Looking for a simple way to connect with your people? To speak directly to those who are interested in your services/products? All before you officially launch? ENTER: A winning waitlist strategy!

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Have you been curious about using a waitlist to share more information about your offer? We break it down with Madison in this #21DaysofBusiness episode:

⚡️ What does a waitlist strategy look like

⚡️ How using a waitlist is an effective way to deliver information to your people

⚡️ How to seamlessly incorporate feedback loops into your process

⚡️ How often you should communicate with your waitlisters pre-launch

⚡️ Making it easier for your customers to self-identify as someone who can benefit from your services

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Read the transcript below:
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Hello, everyone and welcome to 21 days of business. My name is Yasmine, Salem Hamden, and today I am here with Madison, Tinder. Okay, so Madison is here to share with us more on how you can incorporate a weightless strategy as part of your greater launch strategy in the new year. So, I like to say that there are a lot of ways first of all, to make money, because that’s true. But second, there are lots of ways for you to successfully market your products or services, there’s no one single winning strategy, there are a lot of ways that your overall strategy can come together. And your perfect strategy comes together differently than the next person. So we’re not here to say that it’s a one size fits all, there’s a cookie cutter approach by any means. But this, in particular, incorporating a waitlist has been so great for me in my business, I’ve seen it work well for others, and I really, I like to come at things from a place of ease. And I feel like a weightless strategy. And I think Madison would agree is a great place to begin as far as developing your overall launch strategy. So I’m really excited for Madison to be here. Thank you again, Madison, for joining me. And if you would please share with our listeners a little bit about you for those that are not familiar with you yet.


Yes, thank you so much for having me. My name is Madison. I am a marketing strategist, business mentor. I’m very multi passionate, I serve a lot of multi passionate women. And I started as a social media manager and 2018 I was actually just looking for some income. While I needed a full time job. I’ve just graduated with my master’s, I was like I need a full time job. But I need to make money to actually live in Dallas. So I ended up taking on some clients for social media management. I had a Social Media Video Broadcast background, and I fell in love with it. So I kind of created my own social media management company, I served the Dallas area. And then I transitioned to putting my business online so I can get online consulting and kind of transitioned into corporate consulting. And that kind of shifted when I was introduced to the online space. So 2019 was my first full year of business where I did mostly consulting, and I transitioned to coaching. But then I had my social media management clients. And now we’re here today I serve a lot of people and a lot of programs, which I love so much. And I also have my second business I just launched actually one year ago. So full scrunchies, which is really exciting. It’s my ecommerce shop. And I’m really I always say I’m living out my multi passionate dream, because I can never stick to just one thing I will. I’m the type of person and a test fail. If it doesn’t work, it’s fine. I’ll be the one to test it because I want to always try and do more things. And then we just launched a set up retreats as well. So that’s a little bit about me and my journey. It feels like it’s been a long time, but it really hasn’t. I’ve really only been in business for like almost three full years. It feels like 10 but it’s been that long.


So I think internet years are definitely longer than real life. Yes years. Yeah. At least like one year one internet years like six real world years. I think that’s what it feels like. Amazing. Well congratulations on your one year anniversary with your second company I can’t wait to hear more about that. And with your new set of retreats that you have released so within your marketing consulting and coaching and with your clients I know that you have this weightless strategy that you teach on I’ve I’ve seen you and heard you as across all of your platforms sharing on the how effective it is to incorporate a weightless strategy as part of your greater launch strategy and as a way to simplify your your reach right and your ability to speak to and convey your message to your audience and prospective buyers. So can you please share with our listeners what a weightless strategy is and why is it more effective than going without one and your launch strategy?


Yeah, so a waiting list is just pretty simple. People get on your list to be the first to know and get first dibs at your offer your product and they probably get a little discount as well for being the first to know and being on the list and I always picture I’ve always seen product based businesses like Kim Kardashian with skims she does a waiting list for her upcoming collections and you see a lot of product based businesses doing waitlist. And when I started utilizing a waitlist online it was because a lot of my clients were done for you service providers and they couldn’t just do a master class for free challenge to launch right because they’re done for you or their agency started utilizing waiting lists and waitlist for offers. So I love how it’s very versatile like anyone in any in any industry can use a waitlist, like I use it for my E commerce, you can use it if you’re an agency, you can use it if you’re a coach. And it’s not just a one size fits all long strategy, anyone can use it and be very successful with it. That’s why I like using a waiting list and it’s also easy one easy to use but saves your energy. For me I just didn’t have enough energy to show up live every day for five days and do masterclass after a masterclass I wanted something more exclusive, that I felt confident to sell in. And that didn’t require a lot of my energy. Because I was already on calls all day I needed to create the off offer I needed to talk to my clients, I couldn’t think about running a free challenge or 10 master classes in a row. So that’s why I started using a waiting list I started when I start using a waitlist, like in 2019 was the first time I started using a waitlist. And I’ve launched at least over 20 times now using a waitlist. And that led me to create my offer on how to launch using a waitlist. Because I’ve really fine tuned it and so of my clients, and it’s just a really fun way to launch and it’s easy, and it’s repeatable. And that’s what you want easy and repeatable. So,


absolutely, oh, you can say that, again, easy interview. I love it. I love it. Because it feels like you’re letting everyone know, like, Hey, I’m going to be in this room talking about this. So if you want to be in the room, and you also want to hear about this and learn about this, this is where I’ll be talking about it. And they can very easily just one step, okay, opt into joining that room and hearing about it as opposed to shouting into the void of the greater internet, Instagram, Facebook, whatever your platform of choice is. And I especially love how you mentioned because I’m all about energy conservation, when it’s lunchtime when it’s crunch time, right. So instead of using all that energy to run a free challenge to host live events, which there’s nothing wrong with again, there’s no perfect way or one size fits all, as far as this is the only right way of going about it. It’s just a matter of what suits you what suits your current circumstances, the current season of your life and business. And so I especially love that you mentioned that so it’s it doesn’t just end there though, right? It’s not just hey, if you’re interested, you can join my waitlist. What happens after the person? What can the person expect? Or what should the person expect that has joined your waitlist?


Yeah, I always say with waitlist to like people are joining because they’re already interested in the offer. They’re not joining because of something free, you’re giving them like they’re interested. And they’re really warm, and they’re almost ready to buy, right. So when someone pops onto my waitlist, they can expect me to stay top of mind for them. So I’m going to be coming at them with some very value driven emails, I want to make sure I’m emailing my waitlist. So they remember that, hey, I’m launching soon, hey, I’m launching in a few days, and then they’ll have my cart will open to them first. So but even before I launch to the public, they get first dibs and they’re probably gonna get some type of really fun bonus, a lot of times I do money off, but I might do a bonus call a bonus module. So they’ll get first dibs at the program and an exclusive discount for them only. And I’m going to be emailing them a lot. I usually like to email my waitlist a lot because sometimes we forget to check our emails. Sometimes we’re doing other things. So I want to make sure I stay top of mind for them and they want to hear from you. Yeah, yeah. So they’re all on the waitlist. I always say they’re on the waitlist for a reason. And one thing that people will be like, well, there’s not a lot of people on my waitlist, like what do I do? And I’m like, Look, I’d rather have less people on my waitlist who are ready to buy, then a lot of people on my waitlist who have no idea what the offer is and heard is opting in because something’s free, right? It’s a very exclusive community. And really, I’ve had waitlist that I’ve had 200 People I’ve waitlist that I had 10 people, and I just picture it as like a really fun pre sale, and a really fun way to build momentum for your launch.


So absolutely. I thought you’re gonna say a really fun party. I was like, Yeah, I was I like, thank you. I’m picturing it as a fun party like, yeah, again, hey, we’re gonna be partying in this room. So if you want to come join us, yeah, here’s where we’ll be. We’re gonna be talking about this and that way, only two people coming in are expecting to hear from you. They want to hear from you. They’re interested in what you’re talking about. And they’re probably ready to party. Right? I love I love. Yes, I love it. Okay, so it sounds like one of the common mistakes made is that you’re afraid people are afraid to once people are joining the waitlist, they kind of get nervous, like, Okay, well, I don’t want to scare him off. But it sounds like you’re saying don’t be scared. Just they want to hear from you.


Yeah, talk to them. Yeah, people will be like, Oh, well, if I email the waitlist, will they get annoyed? No, they won’t get annoyed. They want to hear from you. And they need to hear from you. They’re on the waitlist, they expect to hear from you. Right. And then it’s not worrying about how many people join your waitlist. Whenever I picture launching in general. It’s a small tactic for your launch. It’s not the entire launch. It’s something that’s going to build momentum and really help your launch. So don’t get so caught up in like, oh, I only have three people on the waitlist. That’s amazing. What if all three of them convert? Right? That’s awesome for you. So it’s kind of just the mindset shift that you have to have with a waitlist. And it’s something that you have to test do you have to run to a waitlist a few times for you to get comfortable with it and for you to understand it. But I always go back. And I just think of like big brands like Nike skims and how they use waiting lists for their new collections. And they email you they give you updates. It’s very similar to that. So you’re just utilizing a really true marketing tactic that’s backed up by data that actually can work for your business and any business as well. So not don’t worry about how many people are on the waitlist and making sure you email them every day. So you stay top of mind and that it’ll really help with the conversion process of the waitlist


lever. So every day is your tip email every day. Every day Yeah, yeah, how far in advance Are you opening a waitlist,


I usually just open it up like so I leave my waitlist open for maybe like five to seven days. And then I launch for maybe five to seven days, just depending on the offer. There’s different ways you can use the waitlist, like sometimes I’ll just have people hop on like a high ticket offer waitlist that might not start till January, then I’ll just personally reach out and talk to them. But if it’s actually part of my launch, like being very strategic about it, I’ll leave the waitlist open for five to seven days launch to them for five to seven days. Now if it’s like a course or like templates or a bundle, I might even leave my waitlist open for like three or four days and launch them for like three to four days, the lower ticket of the offer. I always say the shorter the launch the higher ticket, the longer


Yeah, that that higher ticket might require a little bit more nurturing and educating and in your email. Yep, exactly. Nice. Amazing, I love it. So it sounds like a waitlist is I’m not gonna say it’s a must have. But I it sounds like it’ll make things a lot easier for you if you are sharing a specific message if you’re selling a specific offer. And you want to get your people in one place so you can communicate with them and also a controlled environment, right? It’s not Instagram where they may or may not see your content. They may or may not see that you just uploaded a new podcast episode or a new YouTube video, but their email email is tested. It’s proven is the one thing that everybody says will would stand the test of time, right?


I agree. I mean, I think emails, everything. I love it. And I think anyone and everyone should have an email list. And I think I’ll like it eventually. Definitely. I mean, not maybe not when you first start. But yeah, I think emailing is so important. And it’s just backed up by so much data. But I think that if you’re someone who really wants like organization with your launch and who wants things mapped out, and who just like thrives on that type of strategy, then I think a waitlist is definitely for you. Because it’ll just help you be organized and like kind of be like have that relief and not be so stressed because you have things mapped out you have that timeline, you know what’s happening instead of just randomly launching an offer. And the good thing about a waitlist is you could use it for any price point. I mean, you could have an offer that’s $97 you can have an offer that’s $10,000 It just works for really anyone in any offer. That’s what I love about it.


Yeah, I love it. And just to provide some contrast for those that are like okay, so should I waitlist Should I not incorporate a waitlist as part of my launch strategy. So one option is, you don’t have a waitlist, you may or may not be warming up your audience, whether it’s via email, or maybe it is your Instagram page, or maybe it is your Facebook group. And then you’re like, Alright, guys, here’s what I’m selling, and you put it out there. And you don’t really have a gauge for who all you know who of this group of people is truly interested in this moment in time, or at this moment in time, interested in your offer, versus you’re sharing that content with your community, whether it’s your Facebook group, your Instagram page, your email, list, whatever it might be, pose the question like, Hey, are you interested in this very specific thing, direct them to where they should click in order to get more news and get in that room? How can you join the party where we’re talking about this. And then you can nurture that relationship, you can communicate with them more information on your offer, how it can help them and ultimately have a create a safe space for you to have conversations with people that are interested in receiving your help and your services.


Yeah, 100%. That’s really what a waitlist is. And I always say the best thing about a waitlist isn’t actually the launch itself. But it’s future launches of that same offer, because you’re able to pre sell to people who didn’t buy from the waitlist in the past, you can upsell people who weren’t a good fit from the waitlist, like you have so many leads there on the waitlist that could go to any offer. But I love like using my past waitlist and pre selling to them and going into a full launch. Like you’re it’s just so many hot leads on this list that you can sell to and convert and serve. That they’re not just signing up because it’s your free masterclass, right. So that’s what I like about a waitlist. I’m always like, you know, if you use a waitlist once or twice, you may find it hard, but you can pre sell to those people in the future. And you could do like a behind the scenes pre sell to your waitlist and sell just through email. Like there’s so many different ways that you can do it that makes it fun make as well.


Yes. And another thing I’m thinking now is one of my favorite parts of the selling process, like the the pre launch or the pre like cart is open now process. My favorite part is having those conversations with the people that have expressed interest because not only is it of course going to be helpful within this specific launch and within this specific project, but it’s also an opportunity to have those conversations and learn more about these people that you’re positioned to help like what how else can you really help them in the future for future launches future programs, which future products, learning more about what their actual experience is they as people and seeing them as people as opposed to you know, I’m just trying to get as many people as I possibly can in here, I don’t know anything about them, that’s not going to serve you and that’s not going to help you serve them. Yeah. So I love this idea of, you know, creating a space to have those conversations to make yourself available to answer questions. I think it just makes everything so much easier and allows for you to really have those, that authentic relationship right in those candid conversations.


Yeah, I’m 100% I love like, anytime someone joins my waitlist, I’m like, I’ll message them and I’ll engage with them. Because a lot of times they want to ask you questions and having a waitlist, you’re able to have those conversations with people who are really interested and not lose track of them and really be intentional with your sales process. So yeah, using a waitlist is gray. Like I’ve been using a waitlist a few days this week, and I messaged people who are on the waitlist, and I have these conversations that helps prequalify and just make the sales process easy and smooth and very genuine as well.


I love it. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing Madison. So and again, congratulations on your one year with your ecommerce business. So how has that been? Because a lot of us are we sharing that we’re multi passionate and have interests in different areas outside of perhaps what it is that brings in the income. So how has your your journey Vin in this new venture?


Yes, it’s been a super fun and creative. I would say having an E commerce business is really different than having a service based business. It takes a lot more creativity, from the branding, to the photos to the influencers to the affiliates, to the inventory. It’s just a whole different ballgame and just a completely different business model. But it’s really been it’s been fun to test. It’s been fun to be creative and try new things and I’m just enjoying the process of it and just kind of growing the business expanding to new products. But if you want to get an E commerce just understanding that it’s going to take more time Being in a service based business and but it’s it’s way more of a creative outlet for you. So it’s been really fun I’ve learned a lot but it’s something that’s just a long process having E commerce but it pays off. So


I love I love it and I appreciate that transparency as far as understanding realistically what it looks like to launch a physical product based business versus a digital product or a service based business is requires more time there’s a physical thing that the person that end end result that they’re looking for his for that physical product to be in their hands and for them to be able to actually use it so you know, it is a bit different of a process and I am really excited to see how you go soulful scrunchies and I’m super excited actually for the holiday season to see how your your creativity shines through it’ll be fun.


I’m excited I know when you’re an E commerce we’ve planned our holiday campaigns and everything like four months ago oh I believe that just be ahead of everything just because of shipping delays and yeah, it’s definitely like an ecommerce owners like busiest time I like kind of relax in my other business because I know I have to be like on all the time and commerce side for the holidays. So


yeah, it’s fun. It makes sense fun. I love it. I love it. Well, best of luck to you in this new venture. And congratulations again. Thank you so much for joining us Madison and for those of you listening or watching or reading all of Madison’s information and links and handle will be in the description on Instagram. You are at Madison dot Tinder. Yes. Is that where you hang out most of the time?


Yes, all the time on Instagram or my podcasts also


podcasts. So amazing. Love it. Thank you again, Madison,


thank you so much for having me.


Thank you talk to you soon.

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