a difficulty that I go through. Right? And absolutely, exactly. But what it does is the beauty is it puts me in the shoes of my customer or client, they’re experiencing the same thing. So you have those things that you’re thinking about as well. So I want you to write down the three hard things that you’ve been through because what we’re doing is we’re busting through that. I need to show up and be perfect. No.


busting through that. Yes. I love that. Absolutely. I mean, it’s just recognizing that you’re never going to show up perfectly. And do you expect others to show up perfectly? Because I don’t, you know, like, I don’t think that’s realistic.


Oh, no, let’s be honest, let’s dig deeper and have a deeper conversation. Sometimes we do. So yeah, sometimes we it’s kind of like if you see a lawyer giving wrong information. On an IG live, you might be like,


Yeah, I don’t know. I feel like she’s borderline unethical. Yeah. Like, I feel like that’s just wrong. It is. It is. Yeah, it is.


But maybe she failed to probably send don’t get me wrong. I don’t know how this works. But maybe she failed to say, this part that I’m sharing here is my opinion, and not what it’s supposed to be right. So sometimes we’re not able to get and I just picked that because that’s your industry. Yeah. Yeah, sometimes we’re touchy about our industry where, you know, like, the people that are in the industry need to be perfect. And what that does to you is, it puts up a pedestal for you because you’re putting someone else on that kind of pedestal. And now you want to get on there and be perfect because you don’t want to say something unethical? Which, Mike, you’re


so right, you’re nailing it, actually. Well,


I just know these


melanin actually, because yes, that’s your right. I mean, I guess it’s a, I guess, a question is, you know, is it that we, we hold ourselves to high standards, and we are those standards realistic,


or we are they are not perfect? We’re realistic. And the beauty of it is that you can come back. So let’s say that happens to her, right. And you probably reached out and said, hey, you know, I thought that XYZ, and I mean, everybody’s not that big. But there should be a way that you can come back and say, Oh, that she can come back and say because we all have a chance to rectify whatever it is. So you know, what would be ethical would be for her to say, Hey, guys, I was having such a passionate conversation that I actually said something that was more of my opinion than what is law? What is the rule? Or what should be? You know, because everyone has different opinions. So I want you to put yourself in those shoes and think hey, oh, man, and maybe she realized that after once you rewatch that video, so many is not even you reaching out? Or trust me, if you don’t reach out to somebody else will it has something to say yes. And so you always have the chance to correct that thing possibly would have said wrong. So


I think that’s great, that’s a great perspective. And a great reminder actually, is that putting content out because I think that there’s also this mindset and this is based on my own experience and conversations I’ve had with friends that are in this industry and that are they are trying to share a message and something is stopping them from doing it on video and it’s that the permanency of content putting video content out there starting that YouTube channel, you know, that is you know, very if it feels official, it kind of feels like okay, I’m I’m officially establishing a brand and I’m beginning my body of work creating my body of work that I will be recognized for that will be tied to me that will be defining of my career in my work in contribution in this world. Right and that can be that can seem very like whoa, that’s a lot that’s really serious but it’s a great reminder that you can always add on to whatever it growing lab right and expand on what it is that you’ve said. And if you do put something out there that maybe was incorrect or did not accurately reflect your opinion or stance or, you know, fat or whatever it might eat, and you got to do you got to do over that’s your choice if you want to do it over or not and there’s no right or wrong way of going about it. that?


Yeah. I mean, you’re welcome. Because I see it all the time. I think that what gave me that permission is one of the things I love talking about is tools and software for your online business, right. And, man, these things are always updating. So let’s say I create a full on video on this new editing tool, now, you can edit your videos in Canva, there’s going to be an update in two months, where I will have to now come back to say, after hundreds of people have commented on that video to say, Hey, guys, there’s this new fix, here’s what you can do. And I would have to link that under the original video, because that’s still getting 1000s of eyes on. And so you know, being able to do that helped me to, you know, be patient with the process of, and it’s not only a company if you don’t have an update to make based on something that you said, or you’re not able to dig deeper, you’re not growing. So and I say that




You are always learning new things, you might have a new client that works in a industry that you never specific, you know, like we’re always in those challenges come around, so that we can be better or understand different scenarios or situations. So if you don’t have something to update me about, and you know, something’s wrong there.


You’re not You’re not continuously educating yourself and continuing, you’re expanding on your skill set and your knowledge in your field. Like, you have to be a lifelong learner. If you want to be a leader in your industry. If you want to be looked to as an expert, or as an authority, you have to be continuing your education. No doubt about it like they’re there, especially if you’re in the online or technology or like there’s no way you can be out here not staying up to date with what’s in


every industry, look at college areas that they’re marketing curriculums were out dated, like I wouldn’t go to college right now to learn about marketing specifically, you get what I’m saying. So even colleges, educational institutions need to stay on top of their stuff, you get what I’m saying? Like, am I going to go to an educational institution to learn about internet marketing? Or am I going to do it from or learn from someone that I see doing it really well and creating transformations for others in the space that we’re speaking about specifically? So you know that that’s just something for us to think about? They’re like,


yeah, absolutely. continuing your education and expanding on your knowledge and your skill set and also a non negotiable for sure. Okay, so live video, you mentioned live video, I used to do a lot of live video, I think it was like in 20 2017 Yes, I


remember that. I


remember, I used to do a lot of live video. Like because I would get so many questions in my DMs like questions about like legal questions and about protecting your brand and all of that. And so, and I had my my law practice was very active at that point in time. And so that was what I was, that was how I was serving the community. And that was what I was educating others on. So I do a lot of like, Ask Me Anything style live video that was so fun. And I had built up such great momentum. So what you had described, but you had a really good footing on it had a good rhythm going how to schedule as far as like how I would go live every week, sometimes. Sometimes I would do like a monthly live. And I got pregnant with my son,


which it was some joy I got Oh,


girl I was I was it was such a good pregnancy. So I’m grateful to that. It was just like, it threw me off that balance, which it’s all good because that can be regained like I’m certainly yes, that’s why the worthwhile the trade off was worthwhile. 100% Because I’m like it’s all Yeah, and regain this momentum. But I recognize like looking back, okay, so I had built up this momentum, lost a bit of that momentum. And that’s okay, and you know, other projects and other things have happened between then and now. But my live video and I’m trying to venture back into it and so I’m interested in your tips on live video and how that differs from pre recorded video.


Yes, um, that’s a really good question. A live video is for your community. It’s really for your community. So I know that even even when I do live video, so I love going live on YouTube because I can repurpose that content retarget restructure the title, update the thumbnail, probably edit a bit of it, like cut out the intro and all of that and just, you know, create an experience otherwise other than it being I would say on Instagram where you go live and it just doesn’t do anything after a few weeks kind of thing. People But yes. So that’s I love going live on YouTube. But let me tell you, when I go live on YouTube, I know initially that I’m doing that live stream, and I will not get the views that I would get on a probably a pre-recorded video that was solving something specific. But what I will get from that video is conversion and sales from that live video, right? So it’s really, really, really important for us to know the differentiation of what different types of video content can specifically do for you, right? I mean, even if we launch live if your conversions are higher, right, so yes, you can do pre-recorded, but man that there’s just something about live video that is magical. And when you’re able to do it consistently, it becomes even more magical, because your people want to meet with you on Fridays at 7 pm. You know, the same people will come over and over and over again. And that’s what we want. When we think about building trust or building relationships. We want that, listen, we’re gonna have pizza, and we’re gonna go to the same restaurant, and you get what I’m saying kind of like, we know where to cut, I don’t know why I’m hungry. But you know. So when we think about things like that, that’s the power of live video now, because it is community-focused, this is what I would advise you to do, what you were doing in 2017, the amazing part of what you were doing is, if I DM you a question, you’re going to show up to answer that question. And now you’re in such a different space. And when I say a different space is yes, it’s the same space. But you know, you might have even more content that you might have more specific products that you’re doing now and probably not do it, you know, because it’s a growth journey of you specializing in different things now. And so what I would do is really ask people, What do you guys want me to answer? And that’s the best way to get accountability to go live. Like Listen, guys, I’m starting back live from next week, Friday at 7 pm. Central. I need a few questions to answer. This is all about you. It’s not about me. So I’m going to show up to answer and to serve you so that I can educate you better on this whole thing because it’s not something that you can read on the internet and apply to your specific business. So, you know, just thinking about things like that. I think it’s so important, to focus on your community, think about your community and what they want because that’s what live videos are about.


Yes. Oh, I love that. Yes. And, and highlight the distinction. So with live video, focusing on the community and showing up for your community, and having a dialogue almost creates a dialogue with your community on live video. I haven’t been on YouTube Live, but I imagine it’s in the comments. Is there a comment feed? And I’ll Okay, nice, amazing. And then with a pre-recorded video that’s answering a specific question solving a very specific problem. And educating through that.


Yep, yep, yep, yep. And we were speaking about campaigns before we got on here. And so when we think about pre-recorded videos, you can also structure them in a way where it’s actually serving the needs of your business, whether that is a marketing need or a financial goal need or you know, you’re able to kind of, but I think that just inserting those you know, those live sessions so that you can expand and answer questions live. And I mean, who wants to sit down and type out questions, I mean, answers to questions in the comments. Sometimes I get questions. I’m like, I bet I’m gonna answer this on a video, you know, so definitely. And then the other thing is, it just makes people feel special. I love knowing my community. I love knowing names. I love you know, so on live, I could make you feel special. In that moment. We could do shout outs we can do you know, there’s so many different elements to it to where people want to see you win your life because they feel special. So it’s really about turning again, outwardly and thinking about how am I going to serve today?


Absolutely, absolutely. Yes. Okay, so my final question for you daily is getting out of a creative rut. That was my experience over the last two years and I feel like I’m coming out of it and I’m really excited to Yes, I’m really excited to use video as an outlet for creative expression and to effectively communicate my message I feel like I’ve said that a couple of times now is that is one of my objectives one of my goals and using videos effectively communicating my message and getting what it is that I have to share into the hands of those that need it most and that it will help and support the most so for me personally, I found that my creative read you know, we call it that was from not creating space in my life to space and time and allocating energy to allowing for creativity to flow. Right. So what suggestions do you have for those that might be experiencing the same thing and maybe finding themselves in a creative rut? Not really sure what to create? Like, they’re almost speechless? Like, they don’t know what to put out


there. Yeah, that is such a good question. And what I will say is messaging because you keep touching on messaging, your message is so broad. So what you have to do is find a really specific part of your message to be intentional about, see, when we get intentional, then the topics start becoming really clear. Right. So give me one piece of your messaging that you would probably love to touch on soon.


And start there. Oh, are you actually asked? Yes, sir. Oh, okay. So one piece for messaging that I would like to touch on soon. So I love talking about boundaries, professional boundaries within professional relationships. So within with your clients and with your team members. Yeah. Even between your personal life and your business. Like, I feel like this is such an important topic. And it everybody can relate to this? Because yeah, all are in relationships with right in our lives and within our businesses. So that is one, is that narrow enough?


I know. No, it is it is? No, no, let’s go with that. Right. And so what you want to do is, you’re always going to make sure that whatever you’re sharing about if we’re speaking about businesses tying back into your business specifically, right, so it’s about being very intentional. So just for the sake of it, we can say boundaries, but really pertaining to your business and probably like, how are we tying back to tying that back sorry to yourselves or getting people interested in working with you? So I don’t know if you want to keep boundaries? Or if you want to?


Well, so I was thinking boundaries in terms of profession, within your professional relationships, and how in your client relationship, for example,


that’s what I’m looking for. Yeah. So


that begins in the client contract and effectively, yeah, getting in writing, what the policies are setting those boundaries of clients so that the terms of the relationship are clear.


Okay, now, let’s just hold this moment,


right moment of clarity. Because


yes, because I asked you for something and you got so passionate, you started talking you, you know, you lit up. And so what happens is, when we’re thinking about getting back on camera, we don’t think about speaking about one specific thing, we start thinking about, like, oh my gosh, all of the things that I can talk about? Yeah, yes. So if you start your project, and let’s say you do a series on boundaries, right? Why do you need boundaries? When should you start in the process of onboarding a client establishing boundaries? How you can possibly establish boundaries? Sorry, yes, mean, I have my guides that out. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry, this is real life.


Guys. I was gonna say, if my child was about to start crying, oh, that part.


But yo, and that’s, that’s my video brain of pre-production and post-production. But it’s. So you know, when you really like to break that topic down, focus on boundaries, focus on guiding someone through that process of boundaries. And because you have more intention, and you know exactly how it’s going to connect to a product or service that you have, what happens is you get in there and ask your audience, what do you guys need to know about boundaries, right? Get their input as well, because you want to make them a part of this process that you’re going through. And you focus on that one hub, and you’re able to create at least five pieces of content from that video content, right? And then you get that muscle girlfriend because let me tell you something about creativity. You just need to spark it. A lot of times we’re saying, Sally, I’m going to start a YouTube channel, I’m going to start you know, and so you don’t put yourself in a position to do that. If I wake up in the morning, and I want to record I’m going to make sure that I get dressed. And I invite recording I invite you to know, okay, so maybe I know I want to create two videos. What are those two videos about? How can I spend 10 minutes just brainstorming and taking all of the confusion out of here and onto a piece of paper? Just say yes, a lot of times we’re not thinking about the process or how am I an event if I want to write something if I’m an author and I want to write the book is not going to write itself. I have to invite creativity by sitting down and inviting it. Right. That is, you know, something that I took from it. A book that I love is called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. And so it’s really about inviting creativity. So a lot of times, people come to me and they say, I want to make videos will have you sat down in front of the camera? Have you put your phone up? Are you? Are you doing stories? Are you doing little increments of I was speaking to my mom the other day? And she told me, you know, I’ve been beating myself up because I haven’t been reading and I just need to sit down for an hour a day and read and I was like, I don’t want to sit down for an hour a day to read. So why are you telling yourself, I’m going to sit down for an hour a day to read, especially if you’re starting off? Reading, right? You would need to tell yourself, let me just read for 10 minutes instead of 10-minute timer. And by the time 10 minutes gets here, you’re so deep and what you’re really you don’t want to put the book down.


Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Yes. You begin to build momentum.


Exactly. So I’m not asking you to get up here and just talk like, you know, be intentional. Think about what would I want to help my audience with, you could even ask them, what do they want to know the most about and give them options, don’t just leave it free-range because your brain is already doing that. Because they’re gonna, you know, throw different things at you. So what you need to do is ask them well, what do you guys want to know about boundaries? I’m just using your example as the example. I love it. Thank you. Yes. You know, ask them well, what what do I want to? Possibly? What do you want to know about boundaries? And they’ll tell you like, what are the three things you want to know? And a lot of times the same things will come in. And that’s how you know, more than likely, a lot of people are gonna watch, right? Because a lot of people have the same questions.


Yeah, you have the answer


about your creativity, right like that. Like, think about it as service. Ask your people what they want to see from you. Make sure it’s specific. So ask them about a specific topic or a specific interest or, you know, so that they’re not confusing you as well. And just give them a date and get to work because if you give them a date, then you can’t backpedal because for me, my audience, they won’t. They message me they’re like,


they know, they’re like, Hold on. Is she okay? Where are you? I was waiting. Yeah, meeting Yes. Oh, going off that part. So okay. I like that. And you know, spark the creativity invite the creativity in you know, guys face for it to come in. Very late wake up and get yourself in position for


to you it’s not gonna flow. If you’re not, it’s not gonna flow. If you’re just moseying around. You got to


happen. Yeah, intentionality is the key. Key Oh, it’s, you’re not getting anywhere without being intentional. And you’ll find you’ll feel that you feel yourself chasing your tail just running in circles and not achieving the goals that you are setting out to achieve through your use of video and content creation. So yes, thank you daily. So what is your big message for us?


My big message is stop overthinking, getting on camera, you know, and my big message always changes. But today, I just feel called to share that. It’s not about you, girlfriend or girlfriend.


It’s about you.


It’s about the people that you were put here to serve. Right. So you know, when you start thinking about it like that, and you make it about them and not about yourself, getting on camera becomes a little easier. Also, the other thing is to things that you’re thinking about internally, your audience is not paying attention to that they don’t care how you look, they don’t care. You know, if you’re saying the correct words, if you’re using big words or small words, or if you sound really smart, or no, they don’t. You then that’s the kind of person that we were speaking about before, and they don’t even need to be there.


Yeah, yeah, that just that that says to me that we need to show more of our true selves and those elements that you were describing. And that is what will put signals out to your people that are meant to find you and adore you. And yes, the ones that you’re meant to serve. Thank you so much for joining me, I absolutely adore you and everything that you share with the world and that you put out there and I’m so excited for everyone that has now become aware of the daily bar.


I appreciate you so


yeah, I’m here to hide. Okay, that is done. You are worthy of it all good. Shooting you again, my friend. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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