🤯 With all the features IG has to offer, your head might be spinning!
Where to begin? Where to focus? What to use & how to use it?

That’s why I’m excited for you guys to hear from Shannon McKinistrie, Social Media Strategist & Marketing Coach, & get clarity on how you can avoid the overwhelm and use social media in a way that feels great & allows for you to grow your business with ease.

⚡️ How to be social on social media (without spending all day on your phone!)

⚡️ Coming up with a simple strategy that fits your business & lifestyle

⚡️ The 3 types of content to share each week

⚡️ How you can use IG to tell a story and connect with your community

⚡️ Using your social media platform to showcase the person behind the brand

⚡️ Why showing up with a servant heart is so important

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Hello, everyone and welcome back to another episode of 21 days of business. If this is the first time you’re catching this video series, welcome. My name is Yasmine Salem Hamdan aka Yas, and I am the founder of coaches and company comm. We are your go to digital destination for all things legal in your entrepreneurial journey. And I’ll do a month of November, we are going to be sharing interviews with some of our favorite guest experts each day answering your questions about your business, and what is entrepreneurship, a compensation around around entrepreneurship without a discussion on social media, and leveraging social media to reach your customers to market your business to market your services and more. And that brings us to today’s guest the lovely Shannon Mckinistrie. Shannon is a social media with an agency owner and a business coach. And what we’re going to be talking about today is how you can use Instagram and simplify your Instagram strategy for success. And I know that with all the features that Instagram has to offer, your head might be just spinning, right, where to begin, where to focus, what do I talk about? What do I share? What do I use? How do I use it? And I get it? I certainly understand. And I’m super excited for this reason for you guys to hear from Shannon, for you to get clarity, hopefully on how you can avoid the overwhelm. And really use social media in a way that feels great for you and allows for you to serve people and to grow your business with ease. And with that, hello, Shannon welcome.


Why thank you so much for having me. I’m so pumped for this.


Oh my gosh, I am too. I’m so happy that you’re here. Thank you so much for joining us. And for those that are not familiar with you yet, if you could please share a bit about yourself.


Sure. So I’m Shannon Mckinistrie. I live in Cary, North Carolina, originally from the Washington DC area. That’s where I started my business. And I was starting to really local with my own community doing social media management work, I just knew, I have a background in communication marketing from Virginia Tech. And when social media started kind of going from personal to business, I was like, This is what I want to do. Because I just really love social media, I’ve always kind of chosen to see the joy and the happy. As part of it. I know it can get really crazy, but um, I realized business owners were really overwhelmed with like, how to show up and what to do. So I kind of started with my local community, just doing little workshops around DC. And then next thing I knew I was working with people all over the world. So just shows social media can give you access to like just incredible things in your business. I never thought I’d work with anyone outside of DC never thought I do anything other than just managing accounts. Now I mentor other social media managers, I help female entrepreneurs grow their business. And I just I just know what it has, what social media, Instagram specifically isn’t, for me can also happen for you.


I love it. And I think it actually is very important for us to address. This is the elephant in the room that while Instagram and social media might have a bad rap. You know, some people like there’s a downside, there is a downside to everything. And we could choose to see the silver lining, which is so great in this context, right? It’s social media allows for you to connect with your audience in a way that no other form of marketing of technology of any resource and tool available as business owners, social media is one of a kind, and it can be used in so many ways. And it can be used for so much good. It doesn’t have to be bad. And again, that’s why I’m so excited for you to be here today. And for you to share with our listeners or readers or viewers, how we can simplify our Instagram strategy and ultimately use that to support our business in a way that just feels good and feels right. And so could you please start off by sharing with us what? What does an Instagram marketing strategy look like? How should we be structuring this?


So what I always start with, you know, people, you first have to really know who you’re targeting. Right? So a lot of people might still not sure if they don’t have a niche or things like that. Really think about who are you targeting? And what are their pain points, you got to know that first and foremost, because if you don’t show up on Instagram with you know, intentionally, or if it doesn’t align with your values, it’s gonna feel icky. It’s not gonna feel right. And I always tell people, This is the fun part. I know there’s a lot of noise out there about you got to post every day you got to do three meals a day, you have to use this many hashtags. You have to do this. No, don’t engage, do engage, create great rules. It’s like oh my gosh, all the things, all the things and all it comes down to is just showing up. I would say with a servant heart, if you’re there to serve and help others, you’re going to grow. But really understanding what your target market is, what their pain points are, how you can fix them. And just know that you know your people are out there they’re looking for you don’t ever feel a little oversaturated don’t get lost in all that. That’s why Instagram is so cool. Because even if they’ve heard a message 1000 times from someone else, maybe they’ll resonate with you, right. And that’s why Instagram, one of the big things people miss is the relatability factor, that personal factor, you get overwhelmed by features this that third, remind yourself everyday that Instagram is a storytelling app. It always has been, even when, say when everyone, when you watch this, a few weeks from now, there might be a new feature. It’s like it’s fine. It’s a storytelling app. And what’s cool is you don’t like showing your face, or maybe you prefer writing over video. That’s why Instagram is so cool is because there’s all sorts of different types of ways that you can create content and share it. But when you look at a whole and as we were talking about before this, you know, kind of zooming out on what, where do I start, the biggest thing to know is content is king. It always, you know, storytelling and content. I know a lot of people are like, I’m not a good writer, I’m boring. I’m like, Okay, first of all false and false. I’ve bonded with my audience over my coffee choices, I bonded that with them over whatever show, I’m binging. People really want to know the person behind the brand. Even if you’re a team, that’s fine, too. They just wanna know there’s a human right. When it comes to content, we also have to establish authority as well as, right, as well as personality and things like that. So way it boils down to make it as simple as I possibly can. As there’s three main pieces of content you want to hit. And if you can post three times a week, you just do one of each, every week, right? And that helps. One piece is educational meaning tips, tutorials, hacks, just sharing something that establishes you as the go to expert that establishes, you know, that authority, that trust with your audience. And if you look at any marketing model, it all goes to trust. That’s it. Right? So that kind of content that’s like, okay, Yasmin is what she’s talking about. Shannon doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Right? So that educational piece of content, think of FAQ is your ask, think of look at pin I was talking about like, if you’re not sure where to start, go to Pinterest, type in your field and see what topics pop up. And what your take is on and share that. The second piece of content is, is inspiring that motivational type. Making people feel seen is really, really important, you’ll probably see a lot of people what they share and what what they share from other accounts is usually that relatable quote that funny, right? So you can do it relatability with that inspirational content, telling your story really building that empathy evoke that emotion. And then that third piece of content is the entertaining and that’s relatable, that can be relatable as well. That’s where you infuse your personality. Maybe it’s a funny reel that like if you coach moms, and it’s a funny reel about laundry for the 18th time today, right? Like, haha, right? That’s that relatable, funny, entertaining, that makes us laugh. So if you can just do something educational, once a week, something relatable, where your personalities there, they get to know you the team, or just the core values, right? And then and then inspiring so that they feel seen they feel heard. And I think at the end of the day, we all want to bond or connect with the accounts. So if you’re sharing content that hits those three pieces. You’re golden golden,


yes, yes, absolutely. I love that. And breaking it down that way just makes it seem so much. So realistic, right is that it’s not that it’s not that complex. You don’t have to worry about you know, should I do an IG TV? Should I do a real? Should I go live? Do I need to do stories? How many times do I need to post? Like, how can I put on one person? I’m just starting out? Or maybe I’m in my first year or two of business? Like how can I possibly share all of these different formats and hit all of my different content pillars and different topics. But when you break it down into this, hit each of these three, once a week, and come forward and approach your audience and approach your work with a servant heart that you’re here to serve and you’re here to support and listen to your audience have those conversations and and I want to hear more from you on how we need to be more social on social media because I love that that’s one of your that’s one of your things. I think of you when I think of that I really do. And you know approaching those conversations with your people and hearing from them, right don’t just tell them what you think they need, listen to them and hear what it is that they want, what it is that they need, what it is that they’re struggling with and, and use that to figure out how you can best support them and serve them. And so what is your take on making social medias more social? How can we really enjoy engagement and increase engagement on our social media accounts?


So, you know, there’s a lot of noise out there saying, Oh, you don’t need to engage, like just create really good content.


Are people really saying that? Yes. Yes. How was that?


Well, mostly that works for Kim Kardashian, right? Like that works for the big guru who has this called following. For the rest of us, we have to get in there. It’s a two way street, right. So I, again, don’t want it to stress anyone out. But the way I built my business, especially person turning out the way I literally built my business was by searching hashtags. I knew my ideal clients were using. And I would just comment on every post, I could until Yeah, they had to look at my profile. And they had to check me out, right? Yeah. Like I said, In the beginning, I was really only working with people in the DC area, because I thinking kind of small and I was like, Oh, just helping my community. I would just search DC realtor DC, coffee, right. And I would just comment on every post in my local community, just make sure that my name was in the comments. So that’s one way to do it. If you’re just starting out, and you’re like, I don’t know who to engage with, I’m not falling when no one’s following me. I’m like, start there, just dive in. And especially you coach, maybe coach, other coaches, or maybe coach social media managers, or maybe you are a social media manager, and you just want to kind of bond with other social media managers. Right. That’s how I found one of my business partners was engaging with a social media manager hashtag. So hashtags are a great way to do it. I know everyone gets frustrated with hashtags and like, instead of obsessing over the number on each post, why don’t you pick a couple and engage with them? Because that’s fun. So I basically say, you know, treat Instagram as if you just walked into a networking event. I’m very socially awkward in a group that I don’t know, people. So for me, it’s a dream, because I’m like, Oh, I can network without turning red and being awkward and doing the robot, you know, while you’re figuring


out like, how do I is this conversation over? Like, how do I just go, you know, like, oh, yeah, tell me about it.


So like, this is a dream for introverts, especially and I’m going to integrate, like, so. I’m so choosing hashtags, that’s a great way to start engaging, that’s where to find your people. Another thing is engagement. I think people are like, what is it it’s like, it’s just scrolling your feed and commenting on posts. And it’s watching oriens sending them a DM. So DMS are really, really powerful route. But what I tell people to simplify it. You know, I tell people, you’re probably on Instagram, I think the average usage is like 27 minutes a day. So if you’re just on that for 20 minutes a day going like this, like laughing, sharing. That’s fine. But you’re sending signals to the, the algorithm of but what you want to see, but you’re not getting in front of your ideal people, right? So instead of doing 27 minutes of scrolling and laughing or whatever, actually get in there and comment on people’s stuff, right? So the way I simplify it for people, if you’re just like, I got 30 minutes a day, what can I do Shannon? Say scroll your feed for about 10 minutes, like and comment. And I always tell people, you don’t have to comment on a post you don’t agree with or say it’s a cat and you’re not a cat person, like comment on stuff that like you were genuine.




Um, and you know,


you’re not a robot either. Exactly. Because you can buy


robots that will do this for you. But yeah. Can you not recommend


though? Yeah. You don’t want to hire one. And you don’t want to sound like one? No. And there are


literally people and I trained them that do this for other businesses for a living. So if this is like, I have no interest, there’s people who will do it for you. But you just scroll the feed comment, and you want to leave genuine comments, right? So like, say you’ve just announced this exciting offer, I’d be like, That sounds amazing. This is going to change the game? Well, you want to make sure the person knows that you read it. Because what happens is, you comment back to my comment. Next time I post on Instagram, my posts at the top of your feed because Instagram is like, Oh, they know each other. They want content they like each other. So with the more you engage, the more people see your posts and your content. Simple. So spend the first 10 minutes your feed 10 minutes was stories. And then I would pick a couple of hashtags or just spend that last 10 minutes answering DMS, replying to comments on posts from yesterday that you didn’t get right. Again, it’s a little hack that a lot of people have come to realize lately. If you are posting that day, right before you post, go to the post from the other day that you shared and make sure you’ve written reply to all the comments, and then throw your posts up because that person will get that notification and go to your profile. And hopefully they’ll comment on your next one. So, Instagrams just watching every single thing we do, they’re tracking us. Like, it’s creepy if you think about it, but they’re literally tracking every single thing you do. They’re looking at how much time you’re spending on people’s posts. So again, if you’re not seeing engagement you want if you’re not getting in front of the people you want, you got to put in the effort. But you could do you could break that 1010 into 555 minutes in the feed in the morning, 10 minutes of stories afternoon, answer DMS at the end of the day search hashtags event of the day. It should be overwhelming. It should be fun. Again, I’ll keep saying


until I’m blue in the face. It’s so important. Yeah, it’s so important. If your social media strategy is overwhelming you something’s not right. Yeah, you have to be that way.


It’s 15 minutes a day, and our clients see consistent growth. Our clients don’t do reels. They don’t have time, they’re very hands off, they send us pictures, we come up with the captions. Nice. That’s it and they still grow. So it’s proof that you don’t have to, you can do the absolute minimum and still grow as long as you’re good.


It’s all about the consistency. It’s all about providing value consistently.


Would you agree? Yes. Like, before you post it anything you need to ask yourself. Or think of that ideal person that or maybe someone you’ve already worked with that you want to find someone else like that because you love more? Sally, right? You’re like, hey, well, would Sally find this funny? Would she find this interesting? Would she find this helpful? Did she cry reading this caption and share it right? Like, you want to make people feel you want them to read the dang thing? Because if they read it, more people, Instagram shows it to more people. So just ask yourself every time if it’s interesting, entertaining, relatable value?


Yeah, I absolutely agree. I think that’s such an important exercise actually, is before you post something, ask yourself these questions, because I see, I see that advice that you mentioned earlier is post three times a day post five times a day post 10 times, however many times right multiple times a day. And you know, I’m here for the increase in content. I like that, you know, if you’re able to create content that is not diminished in quality, do it you know, but don’t sacrifice the quality and put out some subpar content that is maybe not so relatable, maybe not so funny, maybe not so entertaining, maybe not. So value, it’s just fluffy. Or it’s just you know, something that does not add value to your readers day or to your viewers day.


Maybe rethink hitting the Post button. Or another thing, test it out in stories. If you’re unsure, something’s gonna do well, I’ll sometimes test out like a tip or something in stories. And if it doesn’t get all those fire quick replies are busy.


Yeah. Oh, I like that, too.


Yeah. Then if it does do well, I’m like, Oh, shoot. That’s my next post. And then you’re ahead because you already have basically validated it. actualize your idea. And then, yeah, yeah.


And you’ve already planted the seed with your readers. You know, they’re already thinking about this, now that you share it. I really like that idea. I love the idea of using stories as maybe a laboratory like experimentation, right? Because it doesn’t last forever, the 24 hour post. And then if it performs well, if it you know, hits the nail on the head, and your people are like, Oh my God, yes. You’re you’re speaking to me. Alright, let me make this a little bit more permanent, and have it live on my feed?


Yep. Yep. Love it. And then, you know, use stories to just ask your audience, what do you guys want to see? Do you want to see less of this? Do you want to see less of that, especially if you’re pivoting in your business? That’s a good exercise to just lean on stories, because the people following you lean on them? Like don’t worry about always lean on the people that are already trusting you are already following you and watching like a hawk lean on them to know where to go with content.


Yeah, yeah, I love that. And I think that’s another excellent point is stop worrying about growing your number of followers, like stop worrying about the people that you don’t even they don’t even know who you are yet. If you’re focused on I need to grow my following. You are focused on people that don’t know you and you don’t know them. They’re not invested in you, you haven’t invested in them. Instead, shift your focus and look to all of the people that you know that that saying where it’s like, if you think 50 People watching your stories is nothing Imagine having 50 people in your house that you’re talking to. That’s a lot of people. A lot of people


we also think if we say the same thing too much, we’re gonna bore them know. Like, that’s the problem with I think a lot of they’re trying to reinvent the wheel so much and it’s like, just repeat what you said last week again. Yeah, yeah. In Rails format now make a castle. Like so many people killing it are literally saying the same stuff all the time. In a bit. We need repetition because we’re consuming so much every day. I do see people saying you know quantity over quality. I think that’s true for tick tock tick tock wants you just to like, Create, Create, Create, Create people really say


that hold on I’m shot. People have it over. I don’t want to know who’s that Oh, Rizal but quantity over quality. Wow. That’s a that’s a hot take.


And it’s false.


Yes, absolutely.


I think it is. It might be true for tick tock, because I know tick tock, maybe.


Yeah, I understand that. It was about that. That’s not


Instagram. So if you’ve seen that advice on Instagram takes a crucial turn in the next few months. It’s not true, I guess. It is, it’s probably you. Even if it is quick, little moment where it makes your audience laugh that’s valuable to them.


Yes, absolutely. So connect, engage, entertain, educate, inspire, be relatable. And don’t get all in your head over. Am I making the most out of Instagram? Instagram gets to be simple. It can be easy. The key it sounds like is consistency? It


is yeah. And again, I think I’ve only posted about two to three times a week. Forever. I think last week, no, I only did three last week. But there’s some weeks where I’m just like, I have a lot to say. And you know, but um, don’t force it. Because if I kind of ever forced the post back in the day, it was right. And like I had to delete it sounds like awful. So don’t forget, if you’ve nothing to say that we use stories, at least you’ll still be top of mind. Right? That’s what’s so cool about reels as they last three plus weeks. So embryos that are still gaining traction and still out there. So I’m like, okay, cool, then, you know, cuz I was thinking today, I was like, shoot, I should really post something. It’s a Monday. I like to kind of post that inspirational message on a Monday. I’m tired today, and I’m not gonna force it, because it’ll be not gonna see that. Exactly. So yeah, and just, I gotta lean on your audience just really use it. The way your why your people are there, they’re there to be entertained. They’re there to connect. They’re there to pass the time. So create something that keeps them engaged.


Absolutely, absolutely. I love it. I feel like that might be your big message. But I want to hear what is your big message for for our listeners and readers and viewers?


I think the big message and I’ve already said it so many times, but it’s have fun




Yeah, I mean, I just I know people have literally landed in the hospital with panic attacks, trying to keep them the experts that are out there saying you got to do this than that. And I’m like, look like, unless you’re a content creator. And this is your job to create content. And that’s how you’re paid is through Instagram. Like know, you’ve got clients, you might have kids, you might have a nine to five still like you can’t do it all. As long as you can hit those hit those points. And the other thing you know, my big message with having fun and enjoying it is also like being you. You don’t have anyone else if you think you’re boring. That’s not the case, posts, you know, share on stories, the podcasts, you’re listening to. Little things like that you think are so mundane. And they’re not like that’s why I’ve truly bond with my audience all these years is like silly song that came on that I like or whatever it is. When you are scrolling through Instagram, and you’re replying to things, think about why what was it about that post that made you want to stick around? What was it that made you reply to her story or his story? I think sometimes we get so caught up. And it’s like, think about how you use that.


Exactly. Exactly. You’re also a consumer here.


Exactly. And you know, the way the algorithm works is they want people to stay on the app, the longer you stay on the app, the more money they make. Because the more ads they can push you it’s a whole. I don’t want to bore anyone. Yeah, the other side of Instagram. Yeah, non sexy side. But if you can keep people on the app, and that doesn’t mean click Beatty material, it doesn’t mean you know, sacrificing your values. It just means showing up as you sharing things that help others. Don’t be afraid to sell. Don’t be afraid to talk about your services. But what’s so cool is you can create an experience you know, everyone’s like, Oh, I’m not a good salesperson. I’m not I used to say that all time. I’m like, Well, I must be because I’m selling and I’m growing this business. Use it to document your day use it to share things love share more than just what you do and who you are. We’re looking for a reason to bond with you. And like I said, it’s a big team. You know, look at Nike look up big wigs. They’re telling human stories. Always remember that at the end of the day. It’s a storytelling app. It’s the same Instagram. It might have new features, but it’s the same Instagram you use seven years ago when you’re putting pictures Have your latte art. You know?


You remember those? Those were simpler times.


The chronological feed all that, um, a lot,


a lot of simple time. Like you use the filter built


in to Instagram. I was still there. I’m like, I forget that there. Are


they still there? Wow, I wonder I think they probably are.


Day and I was like, Oh my gosh, Valencia.


They’re all still there. I’m


like, Oh my gosh, she’s like, did a post like who remembers this? Everyone’s like, oh, and I was like, they’re still there.


I’ve had hilarious. Oh my gosh, I’m like picturing this one. Why did I use this? Was it Valencia? I don’t even remember. It was put like a, like it would add weird shadows and make it like purple and orange. Like, some had like a border? I don’t even know. But yeah, those are fissures and blue times. Wow. Were the were the oh geez of social media


or for stories like some people are? Oh, yeah. And I’m like, Oh, my gosh, you guys. But it’s still the same. It’s cash.


It’s yeah, yeah, online, online. So have fun, connect authentically, just be you. And don’t stress about it. Oh, it’s, you want to I there’s this interesting discussion going on right now. And, and I’m so here for it, I want to hear more people’s opinions around, you know, what it means to be creating content and to be sharing your creative expression, whether it’s through writing, whether it’s through painting, or design, whether it’s through video, and what it means to really be creating this, what we’re calling content. But another way to look at it is that it’s art, you know, it is that creative expression. And as artists as creators, we’re not robots, we’re not machines, you know, we can’t just be praying, expecting ourselves to crank out a plus quality content slash art, and think that we’re just going to be fine, we need to take that time to, to receive and to, you know, take that downtime, allow yourself time and space to, you know, develop that creative energy and channel that creative energy. And it’s really an interesting discussion that I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of, and I think it really is relevant as to, you know, you mentioning just don’t force it, don’t force it if it doesn’t feel right, because that will show.


I love that you said that to this, I did a recent reel about social media managers, and how a lot of people like undervalue them and say, like, oh, you stuff up on Instagram. And because it is such a creative, it’s a creative outlet. For me, that’s why I still are helping others come up with their captions. But the way that people price their packages is to allow us time to be creative. And yeah, that you can’t put a hourly rate on that. So yeah, I love that you said that, because it’s like, we also need space to just like, think and brains. Yeah, time to unplug. And hit the ground running. Yeah,


absolutely. I mean, if, if we, as business owners, if you’re working with a social media manager, keep that in mind that you want them to be able to be creative, too, right? And don’t cheap out on what you’re investing in your social media manager, you know, if you think that you’re going to be able to spend, like, you know, 500 bucks and have the highest quality, creativity, written content, visual content, design based content coming out, like you are fooling yourself, you know, it’s not gonna happen. And I think there are probably services out there that you can pay a couple 100 bucks, and it’s just auto generated. And that just goes to show you know, you get what you pay for and energetically if you are investing a few $100 versus, you know, depending on the level of package 1000 2000 $3,000 depending on what it is. And up from there, depending on the volume of content being created. You know, you are if you expect original content quality content to be created on your behalf and for you to share. You know, be realistic, right and be understanding of what that means to have somebody manage and create content for you to share on social media. It’s not just throwing together a quick little caption, do a little something in Canva like, it’s so much more than that. And if you create your own content, you know, yeah, it goes into it. Yep. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, I so appreciate you being here Shannon and for sharing with us and I just love everything you’re doing and I know that you are a new mom to two now. So congratulations again. So how has that been? Transitioning from one to two and juggling business and and you know where instead of work life balance something like work life integration, right? How can we bring it all together?


are like that, um, definitely don’t be afraid to ask for help a nickname, nickname


nickname that right there. It’s what it’s all about. That’s the biggest lesson I learned in becoming a mom.


Because I think we just think like, oh, you know, or maybe our mom did it all. It’s like no different is raising babies and businesses. I mean, that’s and to work with clients who understand that that like if your baby, and you have to change the time of a call, that they’re not going to be like, rah, rah, rah, right? I’m very, we’re very intentional about who we support and who we help now because things could happen, right? Yeah, but I think just don’t be afraid to ask for help. And passive income. Which helps, you know, that helps a lot. But, again, what’s cool is you can be sitting there with spit up and dirty hair and still grow your business because Instagram allows you to do that. Yeah, so don’t yeah, you can do it.


It’s a law. Maybe tell us more. Tell us more on your thoughts about passive income? So have you created that for yourself? And are you teaching your, your students how to do that?


Yes. So both in my membership, and in my course, for social media managers, which is called the social business system, I teach on how to create passive income, even if it’s just a $27 Canva template, you know, you know, I think start small, right? Because it, you know, it’s not, it’s not truly passive, because you have to put a lot of work into it. But it’s out there, it’s out there. So just think about that stuff that people ask you in the DMS that you’re like, gosh, I’m giving a lot of free info away in the DMS or this is a question I get asked a lot and create something around that. It’s a great entry level point. Because once they get that that little template or that little whatever it is from you, they want


ebook a little guide. Yes. Yes.


It’s like, Whoa, that really helped. Now, you know, I want more so yeah, I’ve evergreen course going. But again, that took a lot of work. A lot of evergreen, but now it’s great. And yeah, but I love I’m big on passive income, especially because with the online space blowing up, we I know, I always have it on like, I’m the first to go by an email template or whatever.


Yeah, 85 minutes. Exactly.


It to me, it’s worth spending 1727, whatever dollars, yeah, courses, ebooks, all that stuff, people just want your knowledge. So put it in, wrap it up a little bow.


Yeah, I like to think of it as like that, whether it’s a free resource, or a small bite offer like a $50. And under $100. And under, or even you know, more than that, depending on what the offer is. I like to think of it as that can be many times the first a little taste of your style, your your style of working or your style of teaching, depending on what it is that you do and how you work with your clients. And so pour yourself into that really infuse it with your essence so that those that do come into that small bite offer, they get an idea of who you are, what you do, why you do it, what it’s like to actually work with you. Because sometimes that next step is hiring you, right, provide your service and to work together.


I used to sell a hashtag ball, right? It was just my passion was. And when I look back, I’m like, Oh my gosh, they bought that. Then they bought a consultation. And then they bought for me it was a whole journey, which before I even knew what that meant, because I started very messy.


Very Oh, don’t we all grow along the way.


Um, but yeah, they’re gonna want you they just are already comfortable because they already feel like they know you can have whatever you think is something that that they can grab, you know. And now my evergreen offers almost $1,000 and it’s still going. So don’t be don’t think that passive income can’t be high dollar two. Yeah, absolutely. Once they get that taste, they want more. So


I love it. Thank you so much for joining me. I’m so honored to have you here. And all of Shannon’s information will be in the description or in the caption or in the notes of this video wherever you’re watching or listening to it. And I will talk to you soon my dear. Yes.


Thank you so much. Thank you

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