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We’re covering:

⚡️ Why being visible > going viral and what the difference is

⚡️ Betting on yourself even if it seems to not make sense in the moment

⚡️ How to leverage your content in a way that feels good

⚡️ Why IG Reels should be used as a visibility tool and aren’t an entire content strategy

⚡️How to consistently post content even when you’re in a creative rut

⚡️Top repurposing tips to implement in 2022

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another episode of 21 days of business. If this is the first time you are catching this video series, welcome. My name is Yasmine Salem Hamdan. I’m the founder, coach and company.com. We are your go to digital destination for all things legal and your entrepreneurial journey. And all through the month of November, we’re going to be sharing incredible interviews with guest experts each day answering your questions as they relate to your business. And today, this is a question and this is a topic that we get. We have so many inquiries on this and so many requests to address this topic when we put out feelers to our community. And it’s all about visibility and how you can develop your visibility strategy for 2022. And everyone is on the internet, right? And everyone is on the same page for the most part, create fire content, gain visibility, increase your reach, increase your impact, increase your income. And while there are countless ways to market your brand and market your services, the internet and social media are changing constantly. And so with the rise of Bite Size, tic tock content and real style video content, yet another way and another opportunity to share your message is here to support you in reaching your people and to sell your products and services. And so today joining us to talk about how you can 10x your visibility using social media marketing and content creation is Dr. Micaela Herndon. Hi Dr. Micaela . How are you today?


I’m good. How are you doing?


I’m good. I’m so happy to have you here. I’m so excited for our chat today. Thank you for Yes, absolutely. Thank you for joining me. So for those that are not familiar with you, if you could please give us an introduction.


Yes. So I’m Dr. Micaela, Herndon and I started off my career in higher education really focusing on how could I use business, business development and workforce development to really make an impact in the community. And the students we were called to serve. And after being in business development for like 1012 years, you know, my amazing production as an employee was not matching the coins that I felt that I should be receiving. And what I found was that a lot of people would come back to want to work with me specifically, and they would ask me about consulting services, and how could you work with me individually. And that’s not something that we had at my job at the time. So I was in a position where I started getting my master’s, didn’t think that it was going to really do anything kind of just going down the traditional track of, if you’re educated, you’ll get paid well. And I remember there was the professor named after Dr. Phillips, I’m getting ready to have my baby. And she’s like, Micaela , you should keep pushing. Like, I think a doctorate will be great for you. You’re so smart, like you can really leverage this into something amazing. I’m like, we’ll see, right, I’m pregnant. And I’m just trying to turn these assignments in early. And after I had my baby, I had maybe like three or four classes left finished my master’s and she stuck by me like, Hey, I’m not letting this go. Like I can get you a scholarship and all this other stuff. So I took the scholarship started my doctorate. And like I said when in higher education produced millions and millions of dollars for institutions and companies that I worked for, didn’t have a lot of extra revenue, because like I said, I wasn’t getting paid my value at the time. And most let’s be honest, most nine to fivers are not designed to pay you your value, they’re designed to get a return on their investment. So invested in myself took the extra money, I had, um, really launched that into a speaking career and from men, I started having women and companies want to work with me personally, because they saw like the visibility, the reach, um, how it was really able to authentically brand and make revenue consistently. And that’s something that they desired in their businesses. And from there, you know, things didn’t work out in every area was in a marriage, it didn’t work out. But I said, you know, what, if I’ve never been on myself, if this is the perfect time, so I took a leap. So my house and ever since then things have been on the up and up. So how love.


Yeah, we love a happy and I don’t want to say happy ending, but you know, and then, yes, I love to hear that. And so now your clients, your clients that you’ve worked with in the time since what kind of results have they seen? What kind of transformations have you supported them in as far as implementing these visibility strategies in their business?


Yeah, so a lot of my clients come to me because they want to be able to increase the impact that they have with their clients. So let’s say for example, they’re kind of getting some results with a few people and they know that they can impact more people. So I teach them strategies on how to get visible in front of others. So some of them have implemented my strategies immediately and had no one client had like six people in her DMs the next day from implementing my strategy and those were paid clients. I’ve had people secure four figure five figure clients Five figure launches, one of my clients who’s doing really well is actually like matching me almost revenue wise now. So she’s doing amazing, she was a stay at home, well, she wasn’t a stay at home mom, she wants to be a stay at home mom was working for a company making maybe like $35,000 a year. And when she came to me, she was like, Look, I’m gonna be honest, if I invest, and you just have to work, and I was like, Well, if you do the work is gonna work. And I remember when she got her first $60,000 contract, I was calling her like, Hey, can I take Can I borrow a few dollars killing it. But my clients, you know, they have immediately seen results. Some of them, you know, invest, they leave their job, some of them invest long term with me one on one, um, they get consistent monthly results, you know, those consistent back of your launches, and what I consider to be the sustainable income. But more specifically, doing it from a place that feels aligned, doesn’t feel like it has to be this perfect Instagram ratio box, but using Instagram to feel authentic to them and leverage their expertise. So


yeah, love it. Let’s not talk about how people are out here, having people work full time for $35,000 a year I’m sick. Yeah, this is acceptable


in and she had a whole degree. So it wasn’t like 18 and had no experience. This is someone who went to college and thought that, you know, the traditional route of what we say always works. But yeah,


yeah, definitely. Yeah, it’s. And that’s why I wanted you to join me because I want to hear I want our community to hear about what is working on Instagram right now? And how can we go about creating a visibility strategy that works for us that feels good to us that is authentic to you, as an individual in your company overall, in alignment with your values. And really, which is my favorite part of consecration allows for you to have a creative outlet, to share your message to share your knowledge, your value, and to really speak to your people, people that are waiting to hear from you to learn from you to be supported by you, etc. So what do we need to know?


So, I would say right now, the biggest thing is video is going to be your selling point. Regardless if it’s IG TV, your stories, your reels, or you’re simply jumping on live, you have to get on video, especially if we’re in a whole global pandemic, a lot of people still have not come back outside. Some people are like I’m not coming outside. But I think it’s really important to understand that people are spending a lot more time with their fingers and faces looking at a screen than we are in face to face relationships. So right now people are looking for authentic connections. Because regardless, what I like to say is you have to think about where is your buying power. So a lot of times people are like, oh, I need to jump on Tik Tok, or, oh, I need to follow all of these trends. But in reality, that is not the generation that has the buying power to potentially work with you. We love Generation Z. And they’re making technology super, super dope. But at the same time, your buying power still lives with the Millennials, Generation X. And the boomers like a dove. That’s where your buying power is for typically, anyone who has clients. And as much as we may love Facebook, they’re not there. As much as we love the LinkedIn, they’re not there. If you want to work with corporations go get on LinkedIn, right? If you want to work with people who are kind of slower and pace is going to have a lower longer selling cycle, hey, get on Facebook, go for it. But if you want to make consistent revenue in your business, you have to get on Instagram, you’re gonna have to get on video. But what I like to say about video, is really find how video works best for you. Because people want to be able to build those connections. So I always say, use a reel to increase your visibility and reach. Obviously, you have to play the game Instagram loves rules right now. So you’re going to have to jump into the game, that does not mean you got to do real seven days a week, I actually encourage that as you’re starting out, do one or two. And then as you get to a point where you’re starting to master it, try to do two to three a week. I know there’s this hype around three to five, that in my opinion doesn’t work for every single business unless you’re selling one thing. And what I mean by that is I’m only selling reels, I’m only selling, you know, a $99 package, something like that. But if you’re getting to the point where your items are gonna be like your boutique, and you want multiple people to buy hundreds of dollars of your clothing, you want repeat customers, you want to have high ticket coaching, that model is not going to work for you. Because then that model really believes just post any content to get visible, not posting quality content. So you’re gonna have to be careful with that. But I always say use reels to get in front of people who may be your ideal client, then come down a little bit shorter, let them then get on your stories. Let them then come down and get on your feet and then let them see what you have in longer term content. What I mean by that is like 60 seconds or more where you have built out something on IG TV. No more than 20 minutes is a great way to go live more than 20 minutes but on IG TV 20 to 25 minutes is going to be where you master your video content. So that’s how you start the 10 acts because after doing this strategy, I didn’t know if the strategy really worked always work with proven strategies. First, I’ve tested it on myself and a few clients behind the scenes that’s like mine. This is like March. There are no real insights out there. There’s no video, anything. So I was like, I think this is what the algorithm is doing. So me and maybe about eight of my clients started to implement it. And within like, two weeks, I had reached over a million accounts. And these were accounts that were not following me accounts that I did not know. And then I started to see my clients results, people who only had maybe five or 600 followers, reaching 40 and 50,000 accounts, people who maybe have 1000, reaching 330,000 accounts. So really knowing how to leverage real to be the visibility tool, but not the content strategy. And then using the rest of these to build connections, build expertise, and then build that authentic connection is really what works.


Hmm. Okay, I love it. And I love the data back research. Okay. Dr. Micaela , I love it. Okay, so let’s talk about recycling content, because we were talking about the software before interview. And I love what you said about using reels as a visibility tool, not as your entire content strategy, because I think what a lot of people get hung up on is like, we got live and we got IG TV. And we got reels, and we got feed posts, and we got stories and like, all these different things, do I need to pick one? Do I need to use every single thing? How do I go about stretching my content, if my content really is value packed, which is the goal right for everybody is let me create content that is of value. And that is answering questions and really providing that value to my audience? And how do I take that content and make it go further for me? How can I recycle that content and repurpose that content in different ways beyond a real?


So what I do is that real is most definitely not the content strategy. It is a visibility strategy within the content strategy. So I teach my clients that there are three types of content strategy one needs to be the the tried and true sell strategy, the tried and true. So strategy is how do you leverage your captions? How do you leverage your call to action? How do you get people on your stories to click or engage or ask questions to slide in your DMS, because I’m going to be honest, I worked at enterprise and run a car all of a summer. And I could not sell any of the insurance on a rental car. Because I am not a sales person. That is not my ministry. But my ministry is making connections with people and showing that the services that I have are valuable. So I teach my clients that is really more about what is the sales strategy that you’re using through those heartstrings, hey, I really want to make the transformation. What is the visibility strategy? And then what is the tried and true zone of genius expert strategy, and that is going to be the arm of the content strategy where you’re like, hey, what am I what is going to be my thing. So one of the things I like to do is every month on a quarterly basis, you can do it for a whole year if you want to, but I prefer a quarter just in case something changed, just in case, Instagram decides to get rid of a tool or something new was now out, I can make a quick change. And what I’ll do is each month, if I know I’m helping people using my framework, you know, we’re going to build we’re going to brand and then you’re going to pay. So I’m going to teach you how to build your business, a solid business foundation, we’re going to show you how to authentically brand and then I’m going to show you how to monetize it. So you can actually get money into your bank account because that’s really the goal. So when I think about that, the first month in that, in that in the queue, I may say, hey, you know, this is quarter one, in January, this is what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna teach about straight systems, foundational principles, content pillars, um, how to make authentic connections, how to even build out content. So week one could simply be, this is how you build content. This is how you go in and make a caption, this is how you do it may be that I picked a theme for that month. So what I do is as I have four different weekly themes within an entire month’s theme, or on my framework, I then can start to leverage existing content if I’ve already done something, or I can start to leverage new content to make your fresher now one of the things I like to talk about is always go in and copy and curate. A lot of times we get on Instagram, and we see people dancing and jumping in car bits and doing all of these different things. That’s not for everybody. If you can dance and you’ve been blessed with that. I said go for it. I can’t dance that well sing Oh, you’re not dancing on reals. I don’t dance. No, no, my dance.


This is a perfect illustration. Like you don’t have to be dancing on real estate. We have reels working for you as part of your visibility strategy.


Exactly, exactly. And I definitely don’t dance. I don’t saying you know, I I’m not doing hair. You know, I’m a coach, it teaches you how to show up. So what I like to say is I go in and I see how people who are experts in their zone like hey, how are they using this specific audio and I’m like, Oh, that’s a really cute idea. So I will use the the video tool, the trend the theme, but then I will go in and make it my own content. I’m like, you know, everybody’s pointing and as we’re pointing, I’m pointing to my amazing content. I’m not posting to them. I’m pointing to somebody else’s, as we’re talking about done and then the red flag I’m using that to talk about flex and what works for my business. So you copy and curate that. So then what I do is I go in on Monday through I typically post Monday through Friday. And if I do Saturday, it’s gonna be really light and lifestyle. But I go in and say, Hey, on Monday, if I’m doing like the top three ways to build a call to action, guess what my real is going to be that day, the top three ways to build a call to action, I’m literally taking the same content that is on my feet, and I’m putting it with trending audio, but I’m not coming up with anything new, all I have to do is record the video, put the words on there, and it’s the exact same thing. So I encourage my clients to do that pick two to three days a week, where you have content that is already solving a pain point, whether it be in a fun, cool way, or if it’s purely informative, whatever it may be, but just take what you’re already going to post in your feed, make that into a reel. And then guess what I do next, I’m going to go live once or twice a week talking about one of the things that I’ve already put on my feet. But now the difference is I’m directly selling online. So when people are like, Hey, how can I work with you? Or they’re asking questions, I’m showing my expertise. And now it’s become permission based selling, because you’re asking me questions that I can now answer. And guess what happens when there are three or four people or 10 people or 100 people on my life, I can now show my expertise, and then now leverage the pitch without having to really directly sell to anyone, and then that content becomes an HGTV that forever just to sit on my page because people love going back, I got people liking content from six months ago, because it’s just there, it’s going to always sell for you. So always say once a repeat is a way for you to be sustainable in business. Because honestly, once you want to get in those DMS and start having those kinds of conversations, you want to make sure you still have energy to build out whatever your services are. So you can still run what I like to say the non Instagrammable part of your business, which is the back end operations, the behind the scenes.


Yes, yes. Which is a must have, right, there’s no there’s no way around that for some people. That’s the, that’s the side of the business that they actually love and enjoy. And they thrive in that space. And then for others, it’s about the educating the content creation, the the marketing side. And then for some, it’s like, I want to stay in my space of working with my clients one on one. And in some seasons of our business. We’re doing all three, you know, and you’ve got to build up those systems there. So I appreciate you highlighting that for sure. So tell me about how you love to and enjoy and strategize in incorporating storytelling as part of your content creation process.


Yes. So I think storytelling at one night I think I know when I was a kid. I was the girl who always had a book or a library card. If I put on my wallet, I still got my library card today. Yeah, I don’t know for me, but I I have library books in here right now.


I love.


So for me, I didn’t realize that as a kid as I was trying to escape some of the trauma that I was experiencing that I was really future pacing and putting myself inside of these stories. So when people ask me, how did you always know you were going to be successful, right? There were no true indicators that you would be successful where you had a dad and a penitentiary you have a single mom, you kind of live below the poverty line like like, that doesn’t really equate to being successful. But I didn’t really know anything different. Because subconsciously, I had already conditioned my mind to believe that my only option was to be great, because my mind was putting myself in these books. So one of the things I like to do my clients is when we first do our first session, whether it be a strategy call or group coaching session on one on one, even a workshop, we always do mindset first. And the reason why is because the mind is really going to be the driving force for us to be successful. Firstly, keep pushing when it gets hard, because like I say, you know, it’s great to get the money, but the money is really not going to be worth working up to every day when you’re feeling depressed or anxious or you don’t like it. So we do that mindset work. And I was really just putting myself in these stories really thriving, really connecting. And that’s how I naturally just became a storyteller. In high school, people would always say like, you’re so hilarious, you tell the best stories. And I’m like, I really don’t. I’m just, I’m just talking like, What do you mean? Me? Yeah, people will say that now like, oh my gosh, you’re so funny. I’m like, Oh, well, I’m just, I’m just being myself. But I think that what I did was in order to be great at storytelling, I had to tell a story. So I had to continue to talk and build connections. And I tell people, everybody has a story to tell, even if one person shows up, you know, great. It’s really not about even that one person reading the story. Storytelling is about the person telling the story, not the person listening to the story. So really going in and just saying like, Hey, I have something that I want to master, I have something I want to tell people about I have a place of impact, and really writing down what the story is to you and starting to master that story. So then you can grow out different parts and pieces of that story to build connections in your content. And I do it all the time. You know, I think I did a carousel poster today and they really well, but I often say that it got me like 20 I think I had like 23 DMS from that one post? Because I said I remember having to go I’m a nine to five. And I cried in the parking lot, I had to pray in the bathroom, I had, I had to leave on lunch, like I hated working there. But my job knew that I wasn’t going to quit because I didn’t have anywhere else to go. So they could see. And so in that part of being able to tell the story of how I felt, but telling the parts that I was comfortable with, without, you know, blacks and who my boss was, and all those things, really built those connections. So storytelling is creating a link for me to you, I don’t have to give all of the raw details, I’m just creating a connection with how I may have emotionally felt and how he may feel now. So storytelling, you don’t have to be super gifted to do it. You just have to know how to master what your story is. So you can make connections with other people?


I haven’t, I never thought about it that way in terms of that the storytelling is about you as a storyteller, and really getting clear on what parts of my story do I want to share what parts of the story I want to share? What is the ultimate message that I want to be received? I love that, thank you for sharing that. So that that post that you shared, you had over 20 people in your DMS can relating to that it was it was relatable, it was relevant to this period of time that they’re in. And that we’re all in really, right. This is not, I would say at this point, this is a common experience to be tired of your nine to five or tired of your place of employment, tired of the traditional career path, and wanting more for yourself wanting something different. And so that post, it might have not gone viral per other people’s definitions. But it did provide that connection point and it sounds like it aided in your visibility. And maybe the work that you had done up until that point, supported your visibility so that those that were meant to see that or were in need of that message that they actually were able to read that receive that in their feed. So could you share your thoughts on this aspiration of going viral versus going visible or getting visible rather?


Yeah, going viral, and never be the goal? I think we live Okay, so we live in a microwave society. So viral virality just kind of rolled into that, like, it’s quick, it’s easy. But one of the things you have to understand is that when you go viral, you’re gonna get a lot of people that don’t match, because some people are going to assume like, oh my gosh, I love your reels are so funny, like, I’m gonna follow you because they’re funny. But they’re not your ideal audience, they’re not going to ever buy anything from you, they’re not going to advocate for you. They’re not going to share it or anything like that. They’re literally just watching it because it’s entertaining. So I always said that when you focus on going viral, you’re going to get a lot of people who don’t match when when you focus on going visible, then your content, it doesn’t matter if you have 1000 views or 57 views or a million views. And the reason why is because you’re focusing on a specific client when you’re making that real, I like to actually go in, and a way that helps you go visible and not viral is to know what are you selling when you’re creating the real? What do you create? What are you selling, when you get on video, if you don’t know what you’re selling, if you don’t have anything, then focus on engagement, focus on building connections, focusing on building building your tribe, but you really need to know what is the ultimate goal of the is the goal to make connections is the goal to get sales is the goal to figure out who your tribe is, is a goal to test some things out because sometimes I do real just to test different strategies to see what’s working. But it’s really important to understand that when you go viral, you’re going to get people from everywhere, you’re going to get a lot of haters, you’re gonna get a lot of spam, you’re gonna get a lot of bots, you’re gonna get a lot of people that are going to tank your engagement. And that’s why it’s really important to understand that visibility is really the tool because you can be authentic and visibility. And if you try to focus on going viral, you have to keep changing who you are. And it actually hurts your business. Because then when people come to your page, they can’t pinpoint identify who the true you is, and then they’re not going to simply want to work with you. So I always say the going viral is typically going to be trendy, but it’s not authentic. And it’s not going to be good for your business long time. But if you focus more on going visible, where you’re showing your expertise, you’re showing your personality, you’re doing things that feel authentic to your revenue, your revenue goals, or whatever your business markers or pillars might be, then you’re focusing on creating connections with that client. And that’s what creates DMS going viral, it doesn’t create DMS, it doesn’t create that permission based sales. It doesn’t create people engaging in your content going viral is just numbers that are taking up all your views, but there’s nothing else attached to him.


So going by on can actually harm you more than it can help you oh a


lot. And I don’t think people think about that. Because when I sit when I meet people, they’re like, hey, I need you to help me go viral because I want more visibility. And I’m like, Okay, imagine this is what going viral is acquainting to imagine you walking into a room and you let’s say you speak English and you walk into a room or with a million people that speak Spanish. You can’t have conversations with them because you don’t speak the same language. Now. They’re there. They loved your reel. It was nice, but now there’s no connection because you can’t communicate now with someone who Hey, how we’re going to be able to get across this language barrier. But when you focus on going visible, it’s like you speak English and you walk into a room with 1000 people who also speak English now, those people get what you’re saying. But if you’re speaking two different languages, which typically happens on Instagram, you’re trying to speak the I want to create, I want to create revenue or create new content or create more more followers in my business. That’s what you’re trying to do when you do the real. But when you focus on going viral, you actually attract people who only want to come watch their spectators, they’re not going to do anything else. But why? And if our people only watching what, like, why are you here like this? is no good. Yeah, it was a hobby for you. If this is a hobby, then go for it. But even people who go viral consistently, like a lot of the younger generation is on Tik Tok, and doing all that they’re making money from this. So you have to understand it looks like they’re focusing on viral but they’re really not. So when they put that little thing in a picture, and now they they got paid to put that back there. So even they’re thinking about the monetization of it. So I mean, the more people view it, maybe the more sponsorships they get, but in reality, there’s still a purpose behind it. It’s not just to do


I mean, the the engagement rate is another marker that we need to be paying attention to. Because what good is it if you have half a million people viewed this reel, but very little engagement, ultimately, overall engagement on your platform is dropping, and there isn’t a positive impact on the relationships that ultimately, all of us are seeking to build with our community, we want to develop that, that two way street of communicating and providing feedback and providing support, etc. And so I love the illustration that you provided in like going viral versus going visible. So going viral is the equivalent of a million people that are Spanish speaking, and I speak English, a million Spanish speaking people saw this video, and I’m not able, there’s really nothing for us to talk about. Because we have this language barrier and our values and our it’s just our alignment is all out of whack, right? versus maybe it’s just 1000 people that are English speaking, or 500 people that are English speaking, and we speak the same language, our goals and our values and our alignment, it’s all in alignment, right? As opposed to, maybe the volume is there, maybe the numbers are there, and that looks shiny, and that maybe looks like success. But when it really comes down to it, the long we’re playing the long game here, right? When it comes to visibility when establishing our authority, conveying our message clarifying our message reaching those people that we want to share our message with, as opposed to just like throwing spaghetti on the wall and hope hoping it sticks, maybe like a game of Roulette with this, which reel that I’m putting out is actually going to go viral. And then ultimately, like you’re saying Dr. Michaela might ultimately harm you harm you in your business and your ability to to generate revenue within your business.


Yeah, it’s definitely not sustainable. I mean, you might get some sales from going viral. But then guess what you have to do the next month just to go viral again, and keep that same income. It’s not a sustainable, sustainable business model. So that’s why we focus on visibility, you can create, hey, if I hit 5k, this month, I can hit 5k again next month, and I can hit by K next month. Whereas if you focus on hey, I’m only getting sales from viral reels, you may have two or three months where nothing goes viral, because one of the things people have to realize is at the end of the day, Instagram is still a pay to play platform. So at some point, they want you to go into ads. So even if you have amazing reels Instagram will naturally sometimes mute you to see, maybe they’ll start. So you have to understand. Yeah, it happens. I’ve had clients who were doing amazing. Now I can’t just can’t get visibility and more content hasn’t changed. Still making money. But I’m gonna have to understand at some point, Facebook and the new meta that they call it came out. We’re getting creators all of this money. Where do you think they gave us money from it’s not free money, they’re getting money from head. So they might be pouring it back into crater community, but they’re getting the revenue from someplace Facebook and Instagram. They’re really not that generous. And so we have to understand that this is still a business. So


absolutely, yeah, absolutely. So on that note as far as creators and people creating this content online, so those that are listening, or watching or reading this, you might be thinking, okay, so I’m in like I’m in on this content strategy. I’m in on using reels and content creation as a visibility tool. Where do I start, though, in terms of creativity, perhaps you’re in a creative rut, or maybe you’re just needing a little something to spark your creativity. Dr. Michaela, do you have any suggestions for those of us that are in that boat?


Yes. So I would say if you don’t have any content developed at all, I actually encourage you to go to the internet, go to Google, go to different forums go to places you can ask questions and look, but start Googling like the top 10 things that are happening in industry so you can really do some market research. Market research is probably one of the tried and true ways to consistently create content for your audience. But you do have to know who your ideal client is and the results that you can provide for them, because that’s what makes you the unicorn, what is your unique selling proposition because if you’re in this community, where you’re a coach or creative or service provider, or if you’re doing certain things, we’re all in a certain market sophistication level, which basically means that you got to have something unique, that makes you different. So whatever your selling point is, but go in and really do their research and start building content based off of their demographics, their psychographics, their pain points, and more specifically, what transformation they want to make. I think a lot of us fall short, when we’re when we’re creating. And what we do is we only focus on the pain. But if you only focus on the pain, then they’re not going to assume that you’re the person that can get them a transformation. So you got to get them over the hump to say, this is what I do uniquely. And this is why you need to work with me because I can get you here. So you can build content in that way. Now, if you’re in a content creation, right, I actually encourage you not to create any content, go back into your insights for the last 90 days, if you can go back, depending on if you use a third party app, maybe the six months and see what performed the best. See what performed the best, put it together and reproduce that same content. And the reason why? Well, because the way Instagram puts things out, there are going to be a significant amount of people in your audience that see so many things that they’re not going to remember that you posted that 60 days ago, they’re not gonna remember not even Sina, exactly, they’re not going to know. So I always say go man, freshen it up a little bit. And what I mean by that, maybe change your colors, change the call to action, maybe put an extra tip or freshen a tip up depending on what’s changed on the app, or what you went changes in your industry. And then post that now for the video content. This is a tried and true way so you don’t have to reproduce reels is when you have a real, go in, record the reel, do whatever you got to do and save it before you post it clean, no text is on it. When you download it from Instagram, the audio is not going to come with it. And that’s fine. But go in, maybe give it a name on your computer like, you know, content three ways to do this. And then in your Notes section, or write it down, put what audio goes with it. So then that way, when you have a season where it’s like, Hey, I don’t really feel like posting anything, guess what you can do, take the same video, put the same audio up refreshing the content, put something new and fresh on there. And guess what you now are playing along with the algorithm game. And you now have a brand new content with the same video. And Matt has been a tried and true way for me like literally the last three or four months, my reels that have performed really well. And what I mean, I typically say really well which this isn’t technically viral for me. But anything like 10,000 or more, I try to go for 10,010 to 50,000 views. Anytime I post, those reels that have been doing the best, were things that I recorded from three or four months ago because the audio is still trending. But the fact is, I’m still producing video content that people want to see. So those are two things I would say do go in and do your research, talk about the value and transformation if you don’t have anything, but if you’re gonna read, go back and saw Whoa, see what worked for your audience and just repost it and freshen it


all about that I’m all about stretching the content to if there’s enough value. And if you have enough value to share. I don’t see any reason why you can’t repurpose it, recycle it, position it in a different way or speak dive a little bit deeper on one area or one point of whatever that piece of content was. And your audience will love you for it. Because like you said, I mean when what is the Do you know the sound of copyright? How many times a person needs to see some information or a piece of content for it to like really stick I feel like it’s like, sometimes it’s eight times sometimes it’s like 25 times, I’m not even sure. But


yeah, it’s supposed to be seven to 21 times depending on the person and how they see it. So they see it real quick. It may not stick but anywhere from seven to 21 times. That’s why I say put refurbished content in so many different places. So they’re seeing the same thing over and over. So what you’re actually doing is you’re decreasing the purchase cycle. So it’s not taking them six months or three to six months to purchase from you. Now they’ve seen it because you’re rotating it and it’s like, Oh, I’m gonna buy a little bit faster. So yeah,


I mean, it’s, I think it’s about having that, as far as shortening that cycle goes. Supporting that buyer in the initial transformation that they need to experience. We were talking about this with another guest, Jackie San Bernardino, Jackie Philia, she’s in Texas sushi and Easton. We’re talking we’re talking about that, like shorten that before the buyer can buy. They need to be supported in that pre transformation. So the person that buys from you is not the same person that they were when they first crossed paths with you or when they first enter your world. So yeah, I appreciate you. You sharing that. Thank you so much, Dr. Micaela and our my final question for you is what is your big message for us well Would you like to leave us live?


So I would say my big message is that authenticity sells very well, I know that we’re in this cycle to make sure we look a certain way. And we show up a certain way, and we talk a certain way, or we’re from a certain place. But in reality, authentic connections is really the part of the sales process that a lot of us forget. Because when they look at that curated Instagram photo, that’s nice, and they may think that that’s attractive, but we’re conditioned to like attractive things. But in reality, that doesn’t mean that I’m spending my money. With anything that looks nice. I’m really spending my money in places where I feel authentically connected. So it’s really important that if you are second guessing yourself, are you thinking maybe you shouldn’t do anything where people weren’t listened to? You often say that, regardless if it’s 30 followers, or 100 followers, or you only got 500 to 500 people walking into a room right now,


that’s a lot of people. So yeah, that’s a lot of people.


It is and I don’t even know 500 people’s names, right? So really, really focused on being yourself. And when you step into your identity that feels authentic, authentic to you. And that authenticity resonates. Every single day through and through, then you’re going to start to build that tribe and then your sales, will your visibility is going to increase a lot more than you ever expected. And as a result of that, your sales will increase as well. So authenticity, always sales every day of the week.


You can say that again. Thank you so much, Dr. Micaela for joining us. I so appreciate you. And if you want to connect with Dr. Micaela , you can do so I know you’re on Instagram. It’s clear that Instagram is your jam. So over on Instagram, we’re gonna tag all of her information in the description or the caption of this video, wherever you’re watching it. And then yes, thank you again. We will talk soon.


Yes, I appreciate you having me.


Thank you for being here. Talk to you soon. Okay,

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