Feeling like you’re blending in more than you’d like? Wanna truly stand out from the crowd and become a magnet for your kind of people? (i.e., the ones you can connect with & help the most!)

Well, today’s your lucky day!

Listen in on my convo with Business Coach Megan Yelaney @meganyelaney as we chat about:

⚡️ How to tap into your unique style & approach

⚡️ Living in your zone of genius to better serve your clients

⚡️ Using your style to inform your marketing strategy

⚡️ Why your unique approach is necessary to stand out from the crowd

⚡️ Continuing your education as a professional coach

Watch the full interview below 👇🏽

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Read the transcript below:
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Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of 21 days of business is the first time you’re catching this video series. Welcome. My name is Yasmine Salem Hamden. I’m the founder of coaches and company comm. And we are your go to digital destination for all things legal in your entrepreneurial journey. And through the month of November, we’re going to be sharing interviews with our guest experts each day answering your questions as they relate to your business. Today, we are chatting with our lovely guests Mega mulini, about how you can stand out from the crowd. By developing your own unique coaching method and how you can create a business and a signature offer that is authentic to you. Not run of the mill. We’re not here for anything basic. We’re here to stand out and really connect and be magnetized to those people that we are most able to support and serve them super excited for our conversation today. Hey, Meg. Hi, me, too. Thank you for having me. I’m so excited to be here. Absolutely. My pleasure. So for those that are not familiar with you, if you wouldn’t mind sharing a bit about yourself, please. Of course. Yeah. So first, I have a handheld mic, because I am a actress and singer as well. More for fun, but we were talking before and I was like, why do I still handle like I love it, I don’t know, it’s very part of my brand. So we’ll just go with it. Naturally, I’m gonna just break out the song. But my name is Megan, I have been in the online space. Actually, since 2012. I started network marketing business. But what more into my own business outside of that and built health and wellness business in 2017. And then quickly realized what I was meant to do was business and life coaching. So I mainly coach online coaches and service providers to really build their own unique method and stand out on social media by marketing, what makes them unique, what Mark marketing what makes them different, especially in today’s day and age, it’s getting more and more crowded out there, but doesn’t mean that you can’t still see success, you’ve just got to be a little more creative, and not hide the things that you might think are different or weird or quirky. Those are actually the things that we need to leverage. And so that’s really what I help people do. And I help different ranges of entrepreneurs, people just starting bringing their skills just to the online space and wanting to go full time, as well as I have programs that serve higher level entrepreneurs who’ve just been in it for quite a long time and want to play bigger, go bigger, you know, do all those all those awesome fun things. So, in a nutshell, that’s that’s what we do over here. I love it. I love it. So let’s just kick things off by discussing why is it so important to have a unique coaching methodology as a coach working with clients? Yeah, no, I love this question. And it’s funny, this whole unique coaching method came to me, really in early 2020. But I’ve actually been doing it with clients, since I pretty much started business coaching. I just didn’t realize it and why it’s so important is one of the biggest things I saw was I had so many clients like just on that cusp of breakthroughs. You know what I mean? Where it’s that image, where the guy is like hitting rock and trying to find gold, and it gives up and then the next day comes and finds a gold, that kind of thing. Like there were so close to a breakthrough and then was like, What is that thing? And we realized it was them going all in on their brand, their expertise, and really identifying who they’re willing to only not to work with. And that’s really scary to do.


And that’s when things started taking off for them when they said hey, yes, sure I am a quote unquote, social media coach or business coach or life coach or lawyer, whatever it is, but they got really specific, and what was their approach? Why was it different? And then like, how can they actually infuse a little bit of their personality in themselves, especially if you’re a service provider, or coach, working more intimately with people we want to hire people we like and that we relate to and that we think we could just have fun with too, because I just they can help us. And it’s so important now, because it really helps you stand out from everyone else popping the same frameworks, buying the same courses. If we all just did that, it would literally just be the same thing over and over again and go right. right past it, right. It’s like, no one’s gonna pay attention to that. So that’s one of the biggest reasons it’s so important. The second is, I think comparison is at an all time high right now because so many people are joining social media and building their business which is awesome, but it’s also a little scary in some ways. And it really helps you lower that comparison and not compare as much because when you know I have something that truly is unique because it’s a combination of my skill set my personality and who want my help my approach. No one’s gonna be the same. Literally no one is competition if you think of it like that, so it lessons that I won’t say it negates it because we all are human, but master


lowers it, which is really, really huge when you, when you hold on to that you just hold back so much of what you can do. And then the third is to not just attract anyone, but attract the right people for you. I love the way and I’m sure a lot of people listening have had this experience or in this experience now, working with clients, for people that you’re just like, oh, this is not my person. Yeah, we’re not a good fit. It’s not a good fit. No. And so that’s like a huge reason to when you get really clear your approaches what you do and don’t do what you stand for, and you don’t stand for you will attract and repel people in a good way. And all of this to be said, I have had a really great client retention rate. And my clients who use this process have as well, because while we might get less inquiries, we get the right inquiries. And when we get on calls, 90% of the time, they’re the right client. So in my book, that’s a win win. So those are like three reasons I recommend doing this. Yes, love it. Alright, so where do we begin? So if we’re like, I’m sold, I, I recognize I need to have a unique coaching methodology, I recognize that I need to infuse more of myself into my approach. Having that unique coach approach, as you put it, I believe, where do we start?


You just said it’s so perfect segue. Yeah, no 100% There’s so many ways ways you could start this, but the first way I recommend people starting is by identifying what your approach is. So it doesn’t matter if your coach by the way, like lawyers could do this financial advisors could do this. Anyone, right? If you just say like, I am a lawyer, I am a financial advisor. I am a mindset coach. Great, but what is your approach? How is it different than maybe another lawyer, another financial advisor, another Mindset coach. And so I’ve kind of defined these four different approaches. There’s probably like 20, or unlimited if you really think about it, but just for ease. So you actually can go figure out what you need to if you go to my, my quiz, Mega mulini.com forward slash quiz. It’ll give you a nice little it’s fun quiz to take. And it gets you into it. Yeah, for sure. Yay. And it’s pretty easy. Even if I as I quickly describe them, you’re probably like, Oh, I know which one I am. But really defining what your approach. So the four that I’ve seen most people fall under at least one of these is strategic. Like I am super strategic. That’s what I that’s my jam. If you ask me a mindset question, I will probably say just do it. And that will be my answer. Right? That’s like that strategic person. They’re very analytical, detail oriented, very smart. Love facts and figures, all that jazz. Second is more mindset approach. And that’s someone who will always think of okay, what thoughts got me here? How can I think this through a little bit differently? How can I maybe believe something a little differently shift that they truly do go to their mindset first, versus like, Okay, I have to fix this with strategy. The third approach is more aspirational. And as I’m like developing these a little bit more, I’m realizing that aspirational is also very much a marketing approach. So as you take this, you might actually be one of those other three and aspirational might be more than the way you market just as a sidebar. But aspirational is kind of like your typical influencer for lack of a better term. They love sharing their life, they love sharing, like, Hey, this is my life. And this can be yours too, right? You aspire to be like them, they want to be like you. And that’s why they buy they buy because they want to be like you. And when you’re coaching from this perspective, or doing your business from this perspective, whichever, wherever you fall in your industry, you’re helping them embody it. It’s like when people use the term embodiment, that’s what I think of for this approach. It’s like, helping them be that person they want to be before maybe they even have the strategy before maybe they even have the mindset, I think it’s in a way. And then the fourth and final is more spiritual approach. And this doesn’t just have to be this could be you could refer to it as the universe or God, it could be spiritual practices or specific religion. I don’t mean to like try to put a label on it, it’s more that you trust your intuition or higher power when making decisions. So those are the four and that’s the first step is one of those approaches do you lean to? And you will probably go I need to all of them. Or I have to say, I feel like I can relate to each of those for sure. Totally, totally. It’s kind of like the Enneagram in a sense, where Yeah, I read through them. I’m like, Well, I definitely have that. Okay, yeah, we all have like all of them in us. But like, all of us to our core have one we naturally lead with like, if a client comes to you and says, Oh my gosh, I’m freaky. I have this problem. What’s your first gut instinct? How do you initially respond? That’s probably your approach, right? And when I kind of teach this process, I always use four different business coaches as an example, one who’s super strategic like again, don’t come to her with mindset issues. She’s gonna be like, Just do it. That’s my that’s my response, which that’s what she stands for, though, and doesn’t pretend


She’s anything else, right? Then someone who’s more mindset based again, they’re like, Okay, let’s think through this, etc, they coach you through it on and so forth. And so when you have this real specific approach, you immediately those four business coaches stand out from each other. There’s truly no competition because someone’s gonna hire that strategic person knowing they better not go to them with a mindset issue, they better get a mind for that. Or they’ll go to the mindset business coach, because they know they get a little bit of both, right? They really want to work in their spirituality infused into their business, they’ll go to the spiritual business coach. So it’s just a really great way to just in that you already make yourself more niched and standout, even if someone else is also a spiritual business coach, for example, it’s still way more specific than I’m just a business coach. Does that make sense? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And that brings up a great, a great topic of continuing our education, as coaches, as entrepreneurs, as leaders of our communities, I know that you’re a proponent of continuing education, I think I remember you mentioning to me that you were in a training, maybe it was earlier this year, or last year. So if you find that, you know, personally, I lean towards the strategic like, that’s the one that I and I think that’s just a result of, like, that’s just me personally, and then also my training and in the legal space and business and all of that. Yeah, but I find that if I am, you know, I’m not a coach, but if I am a coach, and I am like, Okay, I definitely identify with this one. But I want to enhance other areas, or I want to be a bit more well rounded, because I recognize that my people need this additional support. It sounds like you’re saying it’s possible to improve on and further bolster that skill. Oh, yeah, totally. And whether it’s you improving on it, or you saying, Okay, I really want to live in this zone of genius, but I’m going to hire someone an expert to be like, my right hand person, right? Like, they’re with me. Um, they’re always going to come in and do these guests trainings. That’s great, too. And, yeah, this year, I was in a certification for life coaching. And it’s taken years to finish, because I’ve done it slow. And it’s a pretty long intensive process. But we’re so close. And that’s because my mean, the mindset, I’m very Yes, it’s business strategy, but like, you will, I will hold that space, I will be able to work through a lot of those struggles with you that a lot of strategic coaches can’t do, right. And that’s because I had the training, I’ve gone through it, and love that stuff, where very strategic business coach only will be like, Oh, go away. I want to talk about this, you know, yeah. And so I got more training in it. And so I encourage you to like, what is your natural instinct? And how can you? Or what do you already really good at? How can you become great at that? And then how can you supplement the others with either guest speakers? Or continuing education? You’re truly interested in it? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And now I’m thinking of, you know, Taapsee, I believe, right? Yes, I love Topsy. And I’m thinking now to her, a lot of her messaging is around, like, if you are a coach and you support your clients in XYZ way, but you’re finding that they need this mindset support, they need that overcoming different blocks, and we’re human beings, right? We’re not robots, like, we all have these needs, we’re all going to experience this and it’s a cycle right? It’s not just a alright, I went through it and it was you know, I got through it and it’s fine and I’m never gonna deal with this again, it’s you know, as human beings is part of the human experience and so recognizing the importance and I love that you brought that up is recognizing like, Hey, this is where my zone of genius is, this is where I can really fully and in excellent support my clients and support my community, and if I desire to support them in another way, or if I find that they need additional support that’s outside of my wheelhouse. Yeah, I can if I lean into that, you know, if I find that I am inclined to or if that feels right to me or feels good to me. I can continue my education and enhance my skill set so I can further support them in that way. Or another option is bring in those guest experts bring in professionals that that’s their zone of genius and they can they can truly serve from that place as well. So I love




Destroy the mindset drama program because again, I was like, No, I want some of these skills. And it was yes, I’m like, This was amazing. So yeah, yes, totally agree. Yeah, absolutely adore her. She’s doing good work. Oh my gosh, she’s amazing. We don’t need to I think actually wrote this down in the chef not in the shower, but like right after the shower. Always comes to you in the shower. Right? Always right. Always I’ll be I’ll be hanging it like trying to grab my phone. And like recording a voice note for later. Like that’s my


you should get


you should get in so I have somebody has already suggested that to me.


At my mastermind event. That’s it. Man, goodie bags and they loved it. They loved it. I love it. Okay, so you wrote this down? Yeah. So I had this download that I was like, Oh, this is like perfect. And it was a single package.


Which inspired it, but I wrote down. This isn’t going to be exactly how I phrased it in a post but similar Yeah. What I only what I don’t know, and I’m not good at has helped me succeed in business even more than owning what I do know. And and basically saying like I think we like I don’t know the term but we have this belief, I guess that’s the term that we have to be good at everything. Like if we’re a business coach, we have to be good at every single thing in business. There’s no way I’m giving legal advice. If you don’t want to be doing that.


You know, same with financial I have financial experts I bring in I can’t I came in to do a call about team hiring. I know some stuff about it, but I’m not the expert. Yes, I think that’s something that with the approach, it’s kind of similar to the first step is like, own what you’re really great at, and don’t try to pretend you’re into other things. You’re gonna feel so unconfident talking about it, it’s going to feel really, and you’re going to be so stressed out, you’re just not gonna like your business. I did that a little bit in the beginning, very little. And I was like, oh, gosh, no, no, I don’t. Yeah, I’m just kidding. I can’t do I mean, I imagine you did it from a good place. Not. So not in an attempt to like be something that you’re not, but in an attempt to support your community in a way that you identified, they needed to be supported. And your initial inclination is, okay, let me try and support you in that. Okay. Whoa, yeah, it might be a disservice to, to me and to my business for me to try to share I have. I mean, I’ve said this before, too, is like, I have thoughts on everything in business. I have thoughts on marketing. I have thoughts on offer creation. I have thoughts on sales strategy. I have thoughts on branding and messaging, but like, am I the person that needs you know, finances? Of course, like I’m, as a business owner, I deal with that as well. But do I need to be advising other on others on financial? No, certainly not. Not at this stage in my business, right? Because I am, there’s so much I have to learn. I’m not, that’s not my zone of genius. That’s not my zone excellence. Some of those areas are, it’s barely in my zone of competence. Right? Yeah. So yeah, exactly. The reason for this, and this process, lets you go, Okay, this is my unique method. And I’m gonna claim what I I’m going to own what I do know, and I’m going to outsource what I don’t or point you in the right direction. And just staying in the scope of like, what you know, and be really clear about that in your offer to so that when people come in, they know, okay, this isn’t getting this is not. So when they ask for it. You can say Just remember, this is outside of the scope of this. So I will send you to this person. And because that’s okay. Like that means your integrity and your business, which is good thing. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. So, so when we get really clear on what our unique approaches and our unique methodology is, and we’re going through this process of offer creation, there should be some market research taking place during that point, communicating with our audience speaking with those, I know you call them soulmate clients. So what is your approach in that process? What do you recommend? Yeah, totally kind of. So that’s only the first step. The second thing I would say to really support all that is start looking at your own personality. And I like using the Enneagram as as a tool, but you can use anything that fits you, right? A lot of people love to human design. I think it’s so cool. I just don’t know as much about it. Honestly. I know I am a narrator. But that’s all I know. Yeah. I really don’t know much about it either. I have a lot to learn. Yeah. It’s so fascinating, though. It’s I asked Yes, I was in a group that they brought in somebody a trainer to, to teach us on that. And I was just like, Yeah, but also Yeah, I I haven’t fully wrapped my mind around it yet. Yeah, it’s so interesting. And I definitely, I mean, I think they’re all similar. They just tell you like, why you act the way you are. And it’s kind of nice. Tests, I think, are nice, because it almost gives us relief, like, oh, okay, like everything. That’s good. Yeah. Permission to literally be yourself, which seems silly, but hey, that’s why we like hire coaches, usually, we just want to do things that are you know, we should do. And so I always say that, mostly what coaching is, is giving permission. Um, but that’s really the second part is the first is okay, great. How do I stand out in my approach more like, strategically? The second is, who are you at your core, right? Even if you didn’t have this business? What are some personality traits? How are you motivated? What are some things you find funny? What what do you love? What do you hate what you stand for? What do you stand against? And so starting to point that out and showing that literally, if you just do those first two steps, you will start standing out more, because at the end of the day, again, even you I think you do such a great job of this. You sell legal right? That could be something that’s like how do you put personality into legal and boy do you do it like, so? Oh, well, and so yeah, any anything it can be the most seemingly mundane, if I can do it, you can do it.


Yeah, that’s good to hear.


Like, I feel like accountants and lawyers do it. Anyone else? Yeah, that’s exactly like, but even my dad, he’s, he’s like the most jolly Santa Claus type man, you went


down. I know. That’s why people have stayed with him for years and years and years and years. Yeah. His approach, right. And so that’s my second thing is like, take your Enneagram, or whatever personality it has. And don’t just take it to be Oh, yeah, that’s me. Cool. The other people know that. If I can’t guess what your Enneagram is, or your personality is based on your social media, then you need to do it more. Right? If you come to my page, you probably know which mine are right. And that’s, that’s been a huge piece. We the old days of like the perfect curated feed are so over, which I’m so thankful for. Like, Oh, dude, tell me about it. I know. Like, we got to have a quote, it’s T shirts. I never really.


That’s straight up like first world entrepreneur problems. Like, oh, my God, I need a quote, like, ridiculous. I need a perfectly staged desk shot of my coffee. Like, yeah, no, we don’t that what a waste of energy. It’s so crazy. And like I my friend, and one of my really, like amazing long term clients, he we used to joke around because we kind of like stopped doing that years ago, because we just didn’t care for it. And are both you go back and look at our feeds. Even today. It’s like that. Not that beautiful. No one is hiring you because you have a pretty feed I you know, and so that is so out. I mean, I think personally, I love reels. And I think reels has been such an amazing place. I love your reel so much.


No rules are so funny. You’ll like spend so much time on one that’ll go like, go crazy. And then you’ll spend time on or no time on one that pops off and then spend an hour on one that gets like nothing. You’re like, what the heck, I thought that was so unpredictable, unpredictable, but I just have fun doing it. Like that’s the I think that’s the secret is I always process I’m like, oh, whatever this does, it does. I’m really enjoying the creation. So thank you. I have fun with it.


That’s the thing. I make sure you know my personality can tell what I’m about you can tell my sense of humor like to begin want to hire humans, not robots, like you said, or what kind of are you are? So that’s the second step. Are you actually showing those if you’re not starting, fusing more humorous or infusing more of your personality, share some of your personal life in a way that you feel comfortable, of course, and that relates to your business. When I shared about my separation story, which I’m not encouraging everyone to go out and share that stuff, necessarily. We were ready a year and a half later. I can’t tell you how much trust that but with my audience, and so many people came out of the woodwork sharing a similar experience. And I was like, wow, we’re all we’re all got our private lives going on. You never know what’s going on? Yes, you really you really do not. And I mean, it’s it when it’s relatable. That is just, I mean, I think we all want that sense of connection and relatability like, you’re not none of us are really on a pedestal Nope. Nobody is living this perfect life that is. And that’s not to say you necessarily have to share all the, you know, not so great partner, like, quote unquote, negative experiences in your life. And certainly, I mean, I would not recommend sharing the as it’s ongoing, but after you’ve had time to, to process it to heal from it to reflect on it to learn from it. And then you have something to share from that experience. That is the key right as opposed to like, Hey, you guys, we just tell you all what’s going on with me. And maybe that’s depending on what that thing is like maybe that’s great. Yeah, but a life. Like that’s some real shit, right? Yeah, that’s my Oh, I’m so with you. And I always say that I’m like, I might people might disagree with this, which is totally fine. But I’m so with you. I like that was a huge event. And then I had a really horrible investment last year, and I did a real series on it recently. It was a year later because I wasn’t ready to share it because I was just angry. And I couldn’t see the lesson. I was like, yeah, like angry on Instagram. What’s the point? There’s no Yeah, nobody wins in that.


Yeah, so like, give yourself the time and space and if and if you’re feeling like and I imagine you’d agree with this, what I’m interested in your opinion is like if you’re feeling that, okay, well, then I don’t really have I can’t share what’s going on with me right now. What do I share? Well look back to the last few years in your business in your life in the context of whatever space and niche that you’re involved in. What what experiences did you live and what lessons did you take from those experiences and how can that benefit your community by sharing that


Exactly. Oh, I love that. It’s It’s like our life didn’t just start now. Right? Yeah, exactly. Go back and lessons even from before you started your business, there’s so much that you can take from there and apply it to what you’re doing. So yes, yes, readable. And specifically, because reels are so big right now, I know I’m studying them a lot and just honestly trying different stuff to be like, Well, what’s working so just have like, you have to experiment and not be so tied down to the number with that. But two things I’m noticing across the board right now are relatable ones that when someone watches it, they’re like, oh, my gosh, that literally just happened to me. And it’s like, for example, the socialista Her name is Monique obsessed with her. And I have to check her out so good. Like a real queen. Did this reel about when you spend like 30 minutes putting together something and you realize the text is you have a typo. You can’t edit it once it’s up. It’s so annoying. Oh, you mean the caption? No, the actual like text. Oh, okay. Actually, yeah, edit. But like once you’re done you edit the caption because I don’t think I can but okay, maybe we’ll talk about that later.


The fun factor learned this recently just have to go to the rules section where the video now section edited from there versus the feet. Your feet. Okay. Yeah, something. Thank you for that tip. Yes. Okay. So, so frustrating though, when you can’t edit though. And that real went viral for her because everyone’s done that where they’re like, oh my gosh, I have to delete it and do the healthy over.


So literally things like that, that are related to your knees. Yeah, start to document what are the things that every day I’m doing in my business for every day, your your, your ideal client is dealing with? Write it down like really simple, bite sized, funny things that are so relatable. I’m noticing the smaller shorter ones are doing way better. And then no worries like, my favorite people I follow on tick tock just share really funny stories that are real, their true stories. And the thing is, like, I think the most simplest things are the funniest. You know what I mean? It’s not this whole grandiose, like, huge thing. I think of the Jackass TV show when I say yeah, doesn’t need to be big stunt. Like, the real the drama. No, no, I don’t need all that everyday life stories are funny when you actually think about like stuff. So those are things I would lean into. I’m sure you can relate it back to your business, but it’s okay to to just have a couple of those. Just sharing who you are. And not people do that, especially if you’re building a personal brand to Yes, yes. And so many, I mean, this industry, the nature of it, right? So as a coach, as a service provider, as a professional service provider, working one on one with clients, or even in a group setting, your personal brand is everything, right? Because they’re they’re working with you. They’re when they purchase from your business when they hire for the service. It’s to work with you and to be in your energy and to be in your space. And so personal brand is like if that’s not on your radar needs to be at the forefront for sure. What can you relate to your audience on like, I have a puppy as of what do we get her May this year, I talked about




I’m looking at right now.


I talked about her all the time, and I have related. I’ve had so many like dog moms messaged me and they’re like,


yeah, a mama human right? Being a mom, entrepreneur and like, that’s when people are gonna relate to you more so than someone who’s who’s not right. And so, where are you from? Like, what do you like to do? What are your hobbies? I signed so many clients from conversations about TV shows and books and musical theater. I can’t tell you how many start conversations started from that similarity, and they ended up becoming long term clients. It’s kind of crazy. So yeah, we’re humans, actually. Yeah, yeah, I was gonna say we desire connection. You know, we’re not, yes, we’re engaging in business transaction. But this is not a transactional relationship purely. Right? There’s so much more to it than that. When we’re dealing with humans. Again, we’re not robots, and relationships like this. That’s something that we’ve been missing out on, since losing the in person connection, right is like, Okay, I want to, I still want to, I want us to network my ass off whenever, like pre COVID pre motherhood, like all of that. And I would mean meeting people on a write locally on a regular basis, I would go to in person events and conferences, and I’d be meeting people. And so that has been something that I’m like, I want to meet, I want to connect with others and even the people I have connected with, how can we deepen that connection? How can we actually get to know one another? Because that’s something else that I’m noticing in this space as more people enter the space. It’s like, we’re not just numbers, you know, and people are not just numbers and your audience is not just numbers or britches profiles. They’re people


Pull behind these profiles, people that have lived robust, complex lives just like you and I have, you know, so connecting on that human level I feel like is is definitely the game changer. Oh yeah. And it takes a little bit of takes a little bit more creativity and work. But I think it also takes a little bit of bravery to show that side of you, which is scary. Sometimes it’s like, yeah, well, I can hide behind my business. But if you’re a coach, especially, it’s hard to do that you’re not you’re gonna really struggle to have that success if you’re just hiding behind your your brand, right? Yeah. Brand is you then you don’t need to hide. Right? Yeah. Well, I can’t mess up. Everything’s on brand for me. So it’s kind of that. Yeah, that’s even when I mess up. It’s on brand. I’m like, I did that on purpose.


There. Yeah, exactly. I next, uh, what is your big message for us? Oh, my gosh, ooh, this is such a good question. I think my big message. And this is like, my thing, my big message always is as corny as it sounds, the more you kind of taste take the mask off. Ironically, always with masks. Yeah. Yeah. Metaphorically take the mask off. And truly be yourself and show those parts of you that your like your stomach is turning to think about showing them, you’re going to open up a whole new world of opportunity. Like the second I did that. And that still applies. That applies even more today than when I did that back in 2017. My entire business change on the drop of a hat. Because of that it was like crazy how many more followers connections increase came flooding, because I was like, I’m going to call out this really weird thing that’s going on and make fun of it. And everything changed. Because I was calling out everyone was actually feeling just no one was saying it. So I want to urge you to like, I want you to just fully be yourself and leverage those parts of you show those parts of you. That might feel a little different and weird and not like that perfect coach that you follow? They’re not perfect. They’re they’re quirky, too. I promise you they’re just putting it behind find that pretty picture.


That’s my message is all over the place. But that’s my Oh, no, that was it. I was gonna say you can drop the mic after that. Because




a total sense. Like as I say, just stay true to you. Be true to you. That is that is your superpower in business and in life. So I love it. Thank you so much, Mike for joining out. First of all, hang on, we got to we got to show off the Tatiana O’Hara. Sweater Hey, Tatiana.


They’re telling you that yeah, love it. I have the mug. I have this letter. Yeah, I love it. We’re gonna have if you want to connect with Megan, all of our information is going to be in the description or the notes or the show notes, wherever you’re watching, listening to or reading this. And I want to thank you again for joining me. Thank you so much. Thank you for being you. And thank you for coming to share. And yes, just thank you. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. Talk to you soon

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